Inside: Best I’m sorry I’m not a perfect mom notes to help connect

Moms are not perfect. As much as society puts expectations on them to be, they simply aren’t. They are just humans who are trying their best.

Sometimes, that best isn’t going to fall under the definition that the world might have… but it will be theirs, and that is enough.

Example of Im Not a Perfect Mom Note PDF

Sometimes, the world isn’t the only one who puts unrealistic expectations on Moms, their kids do too. When this happens children and teens tend to be much quicker to anger and judgment when their parent messes up, which doesn’t feel good for either party. The reality is that, as a mom, you are bound to make mistakes.

This has nothing to do with how good of a parent you are. What does speak to that, is how willing you are to apologize for your mistakes.

Letting your kids know that you aren’t perfect and that you are learning too will benefit them greatly. It will show them not to put pressure on people to live up to unrealistic standards, which in turn teaches them to do the same with themselves.

So I put together a list of the best – I’m sorry I’m not a perfect mom notes – to give to your kids when this happens.

Simple I’m Not Perfect Notes

1. I am so sorry for how I reacted. I am still learning, right along with you, how to be a better human. Today I was not my best self, but I am not perfect. We all have these days. I am working towards being better and I appreciate your patience as I do so. I love you.

Not Perfect Note

2. I have been a sad mom. I have been a happy mom. I have been an angry mom. A drained mom. A broke mom. A stable mom. An unstable mom. I have been everything but perfect. But through it all, I have tried my absolute best to be there, no matter what.

3. I understand how frustrating it is to have a mom who makes mistakes, but I have a secret to tell you: Moms are people too. People who make mistakes, and learn from them. I am trying to do better, and I hope that is enough.

4. A good mom has bad days, good days, long days, and short ones. Supermom days and supervillain ones.

We are trying our best, and sometimes it can be tiring. So please be patient with me as I grow right along with you.

5. You’ve never been a kid before, and that can be scary. But I’ve also never been a mom before and it’s absolutely terrifying. I am doing my best to try and do better than my parents, but I am not perfect. I love you with my whole heart though, and that is something.

6. I’m sorry if there are days when I am not the mom that you have always wanted. I am not perfect, but I promise to always try and do better each and every day.

Longer Im Not Perfect Notes

Longer I’m Not Perfect Notes

7. Dear My Babies,

I should tell you now that I am not perfect. I have made mistakes, I have jealousy issues and trust issues. I can be moody at times. But I made a promise to you when you were born, that when I say I love you I mean it with my whole heart. I am strong, I am loyal, and I will do everything in my power to keep you safe.

Recently I have probably driven you crazy, you are getting older and It is hard for me to let go of the baby that I raised. But just know that my love for you never fades. I hope you can bear with me as we go through these growing pains.


Your Mom

8. Kids,

I thought I would write you this note to say that I am not a bad mom. I am not a perfect one either. I try my best each and every day but sometimes my best isn’t enough. During those times my heart breaks because all I ever want is to be the best mom I can be for you kids. But I realize that putting that kind of pressure on myself is only teaching you that you have to be perfect.

That is such a stressful way to go through life. You do not need to be perfect to be loved. In the same way that you don’t stop loving me when I make mistakes.

I love you, mistakes and all. Please do the same for me.

– Mom

9. As your mom,

I make mistakes. I will forget things, and burn the food. I will give you all of my love, and most of my anger. It will be comforting, and confusing. But most of all I will love you with every fiber of my being.

You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I am so grateful to be able to grow right along with you. So please, be gentle with me. I will do the same.

Im Sorry Im Not a Perfect Mom Notes

10. Dear Kids,

I am sorry I am not the perfect mom. I am sorry I make mistakes. But at the end of the day when I contemplate, I am proud to see how far I have come. You see, I wasn’t always a mom. I was a kid like you. Learning to be your parent has been so hard at times, but so worth it. I will continue to learn.

To grow. To be the mom you deserve.

11. Being a mom does not mean I am perfect.

Being a mom isn’t even about that in the slightest. Thank goodness too, because I am definitely not perfect. I make plenty of mistakes, as you have seen. But what I am perfect at is loving you, because I do that with my whole being. I love you the way the plants love the sun, completely, and desperately. I need you to be there, shining and happy to keep going. This is your life, and I want to watch your flourish, you are amazing.



12.  I know you see it,

When I am struggling, when I snap and get angry. I know you see the parts of me that are less pretty than the others. But if there is one thing I want you to learn from me it’s that you are allowed to be imperfect as long as you try each and every day to better yourself.

13. Kids,

I know we have had a hard couple of days and emotions have been high. I just wanted to apologize for any of the ways I have been acting. The truth is, I am not perfect. I have come to realize that it is better to admit that than to try and keep up the facade because no one is perfect and trying to live up to an unrealistic standard only ends up hurting us in the end.

My only wish is that you love me just the same, cracks and all.



So there you go, the best I’m sorry I’m not a perfect mom note ideas to give to your children on the days that are less than perfect. You don’t have to be good to be a good mom. You are allowed to hurt, and not be perfect sometimes. The most important part is that you are always trying to be better for them.

And it doesn’t hurt to teach them that even adults can apologize to children and that they are deserving on an apology. You sure have some lucky kids, and you’re a great mom.