Inside: + 37 Fun Ditch Day Ideas

With graduation day in view, seniors have many awesome & fun days to look forward to before getting their diploma.

Of these days, one in particular stands out: Senior Skip Day!

Fun senior skip day Ideas

What is Senior Skip Day?

What is senior skip day? Is it excused?

Senior Skip Day(also commonly known as Senior Ditch Day) is an American tradition in which the senior class get to skip one day of school towards the end of term. Students like to meet up at a location of their choosing for a day of fun and memories before the end of their high school experience. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate the success and hard work they’ve put in for the past 4 years!

When is Senior Skip Day?

Typically, Senior Skip Day is held towards the end of term. What exact day it will happen depends on your school, but don’t worry, you will be informed of when with plenty of time to plan an awesome day!

Is Senior Skip day Excused?

More often than not, teachers will assign students work on skip day seeing as it isn’t exactly an official day off. Parents may also have to call and excuse their child’s absence depending on the school. But since this is all in good fun, it’s so worth it!

Senior Skip Day Ideas

In order to have a Skip Day that you’ll remember for the rest of your life, you HAVE to do at least a little planning. We know you’re busy with finals and college applications, so we saved you some time and compiled a list of 37 Fun Ditch Day Ideas!

Happy Ditching!

Ditch Day Idea for High School

1. Go to Breakfast with your Friends: Normally, during weekdays the only time you get breakfast with your friends is between periods. TREAT YOURSELVES.

2. Plan a Movie day: Have each of your friends pick their favorite movie and add them to a list. Set up the living room with as many blankets and pillows as you can muster. Lastly, have each person bring a food and drink of choice. After all, Movie snacks are a must!

3. Plan a Picnic.

4. Have a Beach Day: Meet up with your friends at your favorite beach spot. Make sure to bring Towels, Food, & Drinks. Then all you have to do is kick back and make some memories!

5. Go Thrift Shopping.

6. Take a Walk Down Memory Lane: With High School coming to a close, it’s a good time to look back on some of your best memories. You may have tons of memories AT your high school, but you’ve made plenty outside of it too! Have each of your friends pick a place that holds one of their FAVORITE memories from the last 4 years of your lives and take turns visiting them. Get ready for the waterworks!

7. Go to a Concert: What better way to celebrate not being in school than with live music!

8. Go to an Amusement Park: This one is self-explanatory 😉

9. Make Mocktails.

10. Visit a Petting Zoo: Anyday spent petting animals is a day well spent.

11. Have a Pizza Party: Pizza is the most epic of celebratory foods. Have each of your friends pick a different pizza and go crazy!

12. Make a Dance Routine with your Friends.

13. Have a Scavenger Hunt: It may sound funny, but really it’s just pure fun. Put those smart brains that earned your high school diplomas to play a scavenger hunt! Side note, in order to be able to play this with all your friends, you may have to enlist the help of mom to come up with the hunt!

14. Go to a Museum. 

15. Bury a Time Capsule: Have each of your friends pick a personal item that represents the time period to them, but them all together in an airtight container, and bury it somewhere you can find it 10 years down the road during your high school reunion!

16. Make a High School Scrapbook: Trust me, years from now this book will be one of your most prized possessions.

17. Have a Water Balloon Fight.

18. Recreate photos of You from Freshman Year: This one is a fun way to see how much you’ve grown and changed in the last 4 years!

19. Have a Crafting Party: Get all your friends together and have a craft party!

20. Write Letters to your Future Self: Write a letter to the future you, and when you’re done seal it shut and choose an “open me” date!

21. Go RollerBlading.

22. Have a Tea Party: Not only is this such a fun idea that is rarely done but it’s a wonderful way to give into childlike wonder!

23. Have a Classic Movie Marathon. 

24. Learn how to Cook Something Difficult: Try your hand at a fancy food you’d never dreamed of making, like a souffle!

25. Make a Slide Show of the last 4 Years: Pro tip: Avoid sappy music if you don’t want to cry! If you DO wanna cry, try “I’ll Always Remember You” by Hannah Montana. Works every time.

26. Go Kite Flying.

27. Watch the Sunrise: You’re probably pretty used to getting up early, just get up a litttttle bit earlier and meet up with your friends to watch the sunrise! Bonus points if someone brings coffee.

28. Have a Bonfire and Roast S’mores.

29. Go on a Hike: Getting out into nature can be a wonderful way to spend Senior Skip Day!

30. Go Bowling.

31. Go Shopping: I know, I know. But you could go shopping with your friends any ol day. But this shopping trip has a twist! The focus of the trip is to buy things you’ll have at college. That way when you go off on your own, the things you bring with you will remind you of your friends and this awesome day!

32. Go to the Park: Sure, you’re getting older…but are you ever really too old to swing on the swings or go down the slide? Don’t Let grandma answer this one!

33. Go on a Paddle Boat. 

34. Take a Day Trip: A wonderful way to celebrate your soon to be adulthood is by taking a road trip with your friends! No better way to spend Senior Skip Day than by skipping town!

35. Hold a Mini-Olympics with Friends: This one is guaranteed to come with laughs!

36. Go Tree Climbing. 

37. Clean your Room: SIKE!!! This is against the Senior Skip Day rules.

Senior Skip Day

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