Inside: The cutest hair color ideas for teenage girls for self-expression.

Dying your hair is one of the most fun and drastic ways you can update your look. With all of the colors and styles out there, choosing your own is one of the most powerful ways to express yourself with your appearance.

This is even more real for teenagers.

When you are a teen, you have very little say in what you can do with your body. Tattoos are a no-go, piercings are iffy, but hair dye… now hair dye is very accessible. It’s not permanent like the others, and it gives you room to experiment with what you like.

Hair Color Ideas for Teenage Girls

Being a teenager is all about figuring out who you are, what likes and dislikes are, and you want to present yourself to the world. Hair dye is a wonderful way to do this! There are SO MANY different ways you can go about this. Bold color or simple? Your whole head or just highlights? Lot’s to consider here. But do not worry, I have created the best list to get you clear on what style you want to start with. Notice I said start…because you’ll undoubtedly have many others.

If you have stricter parents and don’t know if you will be allowed to dye your hair…I also have some tips for you. Let’s get into those first.

What to do if you’re not allowed to dye your hair?

Well, first of all, to ensure that this is the case you need to ask your parents. Make it clear to them that this is something you are passionate about and maybe even show them some of the hair goals that you would be getting done if they let you.

If after this the answer is still no, that’s okay. There are so many other ways to tint your hair that are more temporary. You still need to ask your parents about these of course but they are more likely to say yes to temporary hair color ideas for teenager girls rather than a long-term changes involving permanent salon dye.

Temporary Hair Dyes

There are so many simple ways that you can temporarily dye your hair, some of them you can even DIY! With these, the dye will last a few days or at max, a few weeks so you can try out the styles you were going for without the commitment.

It’s a win-win for you and your parents! Take a look at the ways you can achieve this.

  • Kool-Aid – I know this one sounds odd, but if you have lighter hair then this is for you. Just brew some extra strong Kool-Aide and then apply it to your hair. Let it sit for a while and then wash it out. Repeat until you get your desired color.
  • Temporary Dyes – They actually make some pretty awesome temporary dyes that you can buy on the internet. Look around for the one that sounds like the best fit for you.
  • Dye Sprays – These ones have some drawbacks but also some serious pros. They may leave some funny texture, but overall these have the most pigment of any option. You simply spray them on and then wash them off when you are finished.

Okay now that we have that covered, let’s just into some of the cutest dyed hair inspiration I could find. These examples range from simple and muted to bold and untamable so there is something here for everyone. Take a look.

Cute Teenager Hair Color

Cute Teenage Hair Colors

For this first list, I wanted to simply include some of the hair colors that you could choose. Most of these are solid, so you can get a good look at how the color will look on you if you choose to get it. It should be said that the neon-bright colors require you to bleach your hair, and that can cause a lot of damage.

Overall though, you are young and you have time to grow it back.

Just make sure to add some hair masks into your beauty routine and you should be okay! What are you waiting for? Take a look!

1. Lavender Color

2. Deep Red Hair

3. Natural Red

4. Blue Hair

5. Platinum Blond

6. White Hair

7. Crimson Hair

8. Blue Hair

9. Light Blue

10. Light Pink

11. Bright Orange Hair

12. Bright Green Hair

13. Indigo

Teenage Hair Dye Ideas

This is where things start to get creative. Not only are these Bright, unique, and fun…but they are also super attainable. I have found that creating your own style can be one of the most fulfilling things to do when you are getting a new hairstyle.

So take these examples and truly run with them. Make them your own in whatever way feels best for you!

14. Pink Front Strands

15. Blue Bangs – Who would have thought to just do their bangs? How cool!

16. Ombre Hair – Ombre is the description for when you have a darker color that slowly fades into a lighter color. It’s used in many of these examples.

17. Mauve Hair

18. Purple to Pink

19. Vibrant Orange and Pink – Orange and pink are one of my favorite combos!

20. Vibrant Blue to Pink – This one is VIBRANT. Your shower will be stained but it’ll be so worth it.

21. Secret Color

22. Black Hair with Orange Tips – If you wanted to keep your regular hair color but add some sass, then consider adding tips.

23. Blunt Two-Toned Bob

24. Colorful Hair

Color Combinations Back To School Hair

Color Combinations

Color combining is one of the most things about choosing to dye your hair. You don’t have to simply choose, one…you can choose as many as you want.

I even included some rainbow options (Number 34). So take a peek and these to see how far you can take this!

25. Split Colors, Black and White

26. Blue Tips – I love it when people dye the tips of their hair because it looks so interesting.

27. Light Pink to Dark Pink – Two-toned pink hair for the ladies that love this color!

28. Blonde with Under Color

29. Brown and Blonde

30. Cotton Candy – This one is so inventive.  I am seriously impressed with this job!

31. Green, Blue, and Purple – This is a trio for the books. I love the way it’s dark and yet bright at the exact same time. How cool!

32. Soft Purple and Green

33. Rainbow tips

34. Full Pastel Rainbow – These rainbow-dyed hair ideas literally make me want to book an appointment to get them done myself. You try to resist it after looking at these.

35. Orange and Pink

36. Pink and Blue – Little bit of pink and blue action. It’s like a softer version of cotton candy.

37. Purple and Blue

Hair Color Ideas for Teenage Girls

There you have it, the best hair color ideas for teenage girls. I hope you found some inspiration that spoke to your heart. And that you are able to book your hair appointment(or buy your temporary supplies online) as soon as possible.

Hair is one of the best and most in-your-face ways to express yourself. You can choose any color, style, and shape that you like so it’s a full outer representation of your inner world.

Figuring yourself out as a teen can be really hard, but there are some ways to make this a more fun experience… like dying your hair!

There are also so many other ways to express yourself creatively that you can add to your to-do list that we cover here.