Inside: The cutest blue teen bedroom ideas that will turn your frown upside down

Everyone has a favorite color, and inadvertently we end up surrounding ourselves with it. Be it our clothes, our cars, or even our bedroom…our favorite color surrounds us at all times. If your favorite colors are blue, then I have got a treat for you.

Today I created a list of over 50 of the cutest blue teen bedroom ideas that I could find. These ideas range from simple to chic to our of this world.

Regardless of your price range and ability to redecorate, you will get some inspiration from these ideas and remaster your room into one of your dreams.

Because at the end of the day, the most important part about decorating your room is that you are creating a space that makes you happy. After all, you will be spending the majority of your teen life there, so make it cozy! These ideas will help you to do that.

Blue Teen Bedroom Ideas You'll Love

Before we get into that, though, let’s take a minute to talk about the benefits of filling your bedroom with the color blue.

The Benefits of Blue

I know that sounds like a funny idea, but it actually has quite a bit of merit. Scientists have done studies on color effects on our human psyches and have determined that it has many calming effects that are opposite to its red counterpart, which is known for making people angry.

According to an article dedicated to this topic, “Blue instills peace, tranquillity, calmness, and serenity, helping to reduce anxiety, aggression, as well as high blood pressure and heart rates. Blue is also considered to be trustworthy, loyal, and dependable, which is reinforced by the constant large bodies of blue in our lives – the ocean and the sky. It is cooling, too, making it a helpful hue when it comes to reducing fevers and hot flushes and dealing with hot, humid weather. “

So, have I convinced you to add some blue(or a lot of blue) to your room yet? Well, if that doesn’t do it, then this list absolutely will. There are so many awesome ideas here.

Simple Blue Teen Bedroom Ideas

There are more ways to make your room blue-themed without painting the walls or doing anything else too permanent. By adding blue decorations and accents, you can achieve an adorable room for half the work.

Take a look at the list below that has some of the simplest blue bedroom ideas out there. They use blue comforters and lights to help transform their room on a budget! You’ll love these.

1. Light Blue LED Strips

2. Light Blue Bedroom

3. Light Blue Walls with Comforter

4. Dark Blue Bedroom Ideas

5. White Walls with Blue Accents

6. Blue Map with Accent Pillows

7. Light Blue Room with Lightning Bolt

8. Summer Sky Blue

9. Blue Lights in Different Tones

10. Blue Comforter and Rug

11. Dark Blue Room

Chic Blue Bedroom Ideas

Chic Blue Bedroom Ideas

Next up, we have some chic blue teen bedroom ideas that both boys and girls will absolutely love. Notice how they make use of bed frames to really pull the space together. If you are working from scratch, do not count out a headboard just because it seems like a remedial Item. They are arent!

This list will prove it. So make sure that you have a notebook next to your to write down some of your favorite elements; there are just so many.

12. Fancy Bed Frame

13. Light Blue room with White Bed

14. Blue Photos

15. Medium Blue Walls

16. Blue Colored Blanket

17. Gold Chandelier

18. Gold and Silver Blue Room

19. Princess Style Bedroom

20. Boho Chic Blue Room

21. Cute Pastel Room

22. Blue and Purple Room

Cute Blue Teen Bedroom Designs

I am OBSESSED with some of the rooms on this list. And I don’t even like the color blue that much, so it says a lot. I had no idea how calming having a blue room could be, so I am pretty jealous.

If you don’t want to paint, I will remind you that you don’t actually have to in order to have a blue room. Just make a lot of your decor blue; it’s that simple. Some of the rooms below will show you exactly how to do that.

23. Cute Polaroid Photo Decor

24. Light Blue Star Tapestry

25. Fluffy Double Bed

26. Cute Blue Theme

27. Matching Curtains

28. Big Comfy Bed with Paneled Walls

29. Dark Blue Walls

30. Blue Room with Pink Bed

31. Smooth Blue Walls

32. Floral Blue Blanket

33. Navy Blue Room

34. Sweet Colored Blue

Cool Blue Room Ideas

Cool Blue Room Ideas

No, I do not mean cool blue as in the tone of blue, although the first bedroom on this list does match up with that description. Still, I meant cool blue rooms, as in rooms that are super cool that incorporate the color blue!

If you haven’t found a room that you like so far, then you may be feeling a little down in the dumps(notice I refrained from making a blue pun, are you proud of me?). This list will cheer you right up. Check them out.

35. Christmas-Themed Bedroom

36. Blue Bedding with Blue Wall Decor

37. Sweet Turquoise Blue

38. Blue Wing Light Decorations

39. Blue Photo Collage

40. Cool Bed Frame with Blue

41. Simple Blue Guestroom Decor

42. Blue Vanity

43. Cute Lounging Corner

44. Dark Blue Chic Room

Unique Blue Bedrooms

So for this last list, I had to include some of the most unique blue bedrooms out there. Now, these might require a bigger budget, but if you have it then you should go for it!

Plus, remember that there are so many different ways that you can achieve these looks for cheaper. Just get a bit inventive with your DIYs, and you will be all set. So stop dilly-dallying and take a look at this last list of blue bedroom ideas that are over the top.

45. Hanging Bed with Cloud Walls

46. Blue Painted Flowers

47. Classy Blue Room

48. Matching Bed and Dresser

49. Dark Blue Bedding Set

50. Dark Panelling

51. Adorable Walls with Classy Bedframe

52. Blue Textured Wallpaper

53. Mural Blue Wall

Blue Teen Bedroom

So, blue bedrooms…who knew, am I right? Personally, I never knew what depth blue could bring to a space and how calm it would feel. But then again, I suppose that is because it LITERALLY inflicts feelings of calm and serenity on our brains.

Lovely right? That is the only kind of brain manipulation I am willing to accept. Though blue isn’t my favorite color, I can now see why it may be other people. These rooms have really opened my eyes.

I hope you loved this article dedicated to blue teen room ideas and that you found some inspiration for your own soon-to-be blue bedroom. It is true that the saying ‘why so blue’ means why so sad, but these rooms will leave you anything but. So make your space into something you look forward to stepping into.

It’ll be so worth it in the end when your room is your safe space.