Fun Things To Do with Teens in NYC.

It can be daunting and intimidating to plan a trip and find exciting things to do in New York City with teenagers.

With so many exciting opportunities, how do you decide what to visit and do?

If you want to take a vacation that the whole family, and the teenagers, will enjoy, it’s important to choose exciting activities and fascinating sites that everyone can enjoy. We have compiled a list of the top things to do in New York City to help you get started.

Discover the best family-friendly activities in New York City by reading about our top picks.

Travel Ideas for Teenagers

Best Things for Teen To Do in NYC

Empire State Building

The Empire State Building is a popular tourist destination because it is a nationally recognized icon. If your young adult doesn’t suffer from a fear of heights, you can take a trip to the very pinnacle of the structure. There is no better vantage point from which to witness the grandeur of New York City. You can avoid crowds and lines by visiting the building either right when it opens at 8:00 am or right before it closes at 2:00 am every day.

The Edge

At 1,100 feet up in the air, this open-air observation deck provides a clear view of the city 100 stories below through a glass floor. For a truly out-of-this-world experience, you can lean out over the cityscape on angled glass or take in the sights with a glass of champagne in hand.

There’s no doubt that this isn’t for the weak of heart.

Best Things for Teens To Do in NYC

Learn History of 9/11

Even though your teenagers are too young to remember the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, the cultural legacy of those events will undoubtedly reverberate throughout their lives. The 9/11 Memorial is a place where they can learn about this tragic period in American history in a way that will likely resonate with them more than what they read in a textbook. Visit the enduring Survivor Tree and other relics from the 2001 attacks to remember those who perished in the 1993 bombings and the subsequent attacks in 2001. It will educate and inspire your young people.

Cool Things for Teens in NYC

Some of our favorite New York City teen activities take place at these hip places.

Madame Tussauds New York

Teenagers in New York City love Madame Tussauds. With over two hundred lifelike statues of their favorite actors, musicians, athletes, and other cultural icons.

Visit the interactive displays at Madame Tussauds, like Kong: Skull Island, where you’ll be immersed in the island’s tropical setting and tasked with discovering hidden artifacts from the film.

Favorite Film Location

Teens are likely to pay more attention to something that appeals to their interest in media. On Location Tours is the best option because they provide thrilling tours to countless individuals each week. They offer more tours than anyone else in the city and are the only official filming locations tour.

Cool Things For Teens in NYC

Visit Coney Island

Any visitor to New York City, regardless of age, should plan to spend at least one afternoon at the iconic Coney Island. Visit Luna Park on Coney Island for a fun and exciting afternoon of classic rides and exciting attractions. Traditional rides, such as the animal carousel, are probably best for younger children, but even teens will enjoy the park’s throwback atmosphere and the fun boardwalk vibe. You can let the kids run wild all day long with an all-day admission pass to Luna Park’s rides, slides, and other attractions. Don’t leave the boardwalk without getting some cotton candy and a hot dog!

Fun Things To Do in NYC as a Teenager

Ripleys Believe It or Not

A trip to Ripley’s in Times Square is a must for any adolescent interested in the unusual and extraordinary. There’s plenty of cool stuff to go around at Ripley’s Believe it or Not!, from odd displays of actual relics and scenic beauty to the awesome “Little Apple” display, which showcases New York City in miniature. In addition, the Impossible LaseRace provides physically active children with a fun way to compete with their friends and siblings.

Explore Fun Museums

Teens who are interested in the arts or in learning about the past have their pick of numerous world-class museums to visit. Every teen can find something of interest in New York City’s many museums, which range from one of the best art galleries in the world to the country’s most popular natural history institution. Van Gogh, Picasso, and Warhol are just a few of the artists whose works can be found in MoMa. Teens who normally wouldn’t be interested in art will come away impressed.

Amazing dinosaur skeletons, fascinating human brain exhibits, and more can all be found at the American Museum of Natural History. The Museum of International Flight offers a variety of attractions, including an IMAX theater, a space show, and a gift shop. Get some fresh air and a view of the city by taking a stroll through Central Park on your way out.

Teens interested in science will also enjoy a trip to the USS Intrepid, a museum ship that was once an aircraft carrier. If you have an interest in military or aviation history, this is the place to go. For an even more thrilling adventure, check out the Space Shuttle Pavilion.

Fun Things To Do In NYC as a Teenager

Roam Time Square

Teens with an interest in popular culture should definitely visit Times Square. Numerous stores, eateries, and astonishing neon signs can be found here. Your adolescent will be blown away by MTV Studios. Perhaps Times Square, home to the New Year’s Eve ball drop and the New York City Hard Rock Café! Go to Times Square and kill some time! Stop by Planet Hollywood for some grub, browse the extensive Forever 21, and maybe even get your picture taken with the Naked Cowboy if you’re lucky.

More Fun Trip Ideas for Your Teens

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Things To Do With Teens in NYC