Inside: 43 Teen Girl Birthday Party Ideas.

You may be feeling anxious about planning a suitable birthday celebration for your teenage child, who is now older and more difficult to please.

Have no fear; I have compiled a list of some of the best birthday party ideas for teenagers that you can use without breaking the bank.

There are many options for teenage girl birthday party themes, whether your daughter prefers an indoor party or an outdoor activity.

Check out our favorite teen girl birthday party ideas and give your birthday girl a party she and her friends will never forget.

Birthday Party Ideas

Teen Girl Birthday Party Ideas

There are all types of birthday parties for teenage girls, here are a few of our favorites.

1.  Fun Girl Camping: We have seen this trend a lot throughout our teen girl party research. Simply get a camping tent, blankets, pillows, and lights and enjoy a “not so rough” night of sleep outdoors.

2. Personalized Spa Stations

3. Pizza Party: Do I smell pizza in the air? It’s the one snack that virtually every adolescent enjoys. While most teenagers will happily eat cheese, pepperoni, or sausage pizza, you can increase your chances of making a sale by offering a wider variety of pizzas.

4. Boho Slumber Party

5. Ice Cream Bar

Teen Girl Party Ideas

6. Spa Party:  Have them enjoy a night of sheet masks and foot spas. Enhance their lounging experience by giving them cucumber slices to put on their eyes. Party favors can be as simple as handing out nail polish or as elaborate as giving away slippers. A sugar scrub or some bath bombs are easy enough to make that you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking the time to do a little DIY on them.

7. Fancy Boho Outdoor Movie Night

8. Matching Pajamas for Friends

9. Outdoor Under the Stars Dinner

10. Butterfly-Themed Birthday Party: I love this theme for a teen girl. It’s sweet, mature, but still fun. I love that this theme is subtle and that you can add as much or as little as you want.

Teen Girl Birthday Party Decorations

11. Boho Flamingo and Pineapples Table Set Up

12. Silver Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe

13. Sweet 16 Neon Sign

14. Large Foil Number Balloons

15. Custom Felt Garland

16. Rainbow Confetti Balloons

Teen Girl Birthday Decorations

17. Star Shape Foil Mylar Balloon

18. 12in Mirror Disco Ball

19. White Plastic Marquee Number Lights Sign

20. Rainbow Felt Garland

21. Pink Metallic Tinsel Foil Fringe Curtains

Fun Food Birthday Ideas for Teenage Girl

No party is complete without a tasty treat to celebrate the birthday girl. Sugar, sprinkles, and yumminess are the three main ingredients in these dessert ideas.

22. Colorful Dipped Mini Waffles

23. Smiley Face Cupcakes

24. Marshmallow Nail Polish Shaped Treats

25. Number Shaped Cake

26. Candy Grazing Board

Party Desserts

27. Birthday Cake Muffins

28. Marbled Macaroons

29. Birthday Themed Sugar Cookies

30. Sugar Cookie Bars

31. Edible Cookie Dough

Girl Teen Birthday Ideas

32. Fun Party Favors for Teen Birthday

33. DIY Photo Area: This brass photo arch is the perfect DIY for a teen birthday. Not only is it super cute but it is an easy way to add a fun element to the party.

34. Popcorn Bar

Girl Teen Birthday Ideas

35.  Hotel Room for the Night: Renting a hotel room is a great idea if you want to throw a birthday party but don’t want to deal with the mess at home. If there will be a large group of children, you may want to book multiple connecting rooms so they can stay up late hanging out.

36. Colorful Boho Outdoor Party

37. Honeycomb Hanging Decor

Cheap Teen Party Ideas

Planning a party can add up quickly, so finding cheap ways to make your party complete can be super helpful. What these inexpensive teen girl birthday party ideas lack in price, they gain in cuteness!

38. Glow in the Dark Party: This is one party that’s sure to impress! And, the best part is, it doesn’t take a whole lot of work or money to pull this party off. It’s fun, creative, and will definitely be one party your teen’s friends never forget.

39. DIY Hanging Balloon Installation

40. Colorful Bubblegum Centerpiece: This inexpensive party decor adds tons of color and fun to any celebration.

Cheap Decorations

41. Easy and Inexpensive Ball Garland Tutorial

42. Custom Sign: You can change the saying on this to anything to match your party theme.

43. Colorful Party Backdrop

More Fun Ideas Teen Will Love

If you like these cute teen girl birthday party ideas then check out a few more of our favorite ideas for teenagers.

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  • Best Teen Facial Products – If you start taking good care of your skin as a young adult, you won’t have to try to undo years of neglect when wrinkles and age spots appear. We adults may be powerless to undo our wild skincare gaffes of the past, but we can teach our children that toothpaste is not the answer to a blemish. Teenage skin is just like adult skin in that it requires special care. Check out some of our top-recommended facial routines and products for teens to get you started on the path to healthy, radiant skin.
  • Teen Date Ideas – Dating as a teenager can be hard. And trying to come up with date ideas is even more difficult. There are so many different struggles that come with dating as a teen. Most teens might not even drive yet, or have their own car… or have a lot of money to spend… and they are most likely still living at home. Check out our favorite teen date ideas that most any teen can execute flawlessly.

Teen Girl Birthday Party Ideas