Inside: Spooky Halloween games for teenagers that will give them fond memories to look back on.

Getting older can be so hard at times. I remember that first Halloween when I questioned whether or not I was too old to go trick or treating or if I should even dress up. It was stressful.

I wish I could go back and tell young me that you are NEVER too old to go trick or treating or to dress up on Halloween.

Before I figured this out, there was a good long period where I didn’t join in on the Halloween fun for fear of being judged. I do not want anyone else to go through that.

There are so many awesome things that you can do to have the full Halloween experience that you should continue to do all throughout your teen-hood.

And one of those things is to play Halloween games.

Halloween games bring this already fun-filled holiday up a notch. Typically, they will be played by groups at a party or get-together, where you will create long lasting memories for the years to come.

If this idea fills you with joy, then look at this list. I gathered some of the best Halloween games for teenagers to play on the big day, so there is bound to be something here that you’ll love. Check them out and add them to your itinerary.

Fun Halloween Games for Teenagers

I figured we could start things out lightly with the less scary games. This first list is full of some of the cutest Halloween games that teens will go crazy for. Halloween is one of those holidays where you must pull out all the stops, no matter how old you are.

Playing these games will fill you with a sense of childlike whimsy that will leave you nostalgic for the months to come. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

1. Don’t Drop the Eyeball – A classic that you can never go wrong with. You just carry the eyeball on the spoon to the other side of the line…but there’s a catch. You have to carry it in your mouth!

2. Ring Toss

3. Teen Bingo – Yep, bingo is typically thought of as a game for the young or the very old…but in can be so fun for you in between too,

4. Put the Eye On the Zombie

5. Octopus Ring

6. Bean Bag Toss – See who has the best coordination in your group with this bean bag toss game. It’ll be a hoot.

7. Can Stack – One of my favorite games to play at the county fair was the wack-a-stack. Where you take a ball and try and knock down a tower of stacked cans, add this to your Halloween too!

Halloween Games for Teenagers

8. Dolphin Hat Games Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza Halloween Edition

9. Pumpkin Sack Race

10. Guess How Many – Guess how many treats are in the jar, and you get to take the whole thing home!

11. Halloween Emoji Game – Emoji Pictionary is a fun game that has only come into existence in recent years.

12. Boooo-Opoly – It’s like monopoly, but Halloween-themed. Too cool!

13. Halloween Charades

14. Sorry Villain Edition

15. Pin the Spider on the Web – To make this a tougher challenge, you can put together an obstacle course that the player will have to go through before getting to the web.

16. Mr. Predicto Fortune Telling

17. Hocus Pocus Game

18. Haunted Mansion

Scary Halloween Games For High School Age

Scary Halloween Games

Okay, so these are some more intense games, but they are still fun. Halloween is famous for its spooky feel and scary night, so you have to do some activities that might put you on the edge of your seat.

There is one on this list in particular that I think you will love, and that is number 22.

It’s free, terrifying, and quite the challenge! Take a look and add these to your game’s roster.

19. Haunted Maze – You can put together a little haunted maze around your house that you must go through blindfolded. You can include little sensory stations with sticky eyeballs(peeled grapes), entrails(cooked sausages), and things of that sort.

20. Horror Movie Challenge – For a more low-key night, see how many horror movies you can watch in a row without getting scared.

21. Halloween Charades

22. Try Not to Jump Scare – This one is free and oh so fun. Not only will there be jump scares, but there’ll also be quite a bit of laughter. It’ll just be from the people who are watching you get scared. Sorry!

23. Find the Guest Game

24. Bucket of Doom

25. Would You Rather

26. Scary Movie Quiz – Put your horror movie knowledge to the test with this epic quiz. The winner gets to plot the ultimate scare attack on someone at the party!

27. Murder Mystery

28. Scariest Movie Questions

29. Halloween Party Feud

30. Truth or Scare – A classic game turned scary. You either have to tell the truth to a question asked, or you have to be scared in whatever way the group decides.

31. Movie Matchup

32. Escape Room in a Box – If you don’t want to go to a real escape room, then bring the escape room to you. How cool is this?

33. Horror Movie Pictionary

34. Exorcism & Asylum

35. Bean Bag Toss – This horror-themed bean bag toss is too cool. To bump it up a notch, try placing bets on each throw; if you miss, you have to do a dare. If you get it in, you won’t have to.

36. Spot It Halloween

Spooky Halloween Games

Cute Spooky Games

I thought I would reign it in a little for this last list. These still have a spooky feel, but the cuteness makes up for it. I am a sucker for a game that sticks with a theme, and these will all fit nicely under the Halloween category. Make sure that you at least have some candy nearby for the winners.

It being Halloween and all, it would be bad luck if you didn’t. I think these games speak for themselves.

37. Spider Race

38. Halloween Song Guessing Game

39. Trivial Pursuit

40. Villain Match Game

41. Eldritch Horror Game

42. Cute Candy Corn Bowling Game

43. Killer Trivia Game

44. Halloween Hot Seat

45. Online Escape Room

46. Your Worst Nightmare

47. Werewolf Game

48. Wheel of Fate

49. Rocky Horror Picture Murder Mystery

50. Hunt a Killer Murder Mystery

51. Disney Villain Game

52. Happily Never After

53. Halloween Game Bundle

So, how many of these did you add to your ‘to-play’ list? If I had to guess, I would say at least 4-5. The more, the merrier, because these games are so much fun! I hope you found this article helpful and were inspired to spice up your Halloween night. These games keep the kids entertained, whether you are throwing a party or having a simple family get-together.

When it comes to making Halloween memories, games are one of the best and surefire ways to ensure a good time. I hope you loved these Halloween Games for Teenagers, and remember, just because you are getting older does not mean you are too old for fun.

So dress up, eat your candy, and play games. You will not be sorry when you look back ten years from now.

Live it up.