Inside: Top things to do in San Francisco for Teens.

So… you are planning a trip to San Francisco? That is so exciting! San Fran is one of my all-time favorite cities that I visited all the time growing up, and one that I regularly take my teen twins to often. We only live a couple hours away so it’s a fun weekend escape with plenty of things to explore and see. If you are going, you are in for a treat!

If you picked this article, you are most likely in the planning period of your trip. The period of figuring out exactly what there is to do with your time once you get there, the must-sees, the coolest experiences… you name it. So I figured I would help you out by recommending some of the best things to do in San Francisco for Teens.

This comes from our own family’s experience, so you are in good hands.

Best Best Things to do in San Francisco for Teens

I have separated this into different sections, so take a look through and see how of these ideas you want to add to your vacation roster. You and your teens are going to have a blast!

Best things to do in San Francisco for Teens

First up, I figured we would start with the obvious ones. But these are popular for a reason. In the same way that ice cream is known and loved, so are these things, so don’t knock them. Let’s dive in!

1. Fisherman’s Warf

2. Golden Gate Bridge – walk across this for the views and fun.

3. Alcatraz – Alcatraz is a small island off of the shore of San Francisco that was used as a military prison back in the day. It’s one of the most visited places in San Fran.

4. Pier 39

5. Swan boats in Golden Gate Park – The swan boats are one of my all-time favorite experiences that I have ever had with my family. They are a must-do.

6. Golden Gate Park

7. Lombard Street – Lombard Street is known for its iconic zigzag pattern. Make sure you see it!

8. Palace of Fine Arts

9. Off-Broadway Play

10. Exploratorium

11. Twin Peaks – The twin peaks give you the best view of the city. Plus is a super fun drive.

12. Visit MoMA

13. Japanese Tea Garden

14. San Francisco Zoo

15. Conservatory of Flowers

16. Museum of Ice Cream – Who doesn’t love ice cream? Besides Lactose intolerant people. See how it got started at this super cute Museum of Ice Cream!

17. Discovery Museum

18. Legion of Honor

19. Angel Island – This island is off of the San Francisco bay, and the entire thing is a National park.

20. Ghirardelli Square

Must do things in San Francisco

Must-Do San Fran Things

Next up, I thought we could cover the next list of things you must do when you go to San Francisco. This is a pretty big city, so there are so many things that you can do. You may have to plan several separate trips to get them all done, but they are all worth it!

21. Go See the Dragons Gate in China Town

22. Get a Boba Tea from Boba Guys – If you are a big boba drinker like me, you must take your family to Boba guys. They are some of the yummiest boba shops that I have ever been to.

23. Eat Dungeons crab at the pier

24. Go to the Fortune Cookie Recipe

25. Eat Sour Dough – San Francisco has many places that you walk by and you can see them baking in the window. On Pier 39, they have a sourdough shop that is AMAZING.

26. Find some Abalone to try – The golden state is famous for it!

27. Bike or Walk across the golden gate bridge

28. Waverly Place – Not the same one from the Disney Show Wizards of Waverly Place…but it is still really cool.

29. Take an Oracle Park Tour

30. Go Watch a Game from a Local Team

31. Go to the House of Air – This is a trampoline house that will be perfect for using some of that extra vacation energy.

32. Go watch for Whales

33.  Go Bowling – San Fran has some great bowling alleys. Look up the best one and go play a few rounds!

34. Get an Egg Tarte from Golden Gate Bakery – They are famous for them by the locals. I high recommend it.

35. Go on a Street Mural Hunt

36. Walk around the California Academy of Sciences

37. Go to the Aquarium of the Bay – This is one of the coolest aquariums that I have ever been to. It’s a good one to check out.

38. Go on a Kayaking Tour

39. Go to the Opera

40. Madam Tussaud’s – This is an amazing Wax Museum that you have to see when you visit.

Affordable San Francisco activities

Affordable things to do in San Francisco for Teens

Going on vacation can be spendy, so I wanted to through in a section for the most affordable things to do in San Fran. Obviously, things like walking on the Golden Gate Bridge are free, but this is list is full of some items that you might not think about. So take a look and see what sounds fun to you. Oh, who am I kidding? It all sounds fun!

41. Visit the Full House House – These are better known as the painted ladies, but they are a row of painted old victorian homes that were used as the ‘home’ of the Fuller Family.

42. See the Beach under the bridge

43. Try Free Samples at the Pier

44. Hike Up to Coit Tower – Coit tower is super cool. The hike up to it is free, but if you want to go all the way up, it will cost some money.

45. Rate Street Art

46. Watch Sea Lions at Pier 39 – This one is free and super cool. Especially if you don’t live on the coast. Sea lions are so much cooler the first 1000 times you see them.

47. Go Window Shopping at Pier 39

48. Go On A Hike

49. Take a Cable Car Ride – These cable cars run along most of the city and they are super cool, and they are cheap to ride.

50. Walk Around Mission District

51. Walk Around Oracle Park

52. Go to the Ferry Building Marketplace

53. Go to Pier 39 at night

54. Lombard Street Walking Challenge – See if you can walk up Lombard street without getting tired.

55. Dolores Park

56. Get Some Burritos

57. Visit the Palace of Fine Arts

58. Go to the City of Lights Book Store – If you have any avid readers with you then they are going to love this place.

59. Visit it the botanical garden

60. Take a look at the Mission Murals

61. Enjoy Yourself! – This one may seem a little obvious, but I thought I would put it there for good measure. San Francisco is amazing, so enjoy yourself.

Best Things to do in San Francisco for Teens

I hope you loved this list of the best things to do in San Francisco for Teens. I know there is a lot here, and only a crazy person would be able to get them all done in one trip, but I just got a little carried away.

If you love to travel, then you will love some of our other traveling articles. There are so many amazing tips that will come in handy when you least expect them. Plus, I feel like planning the trip is the beginning of the fun. So why not plan a few more while you are at it?

So enjoy your trip to the bay. Remember: Eat sourdough, see an off-broadway play, and visit Alcatraz. These will ensure a well-rounded and super fun trip!