Inside: Best Icebreakers activities for High School Students.

We have all been there… you know it well. That first day of a new club or group, we show up and awkwardly stand around waiting for the meeting to start, only to have it begin with the teacher announcing that for the first day, we are doing ice breakers.

Initially, this is stressful, but then it quickly turns into a good thing because you find yourself actually relaxing and making friends. This is the joy that I want to spread: that relief that comes from icebreakers. So today, I am going to share the best icebreakers activities for high school students!

Icebreakers Activities for High School Students

There are so many awesome ones to choose from. You are going to love these! So take a look and see which ones you might use for your first class, group, or team!

Classic Icebreakers Activities for High School Students

I thought we should start out with the classics because we have to build a good foundation to grow from. These are some of the most popular go-to icebreakers that are used today. Take a look through these to see if you want to stick with the tried and true methods.

1. Two Truths and a Lie – This is a classic game, and it is probably the first one that comes to mind when people think of icebreakers. This is because it’s awesome! To play, you simply say two truths about yourself to a group, along with one lie. Everyone has to try and guess which is the lie. By the end of it, they learn two things about you!

2. 3 Fun Facts – This is a super simple one. Everyone goes around the room and says three fun facts about themselves.

3. 5 Favorites – For this game, everyone takes turns saying five things that are their favorite. Mine would be: Rainy Days; my favorite movie is Hunt for the Wilderpeople; my favorite food is Bread, my favorite person is Shaunna, and I love fall. Now you go!

4. 20 Questions – I think everyone knows how to play this one, so I won’t bother explaining it, but it’s loads of fun!

5. Would You Rather – This game can end up teaching you a lot about a person. Don’t believe me? Give it a try! You learn not only about someone from their answers but from the questions they ask as well.

6. Ice Breaker Quiz – I have some of these in the printable section below; they are loads of fun!

7. Rock Paper Scissors – This is a great way to break that wall of seriousness and nerves that come from meeting people for the first time.

8. Group Art – I think there is no better way to get to know the people around you than by working on a group project with them. What do you think?

9. Play Catch – Yep, we are bringing back this one. I know this is simple, but it works. Have everyone break up into teams and play catch, all the while making conversation.

10. Who Am I? – Another classic game that will have everyone laughing and putting their heads together.

Ice Breaker Activities for High School Students

Simple Ice Breakers

Sometimes, the simple ones are the best ones to start with. This is especially true with icebreakers because everyone is always so clammed up and guarded. When this is the case, having a super complex game to play will only make things worse for them. Check out these awesome ideas.

11.  Name Hang Man – This one is loads of fun. Have everyone take turns going up and playing hangman. But the difference is that instead of picking a random word, you put your name and people have to try and guess it.

12. Conversation Starters – This one is simple but loads of fun. Take a look at these!

13.  Toilet Paper Game – This game is popularly used at bridal showers but it works just as well for this. Have everyone split into pairs and then each team gets one minute to wrap the other person in toilet paper to make a toilet paper mummy.

14. Share Fun Facts – Have everyone go around and say their favorite fun facts. It doesn’t have to just be about them, it can be about anything.

15. Never Have I Ever – A classic game that I had to include. Never have I ever is such a fun way to get to know people

16. Common Three – Divide into groups and discuss things that you have in common. You have to keep talking until you find at least three things. The group with the most at the end wins.

17. Silly Charades – This is just a silly version of charades. I think the more fun you have, the more likely your ice is to thaw.

18. Silly Pictionary – Silly pictionary is another one of those hilarious and goofy games. Laughter brings us together; that is all I am saying.

19. Egg Spoon Game – Classic party games like this are great ways to get us out of our shells and talk to one another.

20. Hot Potato Facts – For this, you take a potato and toss it around a circle of people. Every time someone catches it, they have to tell one fact about themself before they toss it.

21. Play Operation – Yep, this stressful game will help you bond with your classmates.

22. Favorites List – Everyone makes a huge list on the board of everyone’s favorite things.

Ice Breakers Activities to Buy

Icebreakers Activities for High School Students to Buy

If you want to keep things simple for you AND the students, then I suggest going to a game that you can guy. This way the rules are carefully outlined and you’ll know what you are doing. This list is full of some of the cutest ideas that you will ever find, I know these will help create bonds!

23. We! Engage Cards.

24. Building Blocks

25. Big Talk Question Game

26. Conversation Cubes

27. Conversation Ball

28. Tokita Cube

29. Let’s Mingle

30. Chill, Chat, and Challenge

31. Train of Thought

32. Let’s Talk Teen Game

Printable Icebreaker Activities

Lastly, If you want something that is easy to get your hands on that is fun to play and super affordable, then I think you should check out this list. It is full of some really great printable options that I know anyone and everyone will love.

33. 6 Pack Icebreaker Activities

34. Conversation Starter Printables

35. Dicebreakers Dice Game

36. Human Bingo

37. Table Talk

38. Find Someone Who…

39. Find Your Pair

40. Two Truths and a Lie

41. Jenga Conversation

Ice Breaker Activities for High School Students

So…there you have it; over 40 of the best Icebreakers activities for High School students. Being a teenager is already scary enough, what with finding your own path and experiencing so many new things. Why make it harder by choosing boring icebreakers?

If you loved these ideas, perhaps you would love some of our other high school ideas that will help you along on this 4 year journey through High School.

I think icebreakers are so cool because they are just the thing that stands between you and a room full of new friends. They make things less awkward and more fun, and you can never truly be grateful enough for all the good that they bring. So I hope you have found some good icebreakers to use!