How to become a teenage model this year – tips, tricks and a list to follow.

When it comes to the modeling industry, the best time for you to start your career is right now, as a teen. It can feel like a big undertaking, but if you know this is what you want to do…why not go for it?

It’s actually pretty simple to achieve if you are consistent with your work. So if you are fully invested in becoming the best teenage model you can be, you are going to rock this.

How to become a teenage model in 2022: The Ultimate Guide

I have created a list of steps that you can take that will act as your guide along the road to success. I go over each one in detail so that you will have a clear idea of what it is you need to do.

I think it is awesome that you are embarking on this path right now. It is a very exciting time indeed! So let’s get into this.

Make sure you have your parent’s support.

Before we get into the steps, I think this is a very important thing to bring up. You will need your parent’s support to be a teenage model. Most agencies require you to have an adult with you when you are taking photos, and they will need your parent’s consent to work with you.

So before you start working towards this goal, talk with your parents and express to them how passionate you are about this. Once they are on board, you can start step one!

How to become a teenage model – Step One: Learn Your Craft

First things first, you need to know how to be a model. Though it is true that you are going to do a lot of learning throughout your career, you have to start with at least a baseline amount of knowledge. There are many different sources of information out there.

Here is a great starter article on how to take photos as a model. There are many different things that you bring to the photos that are unique to you, but it will still be helpful to have some experience with these tips. You can also watch how-to videos on youtube for further help and visual aid. 

Get to studying.

Step Two: Decide on the Niche you want

Now that you have a good foundation of knowledge about how to take photos, you should decide on the niche that is in an area that you are passionate about.

Choosing one specific area to focus on can help not only hone your craft but it can make you more hirable by companies who need that specific genre of modeling.

Areas you can choose from can be anything from fashion to jewelry models, so think about what you want to represent. Then you can practice taking photos in this specific genre. Make a Pinterest board with models that have been shot in your style and recreate them at home. This is a great way to practice.

How to become a teenage model Step Three: Research

How to become a teenage model – Step Three: Research

Technically, the research for this job will never actually end, seeing as it is always a good idea to stay up to date on the latest trends and tricks. But it’ll benefit you to continue learning.

This is the perfect time to research current trends and start recreating. These photos will come in handy for the steps to come.

Step Four: Hire a professional

Next up, you will need to hire a professional. I am a big advocate for learning to photograph yourself, but there are really only so many things you can do with a cell phone, especially when you are a teen.

Hiring a professional photographer to take your photos is a great way to be prepared to send your portfolio to agencies when the time comes. You can get as many do as you like, seeing as this is working towards your business. Plus, eventually, you’ll be able to use stuff like this as a tax write-off. The adult stuff, what can I say?

Step Five: Promote yourself

This is perhaps the most important part of all of these steps: putting yourself out there! I know this can be very scary, but this is how you get jobs in this day in age. Start an Instagram modeling page and post CONSISTENTLY. As you can tell from the caps, consistency is very important.

That is how you are going to build a following and, in turn, a strong portfolio. Put yourself on a posting schedule, and make sure to hit your goals every single week. Future employers will look to this during the hiring process. This is also how you will be noticed. There are so many awesome opportunities on Instagram!

There are many tips and tricks on the internet to help you build a following. Here is one of my favorite resources.

Step Six: Beat the Competition

How to become a teenage model – Step Six: Beat the Competition

Though these steps are fairly simple, there is still one big obstacle that you have to overcome, and that is the competition. Yes, the internet has given us so many more awesome opportunities, but it has also created quite a wide pool of other people trying to work towards the same goal as you. So how do we fix this?

You have to stand out! The best way to do this is actually by following step 2 and niching down, and then following it up with step 5 and being consistent in promoting yourself. But another step that you can also do is try and create original content that is unique to you. This way, no one else is doing their modeling quite like you!

Step Seven: Reach out to agencies

Lastly, after you follow all of the steps leading up to this, I think it is about time that you start reaching out to real agencies if they haven’t found you already. Send in your portfolio and information and wait to hear back. The more you reach out to the better because it can be kind of hard to get through to them.

You can send in your portfolio both physically and online. Don’t waste an opportunity to get into contact! I think the best way to become successful is to bet on yourself, and that is what you are doing by reaching out to these companies; you are telling them that you think you would be a great asset to promoting their goods. Be confident!

How to become a teenage model

So are you ready to put yourself out there and start your modeling career? There’s truly no time like the present. I hope this article was helpful for you and that you are feeling fresh and excited about the long road ahead.

Remember that the most important part of this process is patience and consistency. This is mainly for steps 5-7, seeing as these tend to take the longest amount of time. But if you remain steadfast in your goal, then you will be successful in no time. There may be a lot of competition out there, but nobody is quite like you. Remember that!