Inside: Cutest beach bags for teens that are perfect for sandy days.

Last weekend my family and I made our annual trip to the beach. When we got there, my little sister got out with her super expensive(and stainable) white bag that I had gotten her for Christmas. My first thought was, “Oh heck no.” but I let her do her thing because it was her bag, after all.

By the end of the day, we were packing up, and I heard her shriek. I knew exactly what had happened. That beautiful bag? Ruined.

Trendy Beach Bags for Teens. Cute Bag on beach idea.

This got me thinking about how important having a designated beach bag is. It might sound funny to some people, but it really is! Teens may not think too much about this, but having the right bag can make your day even more fun.

I have gathered a list of beach activities and I can promise you these bags for teens that WON’T get ruined.

Beach Bags for Teens

Alright, I wanted to start this list off strong, so the ideas below are going to make you gasp with their cuteness. Whether they are affordable, adorable, or literally built for the beach, each one has something more to offer than your regular bag. Check them out.

1. Smiley Face Beach Bag – I kicked off the list with this one because I feel like most teens will swoon when they see it. It’s not the BEST beach bag, but it is certainly better than the one you have in your closet.

2. Light Purple Beach Bag – I think this one is ADORABLE. It may be light purple, but don’t count it out quite yet. It has an easy-to-clean fabric that makes it beach appropriate.

3. Pineapple-Themed Bag – If you are at the beach, chances are that it’s pineapple season. What better to celebrate than with a pineapple bag?

4. Burlap Bag Idea – Getting trendier and trendier the further we go. Here is an adorable burlap bag that I think you are going to absolutely love.

5. Mesh Beach Bag – The trick with beach bags is to get one that has holes in it. Now, I know what you are thinking…holes? Seems a little bit like something that I would want to avoid. But these mesh beach bags allow you to get sand out of your bag with ease!

6. Bright Pink Mesh Beach Bag – I think this one is super cute because it’s bright enough that you will never lose it, and it’s the perfect size for collecting shells.

7. Wave Themed Bag Idea – You are literally going to the beach; why not get a bag with waves on it? This one also has these little pockets that are going to make your beach packing that much easier.

8. Blue and Pink Bag – If you like two-tone bags, then I think this is definitely the bag for you. They did half of it blue and half of it pink, so you get the best of both worlds.

9. Clear Beach Bag Idea – This one is a little out there, but if you are organized you might like it; It’s clear! I am too messy for a bag like this. All you would see was a bunch of stale chips and uncapped lip balm. I know I’m chaotic.

10. Black Mesh Bag Idea – If you like a sleek bag, then I think going with the color black is a must. It adds this aura of mystery that you really can’t get anywhere else. I really think you will love this bag.

11. Beach Tote Idea – This is the perfect little tote bag for those of you who only like to pack your basics. I like to bring everything under the sun just in case I need it while I’M under the sun. That’s just me though.

12. Striped Tote Bag – If you want something simple and classic, my best friend has one of these, and she is obsessed with it. She always knows which bag is hers, and she has so much room to pack what she needs!

13. Brown Beach Bag – Brown is such a cute color when you are at the beach. It’s giving boho vibes and I am here for it. I think this is my favorite so far.

14. Tote Bag with Red Ink – Simple bag, it may get a little dirty, but I think this is too cute to pass up on. Check it out and see if you think it is worth the risk.

15. Plant Negative Color Idea – If you are a plant lover, then I think that this is the bag for you. It’s black and white so it will go with any outfit!

Simple bag ideas you'll love. 3 different simple bag ideas.

Simple Bag Ideas You’ll Love

Next up, I wanted to include some simple beach bags for teens that I know you are going to love. Going with a simple bag allows you to wear whatever bathing suit you want and still have your bag match your outfit. I think this is a must, so check out the list.

16. Black and White Pattern

17. Beach Please Bag Idea

18. Plant Themed Bag

19. Light Blue Bag

20. Embroidered Bag Idea

21. Beige Boho Bag Idea

22. Beach Themed Pattern Tote

23. Rubber Tote Bag Idea

24. Crochet Mesh Beach Tote

25. Black and White Beach Bag

Trendy beach bags for teens. 3 different bag examples.

Trendy Beach Bags for Teens

Lastly, I wanted to show you some trendy beach bags for teens that are going to make you squeal with excitement. There are so many adorable bags to choose from, you may be having a hard time picking just one. If you have the budget for it, get multiple and rotate them out!

26. Louis V Themed Bag – I know this is a knockoff, but it’s an easy way to get the fancy look without the fancy price.

27. Lined Bag Idea – Cute, chic, and affordable. This one is a must!

28. Beige and Maroon Bag – I think that these bags will literally change your beach game. You just have to give them a try.

29. Clear Plastic Bag – Here is another version of the clear bag I showed you before. Which one do you like more?

30. Light Pink Big Bag – I love the look of this pink bag!

31. White and Green Bag – I am such a sucker for green.

32. Floral Flower Bag Idea – How could you resist adding flowers?

33. Cow Patterned Bag Idea – Cow pattern is in; just saying.

34. Braided Bag Idea – I love this look.

35. Green Crochet Bag Idea – Green again…and it’s a crochet bag. I love it.

beach bags for teens

I cannot stress this enough; your beach bag has a HUGE impact on how good your beach day will be. I know that sounds like I am being dramatic, but at the end of the day, having a good bag allows you to bring what you need while also not ruining your adorable beach look.

So I hope you loved these beach bags for teens and that you know just how important they are. Why not make your life a little easier?

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Luckily she keeps learning, but I want you to not have to make the mistake, to begin with.