Is your teenager daughter, son or friend all googly-eyed over their crush? It’s time to hand them these ask these yes or no questions to ask your crush, because we all know once the captivation sets in it can be hard to see clearly.

So what’s the next step?

With so many unanswered questions, these fun yes-or-no-printables questions will be a great start to dive deeper into teen crush!

Yes or no questions with a pair of black and white shoes standing in front of a question mark drawn in chalk.

Getting To Know Your Crush

Part of the exhilaration of a teen crush is all of the unknowns.  What kind of music do they like?  Any talents?

What do they like doing when chillaxing amongst friends?

This multitude of unknowns leads to the thrill of what it might look like, if and when the crush is mutual.

These may be just yes or no questions, but they are a great place to start discovering your teen crush.  Here are some fun yes or no printables so you can find the commonalities and differences between you and your crush.

Time to unleash the butterflies in your stomach!

How to find out your crush's interested - ask about their different hobbies and skills like cooking, sports, dancing and hanging with friends.

Seek Your Crush’s Interests

By asking these questions, you get a sneak peek into what sparks life and passion into your crush.

Can You Cook A Simple Meal?

If yes, then you can follow up and see if they enjoy cooking.

Do You Enjoy Watching Sports?

This simple yes or no question regarding sports can reveal a lot about your crush, including how they spend their free time.

Do You Like School?

Are you crushing on an academic scholar?

Do You Like Going To The Zoo?

It’s good to find out if the person you’re adoring is pet-friendly.  If they’re not, there may be a very good reason behind it.

Do You Like To Play Basketball?

You never know, your crush may be the next Michael Jordan.

Do You Like To Dance?

Some people have a 3rd foot when it comes to dancing, but many others have a rhythm.

How to learn about your dates home life from school? Good questions to ask.

Learn About Your Crush’s Home Life Q’s

The home environment plays a massive role in how one’s life is shaped and molded.  It opens the door to how they’ve sculpted into the person you’re crushing on..

Are You A Light Sleeper?

Then you can find out if they’re a morning person or a night owl.

Do You Like Spicy Food?

There’s never been such a variety of spicy foods as there are nowadays.  Takis, Flaming Hot Cheetos, kids love these.

Do You Eat Breakfast?

Find out if your crush is an ‘I’d rather get an extra 10 min of sleep in the morning’ or ‘I need to fuel up for the day ahead’ type of person.

Do You Have A Big Family?

Good things may come in small packages, but the more the merrier… which side of the coin does your crush fall under?

Have You Ever Moved Houses Before?

It’s not easy to have to move around, especially if one moves out of their neighborhood altogether.

Do Your Parents Help You With Your Homework?

By asking this question, you can get an insight into the dynamics of their parental relationships.

Teens smiling, skateboarding and contemplating - how to ask about your crush's values in life.

Yes Or No Questions To Understand Your Crush’s Values

Values and beliefs are deeply ingrained in everyone There’s a whole beautiful world within every soul and every question will get you one step closer to seeing the beauty that lies beyond the surface.

Do You Wear Makeup Often?

Believe it or not, make-up is not a thing for everyone! Determine if your crush is an all-natural kinda gal or is she a ‘maybe it’s Maybelline’

Do You Experience FOMO often?

FOMO is the ‘fear of missing out’, and it’s an undeniable fear to many. There may be great depth behind this answer.

Do You Exercise More Than 3 Days A Week?

It’s always good to know if your health habits align with your person of interest.

Do You Consider Yourself A Risk-Taker?

And are they willing to take the risk, hmmm?

Have You Ever Broken The Law?

C’mon, we’ve all jay-walked or littered, right?

Do You Consider Yourself To Be A Health-Minded Person?

Certain beliefs and values can be a dealbreaker. But don’t be too quick to judge, opposites attract and when this occurs it can help one another find a good, healthy balance.

Do You Think It Will Be Fun To Be An Adult?

Find out what perks of adulthood your crush is looking forward to, as well as which ones they may be dreading.

Do You Ever Dream Of Being Rich And Famous?

A dreamer with aspirations is a great quality for a crush!

Teen girl eating a large slice of pizza.

Randomly Important Printable Questions For Your Crush

Don’t let this be a one-sided question, both of you should be participating. You can even ask yourself some yes or no questions on your own.

Have You Ever Had To Stay At A Hospital Overnight?

Whether it be a chronic condition or something else, this can spark empathy.

Have You Ever Stalked Someone Online?

As no one hopes for a stalker crush, if they’re vulnerable enough to tell you, and that generates reciprocal honesty, then it can make them more relatable.

Have You Ever Been In A Physical Fight With Someone?

Not that physical fighting is commendable, but you never know if they were doing it in self-defense or to advocate for someone who couldn’t defend themselves.

Is The First Name That You Use Your Real Name?

If they have a nickname, find out where it originated from.

Would You Let A Car Drive For You?

This is just a fun question to ask your crush.

Do You Have A Lucky Number?

Determine if they are superstitious or just have a fav number.

Do You Think Pineapple Should Be On Pizza?

Nope. Oh, I’m sorry, that was meant for your crush lol!

Have You Ever Broken A Bone?

They may have fallen off the monkey bars when they were little or play a competitive sport where there is a high risk of injury. Either way, these can lead to great stories.

Three lists of yes or no printable questions for teens.

Easy To Answer Questions For Getting To Know Your Teen Crush

With every soul you come to meet, there’s a whole new exciting world to discover.

Before the butterflies kick in, you’re now prepared with some good questions to break the ice and explore the opportunities that sit in front of you!

Run with the excitement and start asking the questions. Explore your emotions, you’re going to crush it.