‘Make America Great Again!’.  As controversial as this slogan may be, nearly everyone in America knows this famous, catchy slogan.

It was used not only in the last couple of presidential elections, but it originated in 1980 by Ronald Reagan. Your teen may decide against this particular usage of words, but no worries because we’ve compiled campaign slogans to make their student council speech stand out, whatever the platform they’re running on.

Three members of student council collaborating on campaign slogans in a classroom.


Tools For Making Your Student Speech Stand Out

There’s this YouTube video called Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion (psychology fanatic here). There are elements to provide powerful tools for your teen’s campaign toolbox.

Two huge takeaways from this:

  • Social proof
  • Thinking about others & not yourself

These couple elements can enhance every StuCo campaign speech and slogan.

Pro StuCo Tip: The focus should continuously remain on the solution, not the problem. 

Social Proof

This first tool of persuasion, social proof, is essential in any student council campaign. Social proof is where one student follows a group of students, be it their beliefs or their actions.

If one doesn’t know who to vote for, there’s a good chance they will follow the lead of others.

All for one and one for all, right?!

Others Focus

The second element, not thinking about yourself, could also be paraphrased as ‘serving the many’. The elected position is about the body of students.

The slogan your teen chooses should reflect shared values amongst their fellow body of students. Establish some common ground and build your speech and slogan from there!

Ready to make a lasting impression?

Here are the most catchy campaign slogans for making your teen’s student council speech stand out!

High schoolers collaborating on student council campaigns.

Slogans That Kickoff With A Name At The Forefront

For starters, feel free to use your first or last name when creating your campaign speech and slogan.  Even a nickname can be used, just be sure that it includes the nickname on the voting ballot.

1. Vote ___: Making A Difference, One Student at A Time

2. Vote For Me, ___: Your Advocate, Your Ally

3. Vote ___: The Future Starts Here

4. Vote ___: The Leader Your School Needs

5. Vote for ___: Your Vision, Our Future

6. Vote ___: Together We Can Achieve More

7. Vote For ___: Unleash Your Potential

8. Vote ___: Bridge to A Better School

9. Vote ___: Leading by Example

10. Vote For ___: Leadership That Inspires

Teen candidates that are smiling for student council.

Campaign Slogans That Will Progress Your Speech

Every potential voter needs to know that you mean business. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it!

11. A Vote For ___ Is A Vote for Progress

12. Vote ___: Your Voice, Our Vision

13. Vote For ___: The Voice of The Students

14. Vote ___: Uniting Our School, Igniting Our Potential

15. Vote For ___: Your Champion for Change

16. Vote ___: For A Stronger Student-Teacher Connection

17. Vote For ___: Your Catalyst for Change

18. Vote For ___: Your Voice, Your Choice

19: With ___, Progress Is Promised

High School Student Council Speeches: Place Student Elects Name At The End

Placement is important when composing both your campaign speech and your slogan. Another method you can use is the ‘save the best for last’ method.

End the campaign slogan with their name. You can also personalize it by replacing student council for whichever role they are running for.

A girl laying on her stomach with a book, contemplating which student council role she's going to run for.

20. Together We Can Create Greatness: Vote For ___

21. Putting the ‘U’ in Student Council: Vote For ____

22. Making Our School Great Again:  Elect ___

23. Your Voice Matters: Vote ___

24. Leading The Way to Success: Vote For ___

25. Empowering Students, Building Community: Vote ___

26. Together We Can Make a Difference: Elect ___

27. The Future Starts Now: Vote For ___

28. Putting Students First: Elect ___

29. Empowering Students, Enriching Our School: ___

Teen girl creating and showing off her Treasurer Campaign Poster.

Add Your Role To The Campaign Slogan

30. Experience, Dedication, And Passion: ___ For Student Council

31. Leading By Example, Inspiring Others: Vote ___ for Student Council Secretary

32. Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers: ___ For Student Council Treasurer

33. Creating Opportunities, Inspiring Success: ___ For Student Council President

34. Building A Stronger Community: Elect ___ For Student Council

35. Empowering Students, Inspiring Minds: ___ For Student Council

36. Making Your Ideas A Reality: ___ For Student Council V.P.

37. Bringing in Fresh Ideas and New Perspectives ___ For Student Council

38. A Leader who Listens: ___ For Student Council Senator

39. Leading With Passion, Serving with Purpose: ___ For Student Council President

40. Making Your Voice Heard: ___ For Student Council Historian

41. Believe In Better: Elect ___ For Student Council Vice Pres

Groups of teens posing and colorful frosted donuts.

Sweeten Up The Student Council Campaign Slogan

They say the way to someone’s heart is through their belly. Add a dash of sweetness to your campaign speech and slogan!

42. Be A Smartie, elect ___ (use Smartie candies)

43. Your Vote Would Be Like An M&M, Marvelous And Magnificent (can’t go wrong with M&M’s)

44. I’ll Be Beary Grateful For Your Vote (use yummy gummy bears)

45. Donut Forget To Vote For Me (who doesn’t like donuts?)

Catchy Student Council Slogans For Your Speech

You can add some spunk or a little humor to the slogan.

Three teenagers wearing pastel clothing to catch the eyes of the student council voters.

46. 2-4-6-8 Vote For ___, Don’t Hesitate

47. It’s Not YOUR Fault, It’s YOUR Vote

48. Change Your Underwear, Change Your School

49. Want Life To Go Your Way, Vote ___ Today

50. Don’t Gloat, Put In Your Vote.  Vote ___

51. ‘Just Do It’ or ‘Like A Good Neighbor, ___ Is There!’ (no need to recreate the wheel, use a little creativity)

There you have it, a list of student council campaign slogans that will make your teenager’s speech stand out.

Oh, and one more super-duper vital message you MUST pass along to your student council elect… HAVE FUN WITH IT AND BE YOU!  Let the campaign begin!