Inside: Top 14 year old birthday party ideas your teen will love.

So… your teen is turning 14; how fun! My twins just turned this age and although my son was over parties and just wanted to go to 6 Flags with his buddy, my daughter was still very into the idea.

This may not feel like a milestone birthday, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t go all out and celebrate like it is!

I have gathered some of my favorite 14 year old birthday party ideas for you to look through to get some inspiration for your up-and-coming birthday bash. There are so many directions for you to go in with this, so take a moment before we start to think about the birthday teen in question.

What are their passions and likes? This will help guide you into the type of party they’d want.

Or, more than likely they’ll just tell you easily what they want to do.

Best 14 year old birthday party ideas

Now take a look at the ideas below and see if any of these align with something your teen would enjoy. I start with the decorations; then, I cover food ideas, cakes, and even games. So let’s jump into this!

Decorations for 14 Year Old Party

First things first, the foundation of every party is the decorations. You cannot argue with me on this. Without decorations, you are simply just hanging out with people. Decorating transforms the space into something new and geared toward the celebration. Take a look at these awesome 14 year old birthday party decorations to get your party started.

1. Rose Gold Balloons – I am pretty sure not having big-number balloons is a crime on any teen’s birthday. They are super cute, Instagram-worthy, and they are affordable. Worth it!

2. Pink and Sparkly 14 Banner – If you are throwing a party for a girl, this is the cutest banner that you can go with. Don’t believe me? Check it out!

3. Blue Banner Idea – If you are throwing a teen boy party, then this blue banner may be your best bet.

4. 14 Gold Balloon Number Set – More number balloons in different colors because no matter the theme, the number balloons need to be there.

5. Cute Door Banner – These door banners will help to transform your space into a place to party! They are simple to hang up, and they end up covering so much space your house will be unrecognizable!

6. 14th Birthday Idea – If purple is your birthday teen’s favorite color, why not make all of the decorations that color? It’s the best way to create a space they’ll love.

7. 14 Years Loved – This one is super heartfelt and I love it.

8. You Have Been Loved Banner – Another sweet banner that shows how many years the birthday person has been loved for. How sweet.

9. Rose Gold Garland – Rose gold is such a fun color scheme to go with for your 14-year-olds party. They will feel so grown up!

10. Tinsel Foil Fringe – This makes every doorway more fun. So why not?

11. Gold Glitter Balloon – These will make the whole party feel so fancy and put together. I am obsessed!

14 year old birthday party ideas foods

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas: Foods

Next up, I wanted to cover foods. Now the kind of foods that you serve at your party will depend on the theme of your party. I left theme ideas off this list because it is a highly personal thing and that differs from teen to teen. But what doesn’t differ is food, So I chose some of the universal food ideas that your party can have.

12. Popcorn Trays

13. Ham And Cheese Sandwiches

14. Big Pasta Recipe

15. Simple But Cute Sandwich Tray

16. Fruit Tray Table

17. Cute Watermelon Triangle

18. Apple Desserts

19. Pizza Toasts

20. Twisted Bread Sticks

21. Hot Dog Skewer

Cakes for a 14 Year Old

Cakes are one of my favorite parts of throwing a birthday party. It isn’t every day that we get to eat cake, so this special occasion deserves a good one. Below there are some of my favorite designed cakes that are just meant to be at a 14 year old’s birthday party. Take a look and see which one would be best suited for your teen.

22. Rainbow Themed Cake

23. Simple Funfetti Cake

24. Fruit Topped Cakes

25. Raspberry White Cake

26. Moon Shaped Cake

27. Cute Bumblebee Cake

28. Chocolate Lover Cake

29. Simple Green Cake

30. Cute Green Cake Idea

31. Light Pink Floral Cake

14 year old birthday party ideas

Hosting a masquerade party is always a great idea and making it a murder mystery game like we did for a recent birthday can be even more fun to try.

14 Year Old Birthday Party Ideas: Games

Now, games are at the center of every party. This is how you get the guests up and laughing with one another. Below I have included some of my favorite games that you can play at a 14 year olds party. I think your teen is bound to love at least one or two things on this list.

32. Minute to Win It Games – These are always such a fun way to get all the guests working together to have a blast at your birthday party. Here are some great minute-to-win-it game ideas.

33. Who Knows the Birthday Boy Best If you are throwing a party for your teenage son, I think this ‘who knows the birthday boy best’ games are super fun to play with everyone. Plus, they make the guest of honor feel extra loved!

34. Emoji Pictionary – These are SO FUN! I know you have heard of regular Pictionary, well, step aside because there is a new guy in town: Emoji Pictionary! This is a simple game that is super affordable and fun for everyone.

35. Have a Mall Scavenger Hunt – If you are planning on having your party be outside of your house, why not build it around having fun at the mall? This is a great idea if your teen loves to shop!

36. TikTok Party Games – Everyone knows that teenagers love TikTok, so what better game to play than TikTok challenges? The best part is that your teen and their friends get to film it. This will be a party to remember.

37. Fornite Party Games – Now, if your teen loves to play Fortnite, then I am pretty sure you can disregard all of the games above in favor of this idea. Fortnite party games!

38. Pool Party Game – If you are planning on throwing a pool party, then I think you should check out these awesome pool party games. They are perfect for teens and tweens!

39. Color War Games – These are a bit messy, but if you don’t mind, they are so worth the trouble. This is a game that your teen and their friends will never forget!

40. Anime Games – These are perfect if your teen is a total anime fan. What better way to spend their birthday than playing anime-themed games?

41. Wii Party Games – If you have a Nintendo Wii, then you should take advantage of it and use it to play party games! They are basically built-in, and they are loads of fun. Check out some of the best party games you can get on Wii!

14 year old birthday party ideas

So…are you excited to throw the coolest party? I hope these 14 year old birthday party ideas were helpful to you and that you have gained some direction on your party-throwing journey.

I always say that throwing a party is like giving one big gift because everything is so personalized and thought out. There is no sweeter gift than a birthday party, and I know your teens will be so grateful for the one you are throwing them. If you loved this idea and would like help with other 14-year-old-related things, I have you covered!

Remember to stop and enjoy the moment. They are turning 14 today and 18 tomorrow. So have fun and enjoy yourself as well. Have some cake, and play some games. Have a blast!