Inside: Best 15th birthday idea for teen girls including games food & all the party fun.

Turning 15 is a big deal. I understand it feels like such a weird middle birthday, like your 19th…but it isn’t. 15 is when you are finally turning into a real teenager! I mean, sure, the word teen has been in your age for a few years now, but those are just the trial periods… now you are the real thing.

This birthday marks your first step into the next phase of your life, so naturally, you are going to want to celebrate. Sure this may not feel as special and big as, say, your upcoming 16th birthday, but it is too special not to celebrate big for.

Best 15th Birthday Ideas for Teens

So today, I have pulled together some of the best 15th Birthday Ideas for Teen Girls I could find on the internet. I have everything on this list that you could need, from themes to games.

It’s your one-stop idea shop for your 15th birthday bash! So what are we waiting for? I think it is time that we start to plan this party.

Best 15th Birthday Theme Ideas

I think the best place to start would be by choosing a theme. Choosing a party theme is a very personal thing that will vary from teen to teen. So if you are planning this party for the birthday person, really take some time to think about them and what they like.

At the end of the day, the most important part about birthdays is that you are celebrating them. So make her feel special!

1. Pretty in Pink – If your birthday person loves the color pink, then this is a great idea that is super simple to pull off, and it looks great. You just have to get all your decorations and food in pink!

2. Birthday Person-Themed Party – You have to get personal with this idea. Think about the birthday person’s likes and interests and use them to create the ultimate personal party.

3. A Tea Party  – This idea is SO Instagram-worthy. It’ll be a hit! Through a classical tea party equipt with tiny sandwiches, yummy tea, and cute outfits.

4. Outdoor Fairy Party – This one may sound a little childish, but I promise you all the cottage core people out there will love this. It’s a super naturalistic-themed party, and it is too cute not to consider.

5. Outdoor Movie Night – If you live somewhere where the weather permits this idea, you must do it. I don’t think there is something more magical and memorable than an outdoor movie theme!

6. Classic Slumber Party – You cannot go wrong with this classic. It is perfect for any birthday, but especially the 15th. You can make it even more special by making it a 2-day thing: Have her friends spend the night the day before her birthday so they can wake her up on her birthday with something special: Friendship!

7. Dinner Banquet – This is a very elegant idea for a very elegant 15-year-old. Take a look at this photo to get some ideas on how you can personalize it for your birthday person.

8. Sweet Treat Party – If this sounds too simple, that is because it is. It’s SIMPLY the best. Get together some of the best 15-themed party foods and ideas. Prepare for a sugar hangover.

9. Neon Party  – For this party, you will need tons of cool lighting and neon colors. It looks like such a blast, and it will be the perfect way to make some memories!

10. Adorable Picnic – This picnic-themed party is just beautiful. You will need a bunch of yummy food, and a cute blanket, and, if you are really feeling over the top: include some disposable cameras.

11. Spa Night – A spa night is a classic 15th birthday Idea, but it’s that way for a reason: It’s too good! You can never go wrong with a themed spa night; I mean, come on.

15th Birthday Ideas: Decoration

15th Birthday Ideas: Decorations

Next up, I thought I would show you some of my favorite 15th-birthday decorations. I threw my little sister’s 15th birthday last year, and these ideas were the ones that I gathered for that. Let me say these decoration kits are amazing. They make your life so much easier, and the party feels so put together!

Take a look at these ideas. You can make them your own easily.

12. Big Number Balloons – Number balloons are an absolute must. What else will they take photos with?

13.  Shiney Wall Hang – These help to make the space feel super put together and transformed into a party room. So if you are planning on throwing this party at your house, these are a must.

14. Cute Bedroom Decoration

15. Bedroom Door Decoration – This is a cute one to surprise them with on the morning of their birthday. So this might be a decoration you reserve for the slumber party.

16. Monochromatic Pink Party

17. Balloon Arch

18. Blue Decorations

19. Neon Door Sign – A neon party will need a neon sign, and this one is perfect!

20. It’s My Birthday Sash

21. Cute 15th Cups and Plates – You’ll need some plates and cups; why not add them to the theme as well?

22. White and Gold Decoration Set

Party Games for Teens

Party Games for Teens

And lastly, no party is complete without some activities. What are your guests going to do? Just stand around? That is not allowed! There needs to be a little bit of direction. Otherwise, it is just an overly decorated hang-out, and we do not want that. Below are some of my favorite games to play at parties. Take a look and see which ones sound the most fun!

23. 4-Legged Race Band

24. Minute to Win It Game Pack

25. Printable Party Games – Printable games are fun because they are simple, cheap, and always a crowd pleaser. Just make sure you have little prizes for the winners!

26. Funny Toilet Paper Gift

27. Birthday Scavenger Hunt

28. How Well Do You Know the Birthday Girl? – This game helps make the birthday girl feel seen and loved by the people around her, plus it’s fun. You can’t go wrong!

29. Most Likely To

30. Tug of War Game – It sounds funny, but it’s super fun and it gets everyone working together and laughing.

31. What Do You Meme

32. Younger and Older

15th Birthday for Teen Girls

33. Would You Rather – I know this is a simple one, but it is a classic! You can never go wrong with a fun game of would you rather. So I highly recommend it.

So there you have it. I hope these 15th Birthday Ideas for Teen Girls inspired you to throw the best birthday party you ever have! Last year when I used some of these ideas, the party was a smash hit. My little sister still talks about it! Now I have to plan her Sweet 16, which bumps up the pressure a bit, but I can handle it.

The most important part of throwing any birthday is that the birthday person feels seen and has fun. So putting together a party that checks off both of those things is something that you will definitely have to put some thought into. But this list is a great place to start!

If you are having fun with the party planning, we have plenty of more ideas about where these came from. I love birthdays, so as you can imagine, I love writing about them even more. Check it out.