Ahhhh, how in the world are they already turning 14? It seems like just yesterday they became a teen! Yet here we are, a whole year has sped by and it’s time to round up some 14th birthday gifts.

Beyond Tech Trend gift ideas for a 14 year olds birthday.

The 14th birthday is right about the age when deciding on what gifts they’ll like becomes a little more challenging.

Teens nowadays have grown up in the digital world, so we got creative and are steering away from the tech toys in this particular post.

14th Birthday Gift Ideas For Sons

Finding the perfect 14th birthday present for your son can be a rewarding experience. Boys at this age are usually exploring new hobbies and finding new areas of interest. It’s important to choose a gift that reflects their individuality and personality. Here are some great gift ideas that your son will love

Gift ideas for a son's 14th birthday.

Gifts Of Experience

Gift your son an experience by getting him tickets to a concert, or a sporting event. Or if he’s a thrill seeker, take him to iFLY! It’s not about the cost, but about creating lasting memories.

Sports Equipment

Athletic boys will appreciate new sports equipment to help your son excel in his favorite sport.

This could be a new hockey stick, baseball bat, football, or even some new attire to practice and play in.

RC Car Or Drone

At this age, they’re creeping up on getting their driving permit.

Gifting an RC car or drone will be the genesis of practicing the coordination and control that they’ll need.

Musical Interests

Is your son musically inclined?  Enhance his musical talent and skills with an instrument or musical accessories. Ok, so a grand piano is out of the birthday budget, but my son will jam the night away playing Eminem on his keyboard.

Outdoor Gear

There’s nothing like the fresh outdoors.  Encourage your son to explore the great outdoors with a bike, fishing gear, a skateboard, or camping equipment.

Meaningful Chain Necklace

This ‘I Am The Storm’ chain necklace is a heartfelt gift that your son will love!

Gift Ideas For Your Daughter’s 14th Birthday

If you’re looking for analog gifts for your daughter’s 14th birthday, here are some creative ideas. And just like with the son’s gifts, focus on your daughter’s individuality, offering her an outlet for self-expression.

Variety of 14th birthday gift ideas for daughters.

Art Supplies

Gift your daughter a set of high-quality art supplies so she can explore her creativity and express herself through the beauty of art.

Gift Of Experience

A concert, a hotel swimming party, a trip to the zoo for animal lovers. There are endless activities and experience gifts that you can give your daughter to make this birthday extra special.

Journal With Quality Writing Utensils

A thoughtful gift of a journal that encourages your daughter to write down her thoughts, dreams, and goals.

Fashion Accessories

Do you want to gift your daughter that reflects her style? Add some flair to match her personality, be it a scarf,  a cute Lulu belt bag, or a fashionable piece of jewelry.

Skincare Or Beauty Kit

Give your daughter a gift where she can pamper herself.

Face masks, bath salts, lip balms, or body scrubs… she’ll love a skincare kit!

Baking Or Cooking Supplies

If your daughter enjoys the heat of the kitchen, consider gifting her something that will inspire her culinary creativity. If she’s an aspired baker, provide her with the tools.

What To Give Your Sibling For Their 14th Birthday

Considering your sibling’s interests, hobbies, and personality you’ll surely find a thoughtful gift just for them with these 14th birthday gift ideas.

A variety of birthday gift ideas for a siblings 14th birthday.

Fashion Items

Choose a trendy fashion item that aligns with your sibling’s sense of style. A cool backpack, a cozy sweater, or a pair of trendy sneakers.


Inspire your siblings to unleash their artistic side with a DIY kit that suits their personality.

Books Or Graphic Novels

Allow your sibling to escape into another world while expanding their imagination by giving them a captivating book.

Personalized Jewelry

Make their birthday special by gifting your sibling with a personalized piece of jewelry. It can be a bracelet for your sister with her name on it or for your brother to add his jersey number to the chain.

Giving A Star

Give them a star, it’s so easy and quick to do! It’s an unforgettable gift that they’ll have forever.

Gift Cards

Ya’ll know that any sibling will love to receive a gift card for their fav store, restaurant, or online retailer.

Presents My 14-Year-Old Loves

There are some universally popular gift ideas that 14-year-olds would love to receive.

No matter who you are buying for, these presents will surely be appreciated and enjoyed by any 14-year-old.

Birthday gift ideas for any 14 year old.

Tosy Flying Disc

These frisbees are eye-catching, and any 14-year-old can have hours of fun throwing them around with their friends!

Neon Effect Message Frame – Lights Up

Write a message or draw a picture, turn on the light, and watch the neon message frame glow.

Phone Escape Room

Possibly more entertaining for the parents and audience watching them try to crack the code than the birthday teen with this Phone Escape Room.

Stanley Cup

14-year-olds love to drink in style with a Stanley cup that comes in a variety of colors

Hydro Stars

These are hydrocolloid pimple patches that all 14-year-olds can use.

Scrib3D Printing Pen

Get their creative juices going with this cool 3D printing pen!

Virtual Pong

Look like a gift pro with this virtual pong game that can be played alone or with friends.

Trending 14th Birthday Gift Ideas

From Swiftie to D&D gift ideas, as well as ADHD-friendly presents that will be a hit as a 14th birthday

A variety of trending 14th birthday gifts.

Swiftie Personalized Velveteen Blanket

Warm up their hearts with this Swiftie personalized birthday blanket they’ll bring everywhere.

Swiftie Journal

This Swiftie journal is a great gift that provides any 14-year-old with an outlet for self-expression.

Personalized Custom Name Dungeons & Dragons Puzzle

A great 14th birthday gift for any D & D fan, and you can personalize this puzzle!

Roll To Hit D & D Drawstring Backpack

What D & D fanatic wouldn’t want this backpack for their 14th birthday?

Pick Peel Calming Stone

Provide some calmness while reducing anxiety and boredom with this ADHD-friendly Calming Stone.

ADHD Birthday Gifts – Positives Throw Pillows

Remind them how special they are and all the positives that come with ADHD with this colorful throw pillow.

Celebrate this special and memorable birthday with a thoughtful gift that they’ll treasure.  Now, go above and beyond by making their 14th birthday epic.