Inside: Top after school jobs for teens that they can apply for today.

When I was a teen, getting a job was one of the best things that I had ever done. Many parents don’t make their teens get jobs because they want them to focus on school, which I understand. But I was able to work two days a week at my local coffee shop AND graduate with honors.

During my time as a barista, I met some of the most important people in my life today. I also learned the value of hard work and how it equates to money. It gave me people skills and the confidence to try my hand at anything I want.

easiest After School Jobs For Teens Today. Photo of girl walking dog

I genuinely cannot recommend it enough. I am not sure who I would be today without that job. So if you are a teen who is interested in getting your own job, then you need to take a look at the list below.

Job Ideas for Teens

I created a list of the best after school jobs for teens to try their hand at. There are so many different benefits to getting a job as a teen(which I will cover later on) that I think it’s important to at least give it a try. But if you notice that your school is failing or you are more stressed, maybe wait until you’re older.

1. Work In A Coffee Shop – Of course, I had to put this job first. Working in a coffee shop was SO MUCH FUN for me. I got to make coffee every day, connect with customers one on one, and I met some of my closest friends.

2. Work In A Grocery Store – Working in a grocery store is a great idea because there is so much room to move up in rank. As a barista, I was basically stuck at one level of pay and job, but when you work in a grocery store, there are many levels and areas that you can work in.

Plus, it’s important to understand what it’s like to work in customer service. This helps you too because a nicer person all around.

3. Work At The Pound – If you love animals, see if you can get a job at your local animal shelter. I tried to do this as a teen but was sadly let go because I wanted to take all of the animals home with me. It was too hard to leave them every day. If you are better than me in that aspect, then go for it.

4. Work As A Babysitter – This is a good one because you get to decide when you want to work. You don’t have a super strict schedule, so you can always make plans. Plus, you can add as many clients as you want. It’s like your own little business.

5. Work In A Clothing Store – I heard that working at a clothing store will teach you how to fold a shirt like no other place.

6. Work At Bath and Bodyworks – This is for those of you who love candles. Why not get an endless supply of them by working bath and bodyworks? You may not get them for free, but I heard that they have broken candles in the back that you can just take home. With a little bit of craftiness, you have yourself a whole new candle!

7. Work At Barnes and Noble – Calling all book nerds! Working at Barnes and noble would be a DREAM. You get to have 30% off of any book AND you get 50% off food in the cafeteria if your location has one. I think this would be a sweet gig.

8. Work At the Movie Theater – I think it is a right of passage for teens to work at the movie theater. You get to basically just let people into their movies. Plus, you get a cool button-up for your shift. I think this one would be fun.

9. Work At The Skating Rink. Photo of skating rink idea.

9. Work At The Skating Rink – If you are lucky enough to have a skating rink in your town, you must consider working there. It just sounds fun and laid back! You get to listen to good music and there are neon lights…sign me up.

10. Work At The Mall – There are so many different work opportunities in the mall; how could you not go for this? Again, this is another one of those rights of passage jobs. Plus you would get to eat at the food court every day.

11. Work At A Fast Food Place – Speaking of food court, why not try your hand at one of the fast food places where you live? Obviously, this is not anyone’s first choice, but it’s one of the easiest jobs to get and it pays well.

12. Work At A Hotel – I have also worked at a hotel as a teen. I cleaned rooms! Which sounds awful but I got to listen to my own music and be in my own world. It also taught me how to make the perfect bed. I highly recommend it.

13. Work At A Sandwich Place – If your town has a sandwich place like subway or a fancier one, why not go for it? You get to learn how to make the perfect sandwich! My sister actually did this, and she is the best sandwich maker I know TO THIS DAY.

14. Work At An Ice Cream Parlor – This one just sounds fun. You get to hang out with your coworkers, just slinging ice cream all day. Yes, please!

15. Work As A Lifegueard – This one can be helpful for so many reasons. The most obvious of which being the fact that you will be able to save lives!

easiest After School Jobs For Teens Today. Photo of barista pouring coffee.

Easiest After School Jobs For Teens Today

Lastly, I wanted to show you some of the easier after school job ideas for teens. Easiness is subjective though, so any on this list could be considered easy or hard depending on your preferences. Have you found your future job yet?

16. Work At The Car Wash

17. Work At A Restaurant

18. Mow Yards

19. Be A Dog Walker

20. Work At The Library

21. Be A Tutor

22. Be A Pet Sitter

23. Start An Etsy

24. Flip Things On Facebook Marketplace

25. Work At A Golf Course

After school jobs

Getting a job as a teen was one of my smartest decisions. Not only did I get to benefit from all of the ways I listed above, but I also got to earn money and SAVE IT. It can be so hard to save money once you move out, but since I was earning before I had bills, I had a good amount of cushion to lean on.

If you decide to get a job as a teen, you will benefit from things like Early work experience, strengthening your social skills, learning how to be competent, and much much more.

If you liked these after school jobs and are going to get a job this year, you need to check out some of my ways to make sure that you still have a fun time during your teen years. It shouldn’t be all work, you have to play as well!