Inside: Fun after-school party ideas to celebrate summer vacation.

Making it to the end of another school year is a big deal. That means your child has spent that last basically 9 months learning, growing, and adapting to their environment. This is something to celebrate.

It may feel like a small moment(unless they’re graduating, that’s a whole other party idea) but if you take a step back… all of these little accomplishments make up their life.

So it is important to celebrate. It also doesn’t hurt that its loads of fun to throw a party! And you’ll make your teen feel extra special, which is a win-win.

After School Party Ideas

For the kids that are in middle school still, this party may be the last opportunity they have to hang out with their friends for the summer break. It’s not as easy to stay in touch when you are younger.

Plus you need rides everywhere… it’s just overall harder to see your friends during the summer. So why not make it simple for them?

I have compiled some of the absolute best party ideas to get your party ball rolling. I cover everything from themes, to games, to foods and decorations… it’s basically your one-stop party planning shop.

So let’s get into this.

Simple After School Party Ideas

1. Classic House Party – Though it’s simple, it’s always a winner. Why fix what isn’t broken? Just invite everyone over, decorate, eat good food and have a blast with all of the people you love(and your kid’s schoolmates).

2. Summer-Themed Party – It’s essentially summer break now…so why not throw a summer-themed birthday party? I included lots of decorations below, as well as some lawn games that would be perfect.

3. Ultimate Hangout – Your teen normally sees their friends at school, where they can’t fully hang out (without getting in trouble for talking). So why not create an epic space for them to actually get some quality time in? I’m talking food, games, and comfy seats of course.

4. Movie Theater Party – I remember how excited I used to get when my whole class would go to see a movie. That feeling never goes away, so have everyone get dropped off at the movies for a fun and simple party.

5. Aquarium – Aquarium visits are the epitome of summer. It’s extra fun with classmates!

6. Summer Movie – Have a movie marathon, but there is a twist. Every movie has to have the end of the school year in it! Think High School Musical.

7. Schools Out – Have a ‘schools out party'(decorations for this theme are also below). Here you can enjoy all of the things you normally don’t when you are in school: freedom.

8. Pool Party – What says summer vacation more than a pool party? Literally nothing. It’s perfect for those hot June days. Splash into summer!

9. BBQ – Another classic, but you can never go wrong with a BBQ. There is good food, and tons of games, and you get to spend the time soaking up the sun outside. That sounds like a good deal to me.

10. Outdoor Olympics – Throw yourself an outdoor Olympics party where you have everyone compete in your own games to see who can bring home the gold!

End Of the Year Party Ideas for High School

End of the Year Party Ideas for High School

11. Outdoor Movie Night – This is one of my all-time favorite party ideas. Get yourself a projector(it’s a bit of an investment but it’s totally doable and you’ll have it forever). And then set up an outdoor movie theater. Not only will it be an adorable party, but it will be one they’ll remember forever.

12. Instagram-able Party – The teens go crazy for this one. Set up different aesthetic stations around your backyard. That way they can go around and take some of the best Instagram pics they’ve ever had.

13. Backyard Bonfire – I am talking s’mores, hot dogs, and all of the roast goodies you can think of. Put on some tunes and have a good time!

14. Luau – Few things say summertime like a Luau party. Get your hula skirts and some pork on the grill and you have yourself a luau!

15. Beach Party – Have everyone meet at the beach, and have a good old-fashioned beach party. Have fruit, bbq, and drinks(soda of course). And have some fun in the sun!

16. Coachella Themed Party – A Coachella party would be an epic way to end the school year. To do this you need some themed foods, cute outfits, and the Coachella playlist of that year. Lucky for you YouTube has them all!

17. Go Cart Racing – This one is a blast for the older kids. Many places have indoor go-cart racing. It’s a great way to get everyone together and have fun after school.

18. Paintball – What’s the best way to comedically fight with your school arch nemesis? Paintball!

19. Amusement Park – After the long school year, your kids are going to need to let off a little steam. That is what amusement parks around the world have been created for. Nowhere else is it acceptable to scream your head off. So get your tickets now and surprise them!

20. Water Park – Summertime means water park time!

End of the Year Party Ideas for Middle School

21. Backyard Camping – Simple, fun, and effective. The most unique way to throw a slumber party is to do it in your backyard.

22. Movie Marathon – Pick a movie theme(aka superhero) and then have an epic movie marathon that will go down in history. This means themed snacks, movie theater tickets…the whole 9.

23. Picnic – It may sound simple but it’s so much fun!

24. Baking Challenge – Get ingredients to make 2 different(but similar) desserts. Have everyone split up into two teams and see which one can make the best sweet treat.

25. Water Balloon Fight – It’s going to be hot considering summer is here…so cool down in the most fun way possible, a water balloon fight!

26. Tea Party – If your group of kids is an elegant bunch, then perhaps consider throwing a tea party.

27. Meme Party – Everyone knows that teens and tweens love their memes. So have everyone dress as their favorite one and take photos.

28. Karaoke Party – This one is all about the laughs and getting out of your shell. Your kids will love it.

29. Arts and Crafts – Come up with a few craft ideas and set up stations outside. It’s fun and they get to take home whatever they make.

30. Summer Bucket List – Have everyone get together and come up with their summer bucket lists.

After School Party Games, example of the game cornhole

After School Party Games

You have to have some games! Lucky for you, I thought about this too. Take a look through these and see which ones would best fit your party’s theme. Personally, I am obsessed with the number 33.

31. Dance Party Button

32. Jumbo Jenga

33. Funny Basketball Party Games

34. Tin Can Knock Down

35. Ultimate Twister

36. Ring Toss

37. Pass the Potato

38. Cornhole

39. Ping Pong

40. Limbo

Party Food Ideas

Food is one of the most underrated portions of party planning. Take a look through these to get some inspo for some simple and yet DELICIOUS meals that you will have to include at your after-school blowout.

41. Crockpot Spinach Dip

42. Ham and Swiss Sliders

43. Chicken and Bacon Pin Wheels

44. Cream Cheese Tortilla Bites

45. S’mores Board

46. Mini Sandwiches

47. Potato Bites

48. Summer-Themed Cupcakes

49. Cute Veggie Tray

50.Potato Skins

51. Sweet Bacon Crackers

52. Fairy Bread

53. Pretzel and Cheese Bites

54. Burgers with DIY Toppings

55. Chili Cheese Dip

56. Blue Brownies

After School Party Ideas

Must Have Decorations

And finally here are what makes a party, a party…the decorations! I’ve included many different styles that all fall around the theme of summer. So take a look and see which fits your theme.

57. Cute Summer Hanging Swirls

58. Happy Summer Banner

59. Hawaiian Luau Necklaces

60. Schools Out for the Summer

61. Goodbye School Hello Pool

62. Schools Out Photo Backdrop

63. Paper Circle Garlands

64. Hello Summer Banner Set

65. Inflatable Beach Balls

66. Photo Props

67. Hello Summer Party Supplies

68. Inflatable Cooler

69. Cupcake Toppers

70. Reusable Banner

71. 20 Piece Summer Set

72. Yellow Summer Set

73. Table Runner

So…are you ready to party like there’s no school tomorrow? I hope you loved some of these ideas and will use them to create the epic end-of-the-year bash that your teen deserves. Celebrating small moments like this will end up creating lasting memories that would have otherwise been avoided.

It also shows them that accomplishments, big and small, deserve to be recognized.

One of the worst feelings I’ve experienced is having to look back and wish that I was kinder and more celebratory of my younger self for all of her accomplishments. So get out there and honor theirs.

If your teen is in their LAST year of middle school or high school…then this party may have to be a bit bigger and more on a theme. But don’t worry… I have some ideas that will help you out with that as well. Until next time…enjoy sleeping in!