Inside: Sweet high school thank you teacher gifts from teens that will show them how important their work is.

Everyone knows that teaching is the job that makes the world go round. Not only is it one of the hardest jobs out there, but it is one of the most underpaid jobs. With the amount of work and care that goes into being a teacher, they should be making much more than they are.

So it’s very important to let the teachers know how much of a difference they are making for their students.

Thus, Teacher appreciation day was born! If you ask me, the school board could have also shown their appreciation by raising their wage but hey, I know they can only do so much.

Touching High School Thank You Teacher Gifts. Photo of teacher holding gift with students

If you are a student looking for some inspiration on what you should get your teacher, you are in the right place, my friend. Not only are these ideas sweet, but every teacher will like them. What are you waiting for?

High School Thank You Teacher Gifts

It can be hard to find teacher appreciation gifts from teens because you never really know what is appropriate to get your working teacher. But after you are done with this list, you will know exactly what to get him or her. Dive into the ideas below.

1. Badass Teacher Morse Code Bracelet

2. Metal Book Mark Idea

3. Sweet Quote Keychain idea

4. Fancy Pink Marble Cup

5. Bee Charm Bracelet

6. Teacher Makeup Bag idea

7. Teacher Themed Heart Necklace

8. It Takes A Lot of Sparkle

9. Leather Bound Notebook

10. Teach Themed Bracelet

11. Comfy Slippers Idea

12. Cute Plastic Card Idea

13. Gratitude Basket Idea

14. Thank You Card Idea

15. Glass Teacher Plaque Idea

16. Wind Chime Idea

17. Wall Decor Idea

18. Sometimes You Forget You’re Awesome

19. Gift Basket Idea

20. Black Tumbler For Male Teacher

More Gift Ideas. Photo of apple on desk with #1 teacher written on it.

More Gift Ideas

If you like the direction that the last list went in, but didn’t have anything jump out at you, don’t worry. There is bound to be something here that they will love. The important thing is that you try and get personal with it. If you know your teacher likes candles, get them candles. If they like books? You know what to do.

21. A Gift Card To Bath & Body Works

22. A Gift Card To Starbucks

23. A Gift Card to Barnes & Noble

24. A Signed Class Book of Appreciation Notes

25. A New Mug

26. A Bag of Coffee

27. New Teacher Necklace

28. Personalized Pens

29. Gift Basket of School Supplies

30. Face Masks

31. New Lanyard

32. Cute Notecards

33. Cute Stationery

34. Worlds Best Teacher Trophy

35. World Best Teacher Mug

36. A List of Ways They’ve Improved Your Life

37. A Shiney Red Apple Paper Weight

38. A Back Support for Their Chair

39. A New Pack of Red Pens

40. Flowers

High School Thank You Teacher Gifts To Buy

I know it can be hard to find exactly what you are looking for online, so I wanted to make your life a little bit easier and show you some high school thank you teacher gifts that you can buy. Check out the ideas below and they will take you to where you can buy them.

41. Teacher Plaque on Pencil

42. Devos For Teacher Book

43. Teacher Turquoise Tumbler

44. Key Chain Apple Idea

45. Never Forget The Difference You Made

46. Lesson Planning Juice Idea

47. If You Can Read This I’m Off Duty

48. Light Pink Marble Bracelet

49. Even A Global Pandemic Can’t Stop Me

50. After School Snack Glasses

Touching High School Thank You Teacher Gifts. Photo of best teacher awards

Touching High School Thank You Teacher Gifts

Lastly, I wanted to finish off this list with some seriously touching High School Thank You Teacher Gifts that will bring tears of joy into their eyes. The best thing you can do is make it yourself; that way, they know just how much it means.

Make sure to add a little gift card too; they aren’t paid nearly enough, remember? I will walk you through this batch of ideas.

51. Handwritten Letter – Not everyone is going to have a big budget for this, and I understand that. I think you may be surprised by how much impact writing a simple letter of appreciation can have.

52. Note Card with Personalized Thank You – If a straight-up letter makes you feel a little nervous, why not get a cute note card and write about how grateful you are there?

53. Bracelet That You Made – If you are crafty, why not make a charm bracelet yourself? There are so many cute styles out there that your mentor will love.

54. Picture Frame That Is Signed – Get a class photo of everyone in your year and have them all sign the back of it. This will remind your teacher of all of the lives they’ve touched.

55. We Love You Poster – If you don’t want to do a photo, then you can get a big blank canvas and work with that instead. You can have everyone in your class write one thing that they appreciate about their teacher and frame it!

56. Empty Notebook Filled with Thank Yous – I wanted to get even more simple with these ideas because there are so many different ways to show your teacher how much they mean to you.

57. You Are Appreciated Earrings – Calling all crafters, if you know how to make earrings, you can make them a pair of thank you earrings.

58. Appreciation Slideshow – If your teacher is truly one of a kind, then you can prepare a slideshow of of all of the things that you are grateful for about your teacher.

59. You Are The Best Playlist – If you know that your teacher enjoys music, make them a ‘You are the best’ playlist that is filled with uplifting songs.

60. Crocheted Blanket – This is a sweet one. If you like to crochet, then create a blanket for your teacher.

61. Their Name Sign – You can make a little sign for their desk or door with their name on it. Take your time and make this personalized to what they like.

62. A Plant – You can put the plant into a pot that says something cute about teachers. There are plenty of these online, but if you want to make it, get a regular pot and paint it!

63. Desk Decor That You Made – They are going to be at their desk basically every day, so make them a cute reminder of why they are there.

64. Flowers Made Out Of Thank You Notes – If you are good at origami, then you should make a few flowers that are made out of thank you notes.

65. Paper Mache Apple – Lastly, you can make them a paper mache apple that they can leave on their desk.

Touching High School Thank You Teacher Gifts. Photo of Trophy Idea

There you have it, some of the most touching high school thank you teacher gifts that you will ever see. Sometimes it can feel weird to give your teacher something because there is such a barrier at times.

But at the end of the day, you spend hours with them each week; they deserve it.

Teaching is one of the hardest jobs out there. Whether it be for kindergarteners or Seniors, this job requires patience, skill, and lots of love.

So thank you, teachers, for everything that you do. A good teacher has the ability to change the world, one child at a time. I cannot express to you enough how grateful I am to the teachers that have been in my life. This one is for you guys!