I’ll never forget my high school graduation – I remember thinking, this is it, the people I’ve spent the last 4+ years with are all heading in different directions and life is about to begin!

No matter what their plans are for after high school… graduation is a big deal. It’s a huge accomplishment and an exciting (and a little scary!) transitional period for any of the teens you know.

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It’s so important to mark a special occasion like high school graduation with a gift, party, or ceremony. After all, it only happens once in your lifetime! Whether you’re looking to give a thoughtful present to your teenager or a fellow graduate, I’ve found some excellent high school graduation gifts you’re gonna love.

I hope you’ll find the perfect present for their special day here.

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Clever Grad Gifts for High School

Think a little outside the box with the clever and handy grad gift ideas.

1. Personalized Cash Holder

Cash is a traditional graduation gift, but it’s all about the presentation! This customizable wooden cash holder is such a thoughtful way to give a cash gift.

2. Money Tree

Here’s another clever way to give a cash gift – this little money tree is so cute!

3. Customized Candy Cup

You could borrow this idea from @cositas.by.miri and get your graduate a personalized cup filled with candy.

Pro Tip: Instead of candy, you could fill this cup with anything – fuzzy socks, travel-sized toiletries, or even cash.

4. Penny Necklace

I’m OBSESSED with this penny necklace! The addition of the graduation cap and the heart around the year is just too cute. You could have a jewelry maker engrave the penny or just draw on it with a fine-point Sharpie! Remember to scrub the penny clean first and make sure you have the correct year.

5. Compass Necklace

This beautiful compass necklace that says “Go in the direction of your dreams” is so stunning and thoughtful.

6. Fancy Pen Set

I think a set of fancy pens with graduation-themed messages on the side like “The Adventure Begins” is such a practical and considerate present.

7. Money Pull Box

Your graduate will forever remember opening this hilarious pull box of cash – it’s customizable depending on how many bills you want to use!

Cool High School Money Gift Ideas

Whether you’re shopping for a friend or your teenage child, these high school graduation gifts are sure to impress and don’t forget the best ways to gift any teen money.

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8. Graduation Rubber Ducky

A special graduation rubber ducky is such a unique and funny gift – I think any teenager would love this! They can use it to decorate their bathroom for the backyard graduation party and then take it to their college dorm. Idk why but this one really tickles me!

9. “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!” Journal

This Dr. Seuss book is a classic graduation gift, but why not take it to the next level with a journal instead?

Pro Tip: Write a sweet, encouraging message on the inside cover or first page of the journal before giving it to your graduate.

10. College Survival Kit

Grab a few things you know your graduate is gonna need at college, like body wash, microwave popcorn, and lip balm. Here’s directions on how to assemble a beautiful kit using only items from the dollar store!

11. Money Bouquet

Flowers are nice and all, but the real gift here is obviously all that sweet, sweet cash!

12. Pizza “Dough” Box

I love this funny way to present a graduate with cash! All you need is a pizza box, some bills, and the printed sign – make one yourself or use this cheap printable.

13. Adulting To-Do List

Now that they’re a high school graduate, it’s time to start adulting – and this silly yet useful to-do list notepad can help.

14. Personalized Compact

This little mirror with customizable sayings is a sweet reminder of your love and friendship that your graduate can carry with them wherever they go.

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Awesome Gifts for High School Grads

I love these high school graduation gift ideas so much – the graduation laundry basket and Build-A-Bear ones are extra awesome for their nostalgic touch.

15. Crank Music Box

This graduation crank music box is so cute and thoughtful, and you could put any small gift you want in there – a gift card, cash, jewelry, etc.

16. Build-A-Bear

I’ve always been obsessed with Build-A-Bear, and I personally believe you’re never to old to have or make one. You could make a special bear for your graduate, or take them with you to create one together.

Pro Tip: Get the voice box add-on and record a sweet message for your grad. They will always be able to hear your voice and kid words with just the press of a button.

17. Graduate Squishmallow

And while we’re on the topic of stuffed animals, these personalized graudation squishmallows are just too adorable!

18. College Keepsake Holder

This little dish with a customized image of your grad’s college is so precious and personal.

19. Tumbler and Bracelets

I love this gift idea by @classicallycateboutique of a tumbler in your graduate’s school colors with matching beaded bracelets!

20. Money Lei

There are lots of ways to make a money lei, but this butterfly one with beads really caught my eye!

21. “One Degree Hotter” Mug

This pink mug says “Now hotter by one degree” with a little gold graduation cap, in case you don’t get the pun!

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22. Graduation Gift Box

Premade gift boxes like these are such an easy way to give a useful and thoughtful graduation present.

23. Congrats Candle

The label on this handmade candle says “Congrats Grad – smells like a bright future & unlimited possiblities.” I love this idea!

Pro Tip: If you’re crafty, you could make your own candle, or buy one at the store and design a graduation label to put on it.

24. Graduation Cap Origami

Whoever had the idea to make origami graduation caps out of bills is a genius. Here are the steps to make this super cute cash gift.

25. Laundry Set

It may not seem like the most exciting gift at first, but your graduate will surely thank you later when they use it! Use ribbon to tie together a bottle of laundry detergent, a bag of quarters, fabric softener sheets, and a laundry bag. Here’s a free printable for a gift tag that says “Have LOADS of fun in college!”

26. Rainy Day Cash

This idea for gifting money is so cool – sure, the umbrella is useful, but the REAL gift is the cash inside! Your graduate will find it when they open the umbrella for the first time. Here are the steps to put it together.

27. College Floral Letter Embroidered Sweatshirt

Getting this custom sweatshirt ensures that your high school graduate shows up to college with the coolest swag.

I know my high school graduation was a day I’ll never forget, and your graduation ceremony will be just as memorable! You can mark the occasion and do something thoughtful for your teenager or friend by getting a nice present.

I hope you found the perfect idea in this list of high school graduation party gifts! Which ones did you like best, or did you think of any others I might have missed? Let me know in the comments!