Inside: Adorable thank you cards for teens and a simple DIY.

I don’t know about you, but I think that one of the best ways to say thank you is with a card. Sending thank you Cards for Teens is a dying art, one that I am going to personally try to keep alive.

If you are a teen who just had an event or a birthday that requires you to send some Thank you cards, then you are in the right place because I have compiled some of my favorite thank you cards for teens to buy, and I even have a simple DIY that you can do to make it more personal.

thankyou cards for teens. Photo of someone drawing thank you cards.

Look at the list below if you want to be the epitome of class. This isn’t very hard of a decision, of course, you want to be classy! The card below will help you achieve that. So don’t hesitate; jump on in!

Why Sending Thank You Cards Is Important

Before we get into the fun part of this article, I thought I should let you know why sending thank you cards for teens is actually very important. Whether you are sending a thank you card to your family, an employer, or a benefactor…these cards will show them that they are appreciated.

In this day and age, handwritten thank yous are few and far between. The internet is a beautiful place for many reasons, but it does take away from that in-person connection quite a bit. But don’t worry; we can rekindle that connection with little things like Handwritten thank-you cards!

According to the New York Times, These cards are important because “They show the person you’re thinking that you made a sincere effort to acknowledge their act of kindness or generosity.”

Now that you know how important these cards are, we can get into the fun stuff. Below you will find a list of adorable thank you cards for teens along with a simple DIY!

Thank You Cards for Teens

First up, these are some adorable thank you cards for teens that you can buy. These are more geared toward the youth of today. So if you want to be classy to your friends or cousins, then this is the list for you! Take a look and see which ones you like the best.

1.  Fruit Funny Pun Thank Yous

2. Colorful Thank Yous

3. Colorful Nature Themed Cards

4. Pastel Colored Thank Yous

5. So Glad You’re On The Team

6. Funny Note Card Compilation

7. Thank You Coffee Cards Idea

8. Cool Fonts Thank You Notes

9. Thank You Notes with Stickers

10. Adorable Dog Thank Yous

11. Superhero Card Idea, Funny & Cute

12. Pineapple Themed Cards

13. Rainbow Card Ideas

14. Light Pink Themed Wreath Idea

15. Simple Thank You Cards

thankyou cards for teens. 4 different photos of different thank you cards.

Thank You Cards For Adults

Next, if you need a thank you card for adults, then I think this is a great list option for you. These are a little bit more mature, but they are cute all the same.

Take a look and decide which one would impress your recipient the most.

16. Striped Card Ideas

17. Thank You: Sleek Card Idea

18. Dark Blue Thank You

19. Rustic Brown Thank Yous

20. Hallmark Thank You Cards

21. Solid Colored Card Ideas

22. Eucalyptus Gold Foil Cards

23. Brown Card Stock with Flowers

24. Blue and Navy Colored Simple Cards

25. Light Blue Watercolor Ideas

26. Multiple Colored Cards

27. Light Mauve Card Idea with Cute Envelope

28. Wooden Themed Sweet Cards

29. Cacti-Themed Card Idea

30. Black and White Card Ideas

31. Sweet Colorful Cards

thankyou cards for teens DIY. Photo of someone writing a thank you cards.

Thank You Card DIY

You finally made it to the section that I am most excited about. I think the sweetest thank you cards are the ones that you make yourself. So I am going to walk you through how to go about doing that! I will also give you instructions on how to WRITE a class thank you card.

First, you need to stock up on some of the most important supplies. Luckily, this craft really only requires two: Paper and pens. The links below will show you the ones that I will be using.

If you are more artistically inclined, then you can get a blank card and draw your own little doodle on it to make it pretty.

But for the sake of this DIY, I got some simple blank watercolor flower cards that will do the trick.


Once you get these, we can begin.

Thank You Cards for Teens – Step One: Plan

You are going to want to plan out what you are going to say. You will be writing in pen, so it’s important to know what you want to say before you start writing. Otherwise, you could mess up the whole card.

Every thank you card includes a few things: Saying thank you, the person’s name, and how what they did impact you. I will give you an example, “Uncle Matt, I am writing this note to say a big thank you for your help with planning my mom’s party. I couldn’t have done it without you. – Natalie”

Obviously, this is going to look different depending on what occasion you are thanking them for. You can get as detailed with it as you like. I would recommend getting a separate piece of paper to write it down. That way you can use what you want to say as a reference when you transfer it onto the note card.

Step Two: Make Light Pencil Lines

Next, you are going to want to use your pencil and eraser to make light lines going down your card. These are going to act as your guide as you write out your thank you. The neater the handwriting, the sweeter the card. You don’t need to write fancy; when the time comes, your handwriting is just fine.

But having your lines straight will make the whole card feel more put together.

Thank You Cards for Teens – Step Three: Write

Now you just have to write! Take your time, and mentally cross every word once you write it down. This way, you get the exact phrase you are going for.

Once you are done, you may put it in the envelope and either add the address and stamp(if you are mailing it) or you can just put the person’s name and drop it off at their mailbox. There you have it! You have created your very own thank you cards for teens!

thankyou cards for teens

I hope you loved this list of thank you cards for teens that you can buy(or make). I love putting together DIYs, so if you liked this one, you have to check out some other ones of mine. I think you will get a kick out of this!

Sending thank you cards is a dying art form in today’s day in age. But you can personally see to it that the tradition never dies. These note cards are personal, and lovely, and make the recipient feel how much you appreciate them and what they did.

So send your note cards! Send them for any occasion, big or small. You are guaranteed to get a smile out of the person when they open it, and that is what it’s all about.