Inside: Top 10 Teen Travel Programs (Summer + Abroad).

You’ve come to the right place if you’re in search of high-quality high school student abroad programs. You’re on the cusp of adulthood, which means that your responsibilities, even during school breaks, are piling up: summer school, work, and Netflix binges. Do not let the prospect of obligations (and college applications) get in the way of having the adventure of a lifetime.

In spite of your hectic schedule, I guarantee you that you can find a week or two to participate in a high school program abroad.

Even though two to four weeks may not seem like much time, most high school courses abroad are expertly curated, so you’ll form lasting relationships with your fellow students, locals, and the country you’re visiting.

Selecting a service for your high school’s semester or summer abroad program requires careful consideration of many factors. Do you wish to acquire a foreign tongue rapidly? Get some practice in before you head off to teach English in another country? Serve as a volunteer in a faraway place? Do a complete 180? Want to have it all while still having time for exciting experiences?

Have no fear, we have compiled a list of the best 10 travel programs for teenagers for you to take them to.

Summer Travel Programs For Teenagers

Teen Summer Travel Programs

Arcos Journeys Abroad

Arcos Journeys Abroad is a program designed specifically for high school students who are looking for an unforgettable experience without breaking the bank. Arcos only hires the most intelligent and entertaining instructors, counselors, and guides to make sure you have a good time.

If you are a high school student looking to study abroad for two to four weeks, this program will place you in a safe, caring home with other students in the area. You’ll learn the language quickly because the classes are intense.

You can use this during your free time from your high school exchange program this summer.

Projects Abroad

The people who run Projects Abroad are serious about doing good work properly. Each program is dedicated to ensuring your “safe, hassle-free travel and making a real impact,” and their overarching goal is to assist you in recognizing your potential to make a difference in the world.

For students in high school, the organization offers two-week-long programs in a wide variety of exciting areas like history and archaeology, medicine, care for children, ecology, civil rights, and more! Teens can give back and learn more about themselves and the world through short-term volunteer abroad programs.

Teen Summer Programs Abroad

Travel for Teens

The fact that Travel for Teens proclaims itself to be geared toward “Travelers, not Tourists” should tell you everything you need to know. If you’re looking for a program that will force you out of your normal routine and teach you how to survive in a foreign country like a local one, this is the one.

Programs abroad for high school students typically range in length from one to two weeks, with a variety of focuses, including voluntary work, ethnic exploration, photojournalism, and combination packages.

Your newfound best friends on the adventure will likely be among the small group you’ll be traveling with.

High School Travel Programs Summer


Conservation and global citizenship are core values at GVI, and the organization has been honored on a national and international scale for its efforts. The company’s programs continue to be efficient, dependable, and in accordance with the local community because of the firm’s commitment to these Ten Ethical Principles.

Collect your badge for venturing to far-flung places like Ghana, Cambodia, and more!

Programs abroad for high school students that focus on skill development typically last between two and three weeks. In addition, you will take part in a life-changing event.

Greenheart Travel

Professionalism abounds in the Greenheart staff. By joining one of their programs, you’ll be immersed in their culture of constant exploration. Anyone looking for a home who also loves animals needs to look no further. Greenheart offers two-week volunteer programs for teenagers around the world, and past projects have included wildlife conservation in Sri Lanka, free-roaming dog rescue and prevention in Thailand, and support for animal rescue centers in Costa Rica.

The program provider also provides shorter-term language immersion programs, such as a week-long trip to any of a wide variety of destinations.

Best High School Travel Programs

Academic Programs International

High school students can participate in one of API’s many 1-2 week long programs abroad for any number of reasons. This service provider places a premium on finding a good fit between your chosen program and the host city.

As a result, you’ll always feel like you’re in the right place, whether you’re taking a class in the arts in Paris, earning credit at a university in London, volunteering in Thimphu, or researching scientific topics in Dublin. The prices for API’s programs include everything. There is no need to worry about lodging, medical coverage, or paying for attractions and tours.

Best Teen Travel Camps

Performing Arts Abroad

The performers, instrumentalists, actors, and directors of the world, unite! Here’s your once-in-a-lifetime chance to do meaningful work in the world, give back to your community, and see the world, all while enjoying the last years of your youth. The creators of these programs are well aware that participation in a foreign culture is what distinguishes a tourist from a vacationer and that the fertile ground for innovation and insight is the sharing of experiences across cultural boundaries.

Centro MundoLengua

Centro MundoLengua is a great choice if you are a student in high school thinking about studying abroad in Spain. Since its inception in 2005, Centro MundoLengua has been providing its clients with safe, off-the-beaten-path, and genuine experiences all over Spain.

In Spain, students spend two to three weeks residing with a host family, taking Spanish classes, experiencing the country’s thriving culture, visiting breathtaking landmarks, and sampling the delectable fare of the region.

Teenage Camps For Traveling

Spoleto Study Abroad

Spoleto Study Abroad is more than just a study abroad program; it’s an opportunity to have an adventure you’ll never forget. Spoleto is the perfect place to spend the summer if you want to experience Italy as a true local rather than a typical tourist.

The goal of this arts and humanities immersion program is to help students grow as people while they experience all that Spoleto has to offer and study a particular artistic discipline. It will be difficult to emerge from your time here unscathed, what with the new relationships you’ve formed and the new perspectives you’ve gained.

Worldwide Friends Iceland

Nature, peace, and friendship are all things that Worldwide Friends Iceland is proud to advocate for.

It’s hard for us to come up with a single valid reason why you shouldn’t go with them. The Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun, geysers, lagoons, and glaciers all make Iceland a truly enchanted place.

High school students can go horse riding, watching whales, backpacking, and kayaking in the “Land of Dreams” with a company that specializes in travel abroad programs with a photographic focus.

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