Inside: Most iconic celebrity day spirit week ideas.

I live for spirit week. And when I say I live for it, I mean vicariously through you because I am no longer in high school. But when I was there, I LOVED it. There are so many fun-themed days you get to participate in, and I think about that feeling of community and camaraderie every single day.

I think one of my all-time favorite spirit days to see is Celebrity Day. If you have one of these coming up, you are in the right place to get some inspiration for your outfit.

Iconic Celebrity Day Spirit Week Idea. Photo of Katy Perry.

I have found some of the most Iconic celebrity day outfits for you to look through to get ideas for your own. I included examples from both students who participated in this day and from iconic celebrities themself. You will find some seriously great inspo here.

What is Celebrity Day?

Celebrity Day is a day of spirit week when students get to come to school dressed as iconic characters or celebrities of their choosing. There are many different ways to do this; each has its own varying level of work involved.

You can keep it simple and just dress up a little, or you could go for broke and really sell it. It is up to you, but I would suggest picking a fun celebrity to dress as. You only have an excuse to do this once a year, so why not sell it?

Celebrity Day Spirit Week Ideas

First up, I wanted to show you some of my favorite celebrity day outfits presented to you by the students themselves. These teens came up with so many good ideas; I am truly impressed. Some of these made me literally laugh out loud. And yes, it took everything in me not to put LOL.

1. Adam Sandler Idea – Adam Sandler is actually super popular in the Celebrity Dress Up World. This is due to his iconic baggy outfits and hilarious charm. Some schools even have their own day dedicated to students dressing like him, because it is just so funny, and comfy!

2. Cheetah Girls Outfit – The cheetah girls were an iconic disney group in the early 2000s, and I have never quite gotten over them. I am so happy to see that I am not the only one.

3. Post Malone – Another one of those iconic stars that everyone will be able to recognize when you try and dress up like them. He even has face tattoos, which is really fun to recreate with eyeliner. I bet places online even have some of his designs made as fake tattoos.

Celebrity Day Spirit Week Idea

4. Mean Girls Outfits – Mean girls is another iconic thing you can dress up as. I know that some of these are characters and not celebrities, but the point of the day is to dress up as someone famous. You technically are when you are dressing as a character.

5. Steve and Robin From Stranger Things – This one would be so cool to see two friends do. You could even buy the scoops ahoy outfits online if you are really planning in advance.

6. Kim Kardashian – Prepare to stun with this one; you have to fully embody confidence to be able to rock this iconic look. Kim K knows how to do it.

7. Miley Cyrus  – Miley is a very sweet option to go with when you are considering a celebrity. She has tattoos that you can copy and a nice style.

8. Brittany and Justin – You could do this idea if you have a boo who wants to do a couple of costumes with you. Not only would this be adorable, but it would be hilarious as well.

9. Flo From Progressive – Flo from progressive is a hilarious idea because she’s not the most famous person, and yet everyone knows her name. She has become a celebrity in her own right.

10. Katy Perry – There are so many different ways(and outfits) that you can dress up as Katy Perry. Good luck trying to pick just one.

11. Elvis – Must I say any more? Dressing up as the king would be literally so epic for a teen to do in high school. They would probably win the day.

Cool Celebrity Ideas. Photo of someone dressed as post Malone

Cool Celebrity Ideas

If the list above hasn’t impressed you yet, I think this list will do the job. Not only are these the real deal, but they are real cool. Dressing as a celebrity can be hard since they have entire teams getting them ready. So be kind to yourself. The last thing you want is to hurt your self-esteem for no reason.

12. Marilyn Monroe – Marilyn is another beautiful icon that would be amazing to see as a costume. You’d get to wear a pretty dress and be blonde for the day.

13. The Queen – The queen would be hilarious because you’d have to draw wrinkles on yourself. But be respectful, and pay a brilliant homage to this beautiful woman.

14. Uma Thurman – Uma Thurman from Pulp fiction is pretty iconic, but you could also choose her character from Kill Bill. So many choices!

15. Taylor Swift – Taylor has so many different outfits that are iconic for her; you have a whole wardrobe to pick from. So if you have chosen her, best of luck to you.

16. Millie Bobby Brown – You can dress up as Eleven, aka Millie Bobby Brown. This would be a super fun one because I think it would land great with high school kids.

17. Selena Gomez – Selena is one of my all-time favorite actresses, so I had to include her. She’s just so beautiful, so why not go for a Selena look?

18. Jennifer Aniston – Jennifer Aniston is another one of those actresses that you never quite get over. I mean, she’s how old? The woman does not age!

19. Taylor Reputation Era – Going for Taylor in her reputation era would be a wonderful idea. If you have a group of Taylor fans, then you can all dress as her from different phases of her life.

20. Zendaya – Zendaya IS the icon; what more can I say?

21. Hailey Bieber – If you want to go more of a pop culture route, I think this is a wonderful way to go. Hailey Bieber is a style icon, so she’s a wonderful choice.

22. Gwenyth Paltrow – You want to be the founder of goop? Go for it!

23. Sophia Turner – She got to marry a Jonas brother; of course, we want to be her.

Celebrity day spirit week

Celebrity Day Spirit Week: Conclusion

Okay, that’s all she wrote, folks. And by she, I mean me. I hope you loved my list of iconic celebrity day spirit week ideas because I enjoyed writing these for you to look through.

As I said, I am quite the spirit week fan, so it shouldn’t be shocking to you that I have lots more ideas about where this came from. The beauty of this week is that there are so many different themes that your school can choose from; you never know what you are going to get.

So you need to look at my other ideas to see which ones are going to be featured in your schools! I think it is best to be prepared because then you get to spend more time having fun!