Inside: Cozy small teen bedroom ideas that will maximize your space

I am so excited to be writing about this today because I care very deeply about making the most out of your space. Whether it be a bedroom, a kitchen, or even your pantry, I love taking something and adding intention to it.

The next thing on my redecorating list is my bedroom. Our bedroom is very small, and up until now I have rearranged it a few times, but nothing has really inspired me. Today, I am changing that. But this got me thinking about how I would rearrange my room as a teen, and how much fun I had while doing it.

coziest small teen bedroom ideas. Room with orange duvet cover and plants.

I wanted to give you teens out there with small bedrooms some inspiration. There are so many different things that you can do with your limited space that will make you feel cozy and connected. In the lists below, you will find some of the BEST small room layouts and designs that you will ever see.

Small Teen Bedroom Ideas

How exciting is this? Let’s stop for a moment and just be grateful that we have the opportunity to be redoing our rooms. I know it is cheesy, but small mindset shifts like that can make such a huge difference. You have a room, and the energy to make it a space you love. That is special. Let’s get into these ideas. For this first one, I will walk you through the styles.

1. Chic Light Room – If you want a room that is very light and bright, this room is the one for you. It has some very chic elements that elevate the look from the bedroom to the boardroom.

2. Built In Desk Idea – I think when you are working with limited space, having a built-in desk can be so handy. It helps to limit the amount of space, and it looks cool.

3. Light Cream Boho Room – Many bohemian-style rooms will showcase a lot of creams and neutral colors, so if you like this style, be prepared for that.

4. Bed By Window Idea – Having your bed by your window is not only cute, but it is helpful. When you wake up by sunlight, you are more likely to establish a balanced circadian rhythm.

5. Small Room with White Bed – I think adding light bedding is one of the best ways to make your room feel bigger. When your walls are white, having white bedding will help to create the illusion of more space.

6. Tiny Leaning Shelf – Leaning shelves are a great alternative to hanging shelves if you are renting. The way they lean helps to give the impression that they are taking up less space. Plus, they are so cute!

7. Light Academia Aesthetic – This will be sort of what I am going for in my room, mixed with a few other kinds of styles. This really is about what you prefer; you can mix and match.

8. Comfy Bed  – You can truly never go wrong with a comfy bed. They are probably one of the best and most important pieces of furniture in your room. Let’s face it; your room will mainly be a bed since it’s so small. You need to make sure that the bed is COZY!

9. Wall to Wall Bed Idea – As I said with the idea above, a cute and cozy bed is an essential part of every small room. I think the cozier you are, the better and happier you’ll be.

10. Abstract Wall Idea – You can go with a cool abstract wall idea to help create a unique space.

11. Tiny Room Circle Rug – Adding a rug will help create dimension for a room that is very small. I highly recommend something shaggy as it is the coziest.

12. Accent Wall Idea – Having an accent wall is a super fun way to make your room feel unique.

13. Forest Mural Wall – The best part of this is that you can buy it on Etsy. Check out this awesome forest mural wall art!

14. Warm Boho Bedroom – I love warm boho bedrooms because they just feel so inviting and happy; what do you think?

15. Decorative Vines – These vines are iconic and pretty popular at the moment. If you can’t keep plants alive, this is a wonderful way to add some greenery to your room and space. Plus, you are able to add it to areas that you normally wouldn’t; cool, right?

Lovely Small teen bedroom ideas. 3 different photo examples of bedrooms

Lovely Small Teen Bedroom Ideas

Next, this list is full of some of the loveliest small teen bedroom ideas that you will come across. Take a look to see if any of these styles align with your soul.

16. Cool Light Filled Room

17. Ultimate Boho Room

18. Fall Room Idea

19. Cute Egg Flower Idea

20. Built In Bookshelves

21. Corner Desk Idea

22. Hexagon Bed Idea

23. Captains Bed Idea

24. Adorable Corner Bed Idea

25. Grey Themed Room

26. Comforter Bed with Pink

27. Corner Chair with Green Wall

28. Light Pink Room Idea

29. Mature Teen Room

30. Full Small Room

Cozy and Cute Decorating Ideas

Here I have some super cute and cozy decorating ideas for your small room. I made sure to add a good mix of different room styles and ideas so you can have a full-circle experience.

31. Simple White Room Idea

32. How to Fit In Small Room

33. Cute Low Bed Idea

34. Simple Bookshelf Idea

35. Cozy Reading Corner

36. Record Themed Room

37. Bed In Front of Window

38. Warm Light Idea

39. Romantic Themed Room

40. Bed on Ground Idea

41. Collage Dorm Idea

42. Bed in Corner with Cool Rug

43. Orange Blanket with Shelves

44. Tiny Room with Mirror

45. Artsy Room Idea

Cozy Small teen bedroom ideas. 3 different photo examples of bedrooms

Cozy Small Teen Bedroom Ideas

Lastly, I have some adorably cozy small teen bedroom ideas that are going to make you want to curl up with a good book. It’s surprising how much a room can impact our lives.

46. Cute Small Room Idea

45. Orange Bedding with Moon Cycle

46. Boho Room with Pink

47. Corner Desk Idea with Plants

48. Triple Window Idea

49. Green Monochrome Look

50. Dorm bedding Idea

51. Cute Twin Bed Idea

52. Cute Dangling Mushroom Idea

53. Green Grass Rug

54. Botanical Room Idea

55. Checkered Room Idea

56. Floral Wall Idea

57. Low Bed Idea

58. Low Light Room Idea

59. Wall Collage Idea

60. Hanging Plants Room

61. Painted Record Idea

small teen bedroom ideas

Creating a cute bedroom is not just something you CAN do, but something you should do. You have the power to make your space your own, no matter how much money you have. Whether you are buying your rugs and decor from urban outfitters or a thrift store. I hope that these small teen bedroom ideas have given you a sense of direction in terms of your own room.

I personally am going for a fun mix of boho and light academia that I think is going to be so cozy and cute. If you are interested in looking through some more ideas, you should not be surprised to find that I have more to share with you.

Check out some of my other stuff to continue on the interior design fun. I think that the best thing you can do for your space is to learn what style makes you happiest. Find it, and stick with it.