Inside: 57 Festive Teen Christmas Party Ideas.

Holidays mean parties and parties mean games, food, and a whole lot of fun! Christmas is no exception. Here are some of the most fun and festive Christmas party games, decorations, and food ideas for teens.

Allowing teens to get together with their best buddies and celebrate together is so important. Most teens look at their friends as an extension of their family, so it makes total sense that they want to spend holidays celebrating together.

Let them celebrate all of the holiday magic with these fun teen Christmas party ideas. We have a list of fun themes, decorations, food, and game ideas that we know they will love.

Christmas Activites for Teenagers

Teen Christmas Party Ideas

1. Festive Sock Exchange:  Allow your teen to be the party host with the most by giving them the freedom to throw their very own (Wacky) Christmas Sock Exchange.

2. Christmas Karaoke Party: Time to get rowdy with some fun karaoke songs! It’s impossible not to have a blast!

3. Ugly Sweater Cookie Decorating: If you bake a batch of ugly Christmas sweater cookies and take your teen shopping for cookie decorating supplies, you can have everyone make their own unique version of the holiday treat.

4. Holiday Selfie Scavenger Hunt: Get festive and take some fun selfies!

5. Reindeer Games Night:What a fantastic set of suggestions for a fun family evening of Reindeer Games! Such a cute and funny idea!

Young Adult Christmas Party Ideas – Decorations

I’ve found, over the years, that teenagers are especially enthusiastic about picture-taking opportunities. This is why, whenever I am organizing a party or a get-together for teenagers, I always make sure to have an ideal backdrop for taking selfies and group pictures. I’ve compiled some of my favorite ideas for a teen festive party’s photo booth and centerpieces so you can throw a bash that’s sure to go viral on Instagram.

Holiday Party High School Ideas

6.  Red and Green Backdrop

7. Inexpensive Backdrop:  Take a look at how they decorated square plates to look like presents by adding color and pattern. A lively setting, indeed!

8. Festive Tinsel

9. Pink Trees

10. Oversized Peppermint Props

11. Honeycomb Tree

12. Cut Out Snowflakes

13. Christmas Tree

14. Merry and Bright Banner

15. Balloon Holly Leaf

Teen Christmas Party Food Ideas

16. Simple Cupcakes 

17. Sprinkled Light Cookies

18. Pretzel Bites

19. Santa Popcorn Mix

20. Puppy Chow

21. Reindeer Krispie Treats

22. Christmas Lights Cupcakes

23. Chocolate Reindeers

Teen Christmas Party Food Ideas

24. Melting Snowman

25. Mini Pizza Trees

26. Snowman Dips and Spreads

27. Santa Snacks

28. Puff Pastry Stars

29. Christmas Pin Wheels

30. Cheesy Party Bread

31. Chocolate  Pretzel Sticks

32. Sloppy Joes

33. Trifle

34. Little Pigs in a Wreath

35. Christmas Tree Platter

Christmas Party Games for Teens

36. Saran Wrap Ball Game: This fun game will never go out of style! Be sure to include all sorts of great prizes like money, candy, and other creative treats.

37. Christmas Guess Who:  If you’re familiar with the game Hedbanz, you’ll have no trouble picking up this one. Basically the same thing, except with Santa hats and index cards.

38. Gingerbread House Contest:  Kits for making gingerbread houses or graham cracker cottages are readily available. It’s all in good fun whichever route you take. Teens can compete to see who can build the best gingerbread house by forming teams.

39. Christmas Charades:  Plenty of material exists for a game of charades centered around the holiday season. To help get the creative juices flowing, here are a few suggestions: playing Santa, kissing under the mistletoe, singing carols, putting up the tree, and sipping eggnog are all good places to start.

40. Secret Santa:  Playing Secret Santa at a Christmas party is a timeless tradition, and there are countless variations on the game that can be played.

Christmas Party Games for Teens

Christmas Party Games for High School Students

42. Christmas Smell Guessing Game:  Smells like cloves, cardamom, douglas fir, cookies, hot chocolate, peppermint, and so much more fill the air during the holiday season. Numerous tempting aromas transport me back to the holiday season.

43. Ugly Sweater DIY Contest:  Christmas isn’t complete without an ugly sweater party. Teens can get together and make something at the party instead of wearing an ugly sweaters.

44. Bobbing for Marshmallows: You can put away your bobbing for apples jokes now. Marshmallows in a Christmastime bog just sounds like the perfect treat. The hot cocoa should be cooled, and then it can be poured into bowls with plenty of marshmallows. Mini mallows are the way to go because it’ll be a lot easier to grab the big ones than the small ones before they melt into the cocoa.

45. Unwrap the present with mittens:  Even the most cynical teenagers will have a good time with this game. Provide each participant with a gift that has been wrapped in at least ten layers of wrapping paper. The adage “the more, the merrier” is most appropriate here. Put on some mittens and start unwrapping immediately. Time each other and see who can open their presents the quickest… Putting tape on the box increases the difficulty. Some bows wouldn’t hurt, either.

Minute to Win It Games for Teenage Christmas Party

50. Snowball Fight:  A player must avoid getting their white ping pong balls knocked out of the way by other players’ cotton balls while attempting to bounce (or toss) them into an empty fish bowl at the other end of the table. To win, a player must bounce a single ping pong ball into a bowl.

51. Candy Cane Catch:  String some ribbon or twine between two chairs or a post. To play, players must stand atop the chairs and race to be the first ones to drop a candy cane from the seat onto the ribbon without it falling. The game can be played until one player catches a candy cane on the ribbon, or one player can try to catch as many as possible in one minute.

52. Marshmallow Munch:  Marshmallow Munch is the ideal game if you’re in the mood for a tasty snack. You can finish a cup of hot chocolate and a bowl of mini marshmallows in under a minute first to win.

53. Reindeer Nose Dive:  Put some Vaseline on everyone’s noses. Put the red foam nose on the end of the string and fasten it to their collar. The goal of this game is to have each player successfully swing a red foam nose onto their own nose using only their body and head. The winner is the player who finishes the challenge first.

Minute To Win It Games for Teenage Christmas Party

54. Snowman Shake:  Put black and white dots on ping pong balls to make snowman faces. Snowman ping pong balls can be used to fill an empty tissue box and then taped to someone’s behind. Before time runs out, players must shake the snowmen out of the tissue box. Decorate with ornaments if you’d rather not make snowmen out of your decorations.

55. North Pole Pop:  Before time runs out, players must use only their bare hands (gloved for the winter) to pop 10 balloons.

56. Jingle Bell Jam:  Five boxes should be filled with varying amounts of jingle bells and given out as holiday presents before the party. Players must shake packages containing jingle bells to count the number of bells inside and rank the gifts from most bells to fewest.

57 . Reinder Wrap:  For this challenge, players must wrap a teammate in brown crepe paper from head to toe and finish by placing a reindeer headband on their shoulders. Even if the crepe paper breaks, the player can keep wrapping themselves in it until they are completely hidden.

More Fun Ideas for Teens to Enjoy

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Teen Christmas Party Ideas