Inside: Best Christmas Creative Writing Prompts High School Teens Will Love.

I don’t know about you, but there is just something about the cold weather that makes me want to write. Creative writing was one of my absolute favorite past times when I was in high school, so I thought I would put you on to it as well.

I am guessing if you clicked on this article, you are already interested in creative writing, so I guess I won’t need to put you on to it per se, but I would like to fuel your fire!

So today, I have come up with over 60 of the best Christmas creative writing prompts high school teens will love to write with this time of year.

Christmas Creative Writing Prompts High School

Who knows, you could write the next great Christmas story. You will never know unless you try. So take a look at these ideas and see which ones spark your creative ideas!

Classic Christmas Creative Writing Prompts High School

First up, I thought we could start with some classic ideas. Remember that you can take these starters and add as much as you like. The whole point is that these get you coming up with ideas, so whatever comes to mind, put them to paper!

1. Write about a Christmas Bookstore MeetCute.

2. Write about estranged childhood best friends that meet once again when they return to their hometown for the holidays.

3. Write about two people that do not get along but are forced to get to know eachother because of a terrible snowstorm.

4. Write about Christmas in Victorian London.

5. Write about separated parents who are forced to hang out during the holidays, which in turn helps them work things out in the end.

6. Write about someone who lost their only family and finds a new family around Christmas time.

7. Write from the perspective of an elf at the north pole.

8. Tell a Christmas story from the perspective of the animals.

9. Write about Christmas from the perspective of the Christmas Tree.

10. Write a story that follows the life of your character from one Christmas to the next. See how much people can change over the years.

11. Write about an alternate timeline where Christmas is banned.

12. Write about a student needing a job over winter break. They get a job at a bookstore that needs some serious help if it wants to stay in business.

13. Write about the panic of trying to find the perfect Christmas present last minute.

14. Write about the perfect Christmas Day.

15. Write about losing your wallet the week before Christmas.

16. Write about meeting a sweet old man on a bench who recently lost his wife and has no family. You take him in for Christmas.

17. Write about getting lost on the way to Grandma’s house for Christmas Dinner.

18. Write about reading a book in a Christmas-themed coffee place.

19. Write about working in a coffee shop during Christmas time.

20. Write about the idea of Christmas; what does it mean to you?

Write about the night of the first snow

Simple Winter Creative Writing Ideas

Sometimes we end up getting the most out of the simplest of ideas. So this list is stripped back to the bones. Everything on here has the potential to be brilliant. Just have fun with it. Creative writing is a hobby that you get to make your own, so do just that. Write something unique to you!

21. Write about a snow day when school was canceled, so you meet up with your friends.

22. Write about a Christmas High School Party.

23. Write about volunteering at a soup kitchen.

24. Write about finding a stray kitten on Christmas Eve.

25. Write about your eldest sister going into labor on Christmas Eve.

26. Write about the way music makes you feel on Christmas.

27. Write about baking with your Grandma on Christmas.

28. Write about opening presents on Christmas morning.

29. Write about getting into a fight with your parents the night before Christmas.

30. Write about your flight getting delayed and meeting a cute person on Christmas break.

31. Write about your life-changing over Christmas.

32. Write about the night of the first snow.

33. Write about a Christmas High School Dance.

34. Write about the best Christmas you have ever had.

35. Write about the worst Christmas you have ever had.

36. Write about your favorite part of Christmas.

37. Write about having a friend’s Christmas.

38. Write about being away from home on the holidays.

39. Write about having a Hawaiian Christmas.

40. Write about hearing Santa at midnight.

Christmas Writing Prompt

Best Christmas Creative Writing Prompts High School

I just had to save the best for last. What kind of a storyteller would I be if I didn’t? I hope you love these ideas. You can tell which ones to start with when you feel like you have no other choice. The excitement of starting a new creative endeavor is unmatched. It’s pure potential. So have fun!

41. Write about your High School Crush moving over Christmas Break and having to meet them at the airport to say goodbye.

42. Write about what happens when you are forced to take a road trip with your best friend the week before Christmas to get to your parents, who can’t get a flight out of Florida.

43. Write the story behind the person who wrote the classic Christmas song, “I’ll be home for Christmas.”

44. Write about watching your little sister grow up, Christmas after Christmas.

45. Write about growing up from the perspective of your family home.

46. Write about falling in love with the new neighbor at Christmas.

47. Write about making a snowman with your dad like you did when you were little.

48. Write about the feeling you get knowing it’s your last Christmas living in the house as a kid. College is next year.

49. Write about burning the Christmas Turkey and having to venture out in a storm to get a replacement meal.

50. Write about trying to get home for the holidays.

51. Write about getting stuck on a train in a blizzard with a rag-tag group of people.

52. Write about Christmas from the perspective of the real Saint Nick.

53. Write about the seasons changing and the meaning of it all.

54. Write about breaking into your school on Christmas break as a dare.

55. Write about two best friends who come up with an epic Christmas Break to-do list.

56. Write about confessing your love to the person you’ve been crushing on since 1st grade and getting rejected.

57. Write about the art of navigating a big family during the holidays.

58. Write about the first-ever Christmas.

59. Write about how Christmas has changed for you over the years.

60. Write about Christmas from the perspective of your parents.

61. Write an epic adventure story about a grandma trying to get home to her family during Christmas. She hops on a train, meets new people, and punches someone.

Christmas Creative Writing Prompts High School

I hope you loved these Christmas Creative Writing Prompts High School Teen will love. I may not be in High School anymore(thank goodness), but these ideas even got me wanting to start writing. That feeling of excitement when you come up with a new idea is one of my favorite feelings, so I hope you felt it while reading these.

Writing can be one of the most powerful forms of expression. If you are a writer at heart, you will know it. The best way to get better is by practicing, so writing short stories to prompts like this is perfect. You will be a bestseller before you know it!

If you are feeling in the Christmas spirit, then you are going to love some of our other Christmas ideas. We have plenty, so keep the fun going!