Inside: Perfect Adventure Gifts for Teenage Adventurers.

I think we all have that one teen in our life who is destined to be the next great adventurer. I know you are already thinking of someone. The teen who can’t stop talking about the places they want to go, who never spend less than a few hours outside every day, and who loves to be hands-on while learning about the world.

These kinds of people are seriously some of the coolest humans on the planet, and they deserve the best presents when the time comes. Whether it be for their birthday or graduation, you are going to want to find a gift that ignites their soul.

Adventure Gifts for Teenage Adventurers

I have compiled a list of gifts that will do just that. They vary in terms of price and theme, so I know there is something on this master list for your master adventurer. Take a look to gather some ideas!

Adventure Gifts for Teenage Adventurers

First up, this is a good mixture of small things that you can get your teen who loves to adventure. These are cute-themed trinkets, gift card ideas, and many other awesome ideas. When you are looking through this, really stop and consider what this person would genuinely enjoy the most. Have fun!

1. Adventure Themed Gift Card

2. Perfect Adventure Mug

3. USA Photo Map

4. Cute Suitcase Adventure Fund

5. Couple Adventure Box

6. Adventure Awaits Cosmetic Tote

7. Cute Christmas Canvas Bag

8. Adventurers Key Chain

9. Cool Adventure Push Pin Map

10. Adventure is out there Necklace

11. Airplane Key Chain

12. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

13. Outdoor Walkie Talkies

14. Cute Globe with Educational Purposes

15. Outdoor Blanket

16. Engraved Compass

17. Adventure Challenge

18. Telescope with Phone Camera

19. Legacy Journals

20. Mapped Out World In Frame

Books for Adventurous Teens

Books for Adventurous Teens

When you don’t have the funds to go out and adventure, books are the next best thing. These books are some of the most action-packed and adventurous ones out there. They range from classics to some more underground ones; there are so many stories to discover! Check it out.

21. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

22. Shadow Jumper

23. Wilder Boys

24. The Adventures of Tin Tin

25. The Finest Hours

26. Hardy Boys Books

27. Echo Island

28. Maximum Ride

29. Sabrina Spellman Books

30. Set in Stone

31. The Secret Lake

32. Shade’s First Rule

33. The Forgotten Horse

34. Spectacular Adventures!

35. The End of Everything

36. The Hunger Games

37. Elementals

38. Game of Thrones

39. Harry Potter

40. A Deadly Education

Trips To Gift Your Teenager

Now, this list is mainly meant for you rich aunts who like to spoil their nieces and nephews or for the parents who want to really knock their kids off their seats. One of the absolute best adventure gifts for teenage adventurers is to bring them on an adventure. This will truly be the best present that you can ever give them. So pick one that sounds like your teen will enjoy it, and go!

41. New York City

42. The Grand Canyon

43. Yosemite

44. Los Angelas

45. Hawaii

46. Pacific Crest Trail

47. Italy

48. Paris

49. Germany

50. Copenhagen

51. Amsterdam

52. Bali

53. Mexico 

54. Ireland

55. Scotland

56. Greece

57. Fiji

58. Peru

59. Egypt

60. Japan

Scratch Off maps for Teens

Scratch Off Maps for Teens

I thought this next item deserved it’s own section. There are so many different types of scratch-off maps out there; why stick with the basic ones when you can have one that is more specific to your teen? These are going to blow your mind. Each is handmade on Etsy, so you will not only be supporting your teen but a small business as well. How awesome is that?

61. National Park Checklist

62. Scratch off National Park Map

63. National Parks Word Puzzle

64. Washington State Park

65. MBL Checklist

66. Florida State Park

67. Unique Adventure Check List

68. New York Checklist

69. Colorado State Park

70. California State Park

71. Texas State Map

72. Utah State Park Checklist

73. Georgia State Park Checklist

74. United States Checklist

75. Cute National Parks

76. Wooden Travel Map

77. National Park Checklist Idea

78. Customizable Checklist Idea

79. National Park Checklist Soft Colors

80. National Parks Bucket List

Helpful Adventure Gifts for Teenage Adventurers

Next up, we have some of the most helpful adventure gifts for teens. Now, this list might feel a little boring to you, but to someone who likes to spend time outdoors, these are each small little treasures. You can have one family member buy each thing and then gift them the ultimate survival pack!

81. Small Compass

82. First Aid Kit

83. Go Bag

84. Life Straw

85. Emergency Survival Kit

86. Heavy, Duty Lightweight Backpack

87. Life Tent

88. Thermal Blankets

89. Pee Buddy

90. Emergency Earthquake Kit

91. Solar Power Flash Light and Charger

92. Murphy’s Naturals Mosquito Repellent

93. Hammock

94. Perfect Survival Kit

95. Emergency Sleeping Back

Coolest Adventure Gifts for Teenage Adventurers

Coolest Adventure Gifts for Teenage Adventurers

Lastly, we have some of the coolest gifts that you can get your teenage adventurer. These are some great ideas that you can choose from, so look through them and decide which ones would be best for your person. I would be a sucker for any one of these, so you know they are in good hands.

96. Money for a Trip – I know this one feels basic, but if you let them plan their own trip and give them some money for it, you know their whole life will be made.

97. A Mode of Transportation – This will look different depending on your financial situation. Even getting them a bus or metro pass is a great way to give them a little freedom.

98. The Green Light to Plan a Trip

99. Survival Classes – These are for the teens out there that like to spend their time outdoors.

100. A Set of Journals – To write down their thoughts while they are on their journey!

101. New Hiking Boots – Obviously, a must for hike lovers out there. We have all seen what happened to Cheryl Stayed’s toes when she wore the wrong size of boots. It’s important to get the right ones!

102. Informational Books – Give them the gift of learning more about the world.

103. A Trip Coupon Book – Yes, this is very simple, but it is a super cute idea!

104. A Dog – this idea is mainly for the outdoorsy type of adventurer.

105. New Suitcases – You can never go wrong with new suitcases.

106. Comfy Travelling Shoes – Some slips on are a must for those of you who travel by plane.

107. Nice Headphones – How can you travel without any headphones? No, thank you.

108. Sunglasses – All the better to see the world with.

109. Neck Pillow – You can’t enjoy the world as much with a crick in your neck.

Adventure Gifts for Teenage Adventurers

I feel like this list has made ME feel inspired to get out there and do some exploring. I am genuinely so shocked by how cool some of these ideas are. Especially the handmade scratch-off maps from Etsy!

Adventure is a broad term that covers many different ideas of exploration. Whether your teen likes to travel to different cities or to see the nature of the world, I know that there is something here that would make their hearts happy. Isn’t that the whole point of a gift, after all? To make the person feel loved, seen, and excited about their future?

If you have yet to find a present that fits your teen(which would be surprising, but I get it), then you need to take a look at some of our other teen gift ideas. We have truly gathered some of the best out there. Check them out!