Inside: Beautiful sweet 16 hair styles that your teen is going to love.

So… you are turning 16, how exciting! My 16th birthday is still one of my favorite memories to this day. I got to get all dressed up, in a fancy gown with my makeup and hair done, and I danced the night away with my friends and family.

If you have a similar night planned, then you probably have a lot on your plate at the moment.

You have to find a dress, and shoes, and invite people…it can be so much! So I wanted to do my part and show you some truly elegant sweet 16 hair styles that you can choose from.

elegant sweet hair styles. photo of unique bun styled.

Below you will find many different examples of not only hairstyles but hair accessories that you can use to upgrade your looks. Have fun!

Elegant Sweet 16 Hair Styles

First and foremost, I wanted to show you what you can expect from this list. So below you will find that this section is filled with a bunch of different kinds of elegant looks that would be PERFECT for a sweet 16. Ready? Dive in!

1. Elegant Curls with Crown – If you want a hair-down look, this is it. Seriously, these loose curls paired with that adorable crown are a match made in heaven. Take a look to see if you like it too. Remember that you can always add a different crown to make this look more you.

2. Beautiful Brain Crown – This is a messy low bow with a braid crown AND a real crown. I don’t think it gets much better than that. If you ask me, this is a real winner.

3. Half Up Hall Down Hair – This is a beautiful half up-half down look that I think you are going to look so beautiful in. She has a little tiara on top, just to make it pop. I love this look, and I think you will too.

4. Curls with Beautiful Crown – Your crown is really going to be key if you choose to wear one. These are such a staple in sweet 16s that I would be surprised if you weren’t going to.

5. Large Unique Braid Idea – This is a wider braid, which has such an elegant and masterful feel to it. I think that this has the potential to make you feel like barbie in the rapunzel movie. I am obsessed! Aren’t you?

6. Hair with Butterflies – These little clips are such an amazing addition to this hairstyle that I had no choice but to put it in list number one. Sometimes, these hairstyles truly blow me away. I am so sad I didn’t get to wear this to my sweet 16.

7. Braid Crown with Butterfly Clip – If you liked the butterflies above but they felt like too much for you, then I think this simple and solo butterfly clip will make you swoon. It’s delicate and beautiful! I especially love how it is paired with a braid crown.

8. Sleek Bun with Pearls – I love the look of this sleek bun with pearls. It looks so clean and crisp, while also elegant. The pearls add a bit of whimsy to the look as well, I think this is a wonderful option.

9. Unique Clip Idea That You Need – This is a prime example of how big of a different color and materials can make. Sometimes you just need to choose something a little brighter, that way it pops in your hair and is a lot easier to see. I love this look.

10. Babies Breath In Hair Idea – Babies breath is one of my all-time favorite flowers because it feels so whimsical and lovely. Check out how this person used it to bring some floral aspects to this hairstyle! I think this is just magical. Take a look and see if you like it as much as I do.

sweet 16 hair styles

Floral-Themed Hair Ideas

If you love flowers and all things girly, then I think this is the list for you. Sometimes all we need is a cute tiara or floral crown to make all of our troubles go away. This works for me, I don’t know about you. Check out this list, you will love it!

11. Simple Braid Crown with Flowers

12. Hair with Flower Crowd

13. Cute Crown Idea

14. High Large Bun

15. Curly Hair with Clip

16. Silky Braid Idea

17. Classic Hollywood Style Hair

18. Simple And Elegant Hairstyle

19. Sweet Hair Twist Idea

20. Curly Hair with Little Metal Flower Ideas

3 different curly birthday hairstyles.

Lovely Sweet 16 Hair Styles

Next up, I have some truly lovely sweet 16 hair styles for you to choose from. I know that these might feel a little overwhelming, but it’s so worth it to see the number of options that you have to choose from. Otherwise, you could end up with a hairstyle that you don’t love.

21. Soft And Smooth Bun with Crown

22. Beautiful Braids with Ombre Color

23. Double Brain Buns

24. Spring Curls with Diamond Crown

25. Unique Braid with Ponytail

26. Sweet Idea with Pearls

27. Little Delicate Buttons

28. Delicate Slip Knot Hair

29. Large Braid Idea

30. Double Braid with Buns

Classic Hairstyle Ideas

If you want to go for a more timeless, classic look then I think you will love the ideas on this list. Below you will find some seriously beautiful ideas that are straight out of a history book. I am obsessed with these looks, and I think you will be too.

31. Classic Elegant Curls

32. Simple Tall Ponytails

33. Beautiful Braids Idea

34. Big Barrel Curls Idea

35. Floral Metal Clip

36. Long Curly Hair Ideas

37. Long Hair with Curls and Cool Clip

38. Dark Black Butterfly Clips

39. Long Dark Hair with Swoops

40. Prime Makeup and Hair

41. Handmade Unique Hairpiece

Elegant Sweet 16 Hair Styles. 3 different examples of hairstyles.

Elegant Sweet 16 Hair Styles

And lastly, I wanted to show you some of my favorite hairstyles on this entire list. The list below holds some of the most elegant sweet 16 hairstyles that you will ever see. Don’t believe me? Well, I guess you are just going to have to look and see for yourself!

42. Golden Blonde Hair

43. Braid Crown That Trails Behind Head

44. Boho Half Up Hair

45. Large Crown with Simple Hair

46. Low Braid Ponytail

47. Pearl Hair with Down Hair

48. Smooth Braid with Tight Curls

49. Beautiful Bouncy Curls

50. Long Hair with Pearl Drops

51. Gold Hair with Leaves

52. Real Flowers In Hair

53. High Pony with Butterflies

54. Tight Bun with Pins

55. Simple Hairstyle Idea

Your hair might not seem like the biggest decision, but it really is. It’s going to be on top of your head for crying out loud!

So make sure that you are choosing something that you feel truly passionate about. Sometimes we need to just see an image to know exactly what we want. I hope that these elegant sweet 16 hair styles have helped you hone in on what you want for your big day.

You only turn 16 once, so make it big! Happy early birthday girl, I hope 16 is a wonderful year for you! My 16th year was amazing. I have a feeling yours will be too.