Inside: Check out these cute pajamas for teenage girls that will get you ready for sleep.

Nothing says I’m ready for bed like a cute pair of pajamas. I’ve only recently discovered the power you feel when even the clothes you sleep in are in a matching set, and I highly recommend it. It really adds to my night routine!

So much so that I put together this list of cute pajamas for teenage girls that will make you excited to get ready to bed. But there are a few things to consider before buying. I know the struggle all too well: you buy something for how it looks without thinking about how comfortable it will be.

Cute Pajamas for Teenage Girls

The whole point of cute pajamas for teenage girls is to be comfortable and stylish. So you should think about how warm you want to be when you sleep. Do you prefer to be bundled up or to feel cool?

If it’s the first one, then I recommend getting some long sleeve PJs, and if it’s for the latter, then shorts would be perfect for you! Now that we have that taken care of, let’s get into all of these adorable sets.

Cute Pajama sets

1. Let Me Sleep – These are the epitome of perfect pajamas. The statement piece is that you should let me sleep. Must I say anything else?

2. Tie Dye Long Sleeve Set – Who said that Pjs had to be boring? Check out these colorful tied dye PJs with long sleeves for those colder months.

3. Cute Bunny Pjs – These are ADORABLE. I love bunnies a little too much so I just had to include these cuties!

4. Let Me Sleep Pajamas 

5. Pajama Shorts  – Personally pajama shorts are my go-to when I’m heading to bed. They allow for the perfect amount of freedom, while also being comfortable. These shorts are definitely a knockout.

6. I’m Happy Set

7. Star Pajamas – I love when PJs have a nighttime theme. Like these star pajamas, it doesn’t get much cuter!

8. Black Sun and Moon Pjs – Whether you are waking up or going to bed, these sun and moon pajamas will leave you wishing you had a day pair.

9. Pink Panda Pjs

10. Green Button-Up Set – If green is your favorite color then you should take a look at this adorable button-up set.

11. Flowy Pj Shirt

12. Green Polka Dot Pjs – Though they might seem a little traditional now, why fix something that isn’t broken? Polka dots forever!

13. Ribbed Knit Shorts – Okay but how ridiculously comfortable do these look? I am gonna have to order some for myself. I swear I always find the best stuff when I least expect it.

14. Chillin Since 28′

15. Blue Pjs – Blue is a color that is proven to help improve your sleep, so clue PJs just seems on the nose.

16. Cozy Fluffy Shorts – Let me tell you…this is the trifecta. They have coziness, fluffiness, and shortiness(okay this one isn’t a word but it’s still fun okay?).

Adorable Tween Pajamas

Adorable Tweens Pajamas

17. Cool Skeleton – I think these pajamas are perfect, even if it is Halloween or not! They are adorable.

18. Cookies Set – My little sister has this set of cookie pajamas and they are the absolute cutest on her. So I just had to include them on this list. Everyone knows cookies are the perfect pre-bedtime treat.

19. Tie Dye Shorts Set – Similar to the tie dye Pjs above, but this time they’re even comfier…because they’re shorts. Who can go wrong?

20. Cactus Silk Pjs – I don’t know about you, but Cacti are kind of my thing. They have such a cute and unique look to them it is hard not to love them. Of course, cactus pajamas have a big place in my heart.

21. Donut Disturb – It’s a pun, and it’s cute.

22. Cow Print Pjs – These are too stinking cute! It cracks me up how cow print is a thing now. Who would have thought!

23. Avocado Print – This cracks me up because the whole avocado craze has gone so far that they are literally putting them on pajamas…who would have thought! Still cute though.

24. Batman Pajamas

25. Cute Cat Pajamas – Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘it’s the cat’s pajamas’? Well technically, these cat pajamas are yours! Plus these are perfect for a sleepover. 

26. Cat Shirt with Shorts

27. Strawberry Set – I love this strawberry pajama set for too many reasons, to be honest. One, I love strawberries, two…they just look so comfy I can’t even imagine!

28. Long Pant Set – Though I have been known to fangirl over a good pair of Pj shorts, these long pant pajamas are looking pretty good to me. Check them out!

29. Shorts Set

30. Fleece Pjs – Fleece pajamas are a right of passage, you cannot change my mind.

Summer Pajamas for Teens

Summer Pajamas for Teens

For this last list, I compiled all of the best pajamas for summertime. Now, since summer is known for its brilliant but hot weather…these are all Pajama shorts sets. There is no better time for PJ shorts than during summertime when the nights are warm. I compiled some of the cutest ones I could find, so take a look through them and see which ones make you happy!

31. Slumber Party Set

32. Silver Silk Satin Pjs – Satin pajamas feel so silky smooth they will put you right to sleep, so get yourself these adorable silver ones.

33. Rise and Shine Shorts – These rise n shine shorts are too much. I need them like yesterday!

34. ZzZz All Day – Nothing says pajamas more than a bunch of ZzZz’s…am I right?

35. Black Pjs

36. Striped Set – Stripes never go out of style. Take a look at this pair of pajamas and see for yourself.

37. Tie Dye Pjs – You can never get enough of tie dye PJs!

38. Silk Pajama Set

39. Calvin Klein Set  – Want to feel boujee even when you are sleeping? This is the set for you. Calvins are always such nice quality clothing with such a cute design.

40. Cute Animal Pjs – If it isn’t broken, why fix it? Animal pajamas are too cute!

41. Cat Pjs

42. Yellow and Pink Shorts – This is what I like to call a classy version of SpongeBob and Patrick: Yellow and Pink combined!

43. Big Plant Set – I love plants almost too much, so these are being added to my cart.

44. Pajama Shorts Set – I am too big of a sucker for this style of shorts.

45. Sleep Squad

46. Sleep Cozy Set

47. Pumpkin Colored Shorts – Comfy and delicious! This color makes me excited for the holidays.

Cute Pajamas for Teenage Girls

So…did you find a pair that you loved? Because I know I found several. I think a good pair of cute pajamas for teenage girls can be an important part of a night routine. You want something you feel comfortable and cute in at the same time.

Then you can do some journalling, maybe some skincare, before turning in for the night and heading to bed. It really is the small things that make the biggest difference when they are added together.