Inside: 57 Sleepover Ideas for Teens (More Than Pillow Fights).

One of my teen’s favorite activities is having a sleepover with friends. There’s nothing better than getting together with your closest girlfriends, painting your nails, snacking, and watching your favorite movies and shows.

We have compiled a list of fun and exciting sleepover games, activities, party themes, and snacks that your teen and their friends will enjoy.

Some of our favorite late-night activities for a group of teenagers to enjoy together are listed below.

Sleepover Activities for Teens

Teenage Slumber Party Ideas

Here are a few of our favorite themed sleepover ideas for teens.

1. Video Game Sleepover

2. Dance Party

3. Game Night

4. Glow Party

5. Spa Party

6. Sports Night

Teenage Slumber Party Ideas

7. Halloween or Spooky

8. Pajama Party

9. Trampoline Sleepover

10. Backyard Camping

11. Baking Competition

12. Craft Night

Girls Sleepover Activities + Games

Some of our favorite teen sleepover games and activities are listed below.

13. Truth or Dare:  The game of “Truth or Dare” is always a good time. You’ll be laughing, screaming, and genuinely surprised by this game. All participants will benefit from this opportunity to socialize and have fun.

14. Balloon Charades:  Get out a piece of paper and start jotting down your best Charades strategies. The paper can be folded into long, narrow strips, which can then be inserted into a balloon before being inflated and used to decorate for a party. When it’s time to play charades, pass out balloons to everyone. Tell her to sit on it and get it to pop. Then read it, and then act it out so the rest of the guests can figure out what it says.

15. Spin the Nail Polish Bottle:  The girls take turns spinning the bottle and selecting a color. This is most effective when done on a flat surface. When the bottle stops spinning, the person to whom it points paints a nail with the color indicated.

16. Fun Fact:  Simply share an interesting anecdote about yourself with the group. However, you are not allowed to reuse the same fact. The more you do it, the more challenging and enjoyable it will become.

17. Fruit Roll-up Game:  This is a huge hit among teenagers. Take a fruit roll-up, hang it from your tongue, and eat it as quickly as you can without touching it with your hands.

18. Battle of the Oranges: Teens will have a blast at this easy-to-play party game. Two challengers face off, both holding an orange in a plastic mixing spoon. The goal of this game is to dislodge your opponent’s orange from their spoon without dropping your own.

Girls Party Activities teenagers birthday

Minute to Win It Games for Teens

19. Wrap Around:  Wrapping one another like a mummy with colored streamers is an activity for two players. Each team has one minute to wrap up the other player as tightly as possible or to create the best mummy.

20. Face Cookie:  You’ve probably had the pleasure of playing a game like this one before. In this game, players compete by passing a cookie from their forehead to their mouth using only their facial muscles (no hands).

21. Marshmallow Toss:  A member of each team stands about 4 feet apart, and the first person throws mini marshmallows to the second player. The catcher must collect them in an empty disposable cup.

22. Starburst Stack:  The popsicle stick is inserted into the mouth of one participant. To add to the pile, the other player stacks as many starbursts as they can. After collecting three starbursts, you must maintain your grip for three seconds.

23. Junk in the Trunk:  Swing around a box full of ping pong balls attached to your waist until the box is empty. After the clock has started, players may start moving around to release the ping pong balls. The winner is the player who, in 60 seconds, empties the most or all of their ping pong cups.

24. Skittle Sort:  Speed up; it’s a lot of fun to play this game in a short amount of time. Place seventy-five skittles of varying colors into their corresponding containers.

Tasty Sleepover Snack Ideas for Teenagers

25. Midnight Snacks:  You can’t stay up all night with your best friends and talk about all the new gossip without having something to eat.

26. Popcorn Bar:  There’s nothing better than a bowl of popcorn at a sleepover or party. Nothing! Not just any popcorn, though; try one of these delicious variations on the classic:

27. Build Your Own Pizza:  Do slumber parties even count if they don’t serve pizza? Each person at a pizza dinner party can make their pie the way they like it.

28. Individual Movie Night Snack Box

29. Make Homemade Slushies: Grab out the blender, flavorings, and some ice to whip up a batch of homemade slushies! Yum!

30. French Fry Dipping Sauce Competition:  Have the teenagers come up with their own dipping sauces, then bake a large batch of French fries and hold a taste test to see which ones everyone likes best. This recipe, or these recipes, should serve as a source of motivation.

Sleepover Snack Ideas

31. S’Mores Upgrade:  Allow the teenagers to make s’mores, but give them a new spin by letting them add their favorite dessert toppings like caramel sauce, chopped nuts, or anything else they can think of.

32. Pancake Bar: Just what you need to wake up to after a night of unforgettable experiences.

33. Make a Candy Charcuterie Board: For everyone to nibble from throughout the evening!

34. Tasy Taco Bar:  Teenagers enjoy this because they can make it their own, making it more unique. Either vegetarian or non-vegetarian options are available for this dish. Taco Shells (soft, crunchy, or both), two kinds of meat, peppers, tomatoes, red onion, pico de gallo, shredded cheese, cilantro, etc., would be the main ingredients.

35. Slipper Shaped Desserts

Sleepover Ideas for Teenage Girls

37. Do Each Other’s Hair:Get together with your closest friends and experiment with some new hairstyles using a curling iron, flat iron, or cool curlers.

38. Chick Flicks:  Gather the ladies and have a vote on your top chick flicks!

39. Pillow Fight.  An old favorite. Design small pillows to include in the goodie bags. Small pillows, such as those sold at dollar stores or used as travel pillows, are a common solution. Put the above decorations on them. Act like a total badass when it’s time to call it a night and send your guests home. Girls, please get their small pillows. Pillow fights will now begin. Avoid running into anything, please.

40. DIY Personalized Pillow Cases: A great party favor is to have guests make their own personalized pillowcases to take home as a reminder of the fun they had.

41. Video Game Ideas:  I don’t know about you, but I know that here we have a few video game enthusiasts who would love to throw a party centered around video games. Here are some of our favorite video games that would be perfect for a video game birthday party, ranging from multiplayer games to virtual reality.

42. Wink Assassin: Sure to have everyone entertained and getting in some laughs!

Slumber Party Ideas

Sleep Over Activities for Teens

43. Photobooth:  An essential component of any successful sleepover is a photo booth, and props are an essential component of any photo booth. Get your teens to put on fake mustaches and goofy hats for some hilarious photos.

44. Make Personalized Keychains: Custom keychains can be made with ease. The concept is brilliant. You can purchase kits that have everything you need also.

45. Rearrange a Friends Room:  Rearranging my space and giving it a new look was one of my favorite things to do. How about recruiting your fellow teenagers?

46. Make Gemstones: Here’s a YouTube video + recipe for geode room decorations

47. Teen Book Exchange:  Have each teen bring a book they enjoyed reading but no longer need.

48. Spa Night:  Treat your young teenagers to a night of spa treatments and a romantic comedy before they go to sleep. What a pampered existence they lead, soaking their feet, sipping virgin Mimosas, and painting their nails.

Slumber Party Must-Haves

Here are a few of our favorite products for sleepover ideas for teens.

49. Slumber Party Balloons

50. Bluetooth Microphone

51. Sherpa Lounge Pillow

52. Cozy Sherpa Blanket

53. Nail Polish

Sleepover Supplies

54. Candy, Cookies, Popcorn, and Snacks!

55. Relaxing Face Mask

56. Festive Disco Ball Cups

57. Bow Headbands

More Ideas Teens Will Love

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Sleepover Ideas for Teens