Inside: 53 Cute Tattoo Ideas for Teens.

Chances are, for most teens, this is your first tattoo.

Tattoos are a unique method of self-expression. And if your teen is eager to get inked with words or pictures that might or might not have any deep significance, you may want to give them some time to think about their decision before making a permanent commitment.

Tattoos are not only beautiful to look at, but also purposeful works of art that can profoundly change one’s identity or how they are perceived by others. Make a style statement and grab everyone’s attention with this awesome accessory.

Teens often need to be reminded that despite their apparent maturity, they are still very young. If you’re a teen thinking about getting a tattoo, one piece of advice we can give you is this: the smaller the better.

The size of a tattoo is not necessarily indicative of its significance or impact. When done skillfully, even the smallest tattoos can be works of art.

There are a TON of factors to think about before getting inked, though. Learn the ins and outs of getting your first tattoo, and peruse four of our favorite designs for young adults.

Body Art for Teenagers

First Tattoo Tips

  • Don’t Rush:  The planning stage is crucial, closely followed by the implementation phase. Talk to your artist if you’re not completely satisfied with the look of the rough drafts. They are able to make changes to the sketch and address your concerns.
  • Research the Shop:You can learn a lot about a tattoo parlor’s cleanliness, customer base, and tattoo artists by reading reviews online and then going there in person.
  • Consider Placement: Getting your first tattoo is a big deal, so you might not want to get it somewhere highly visible (like your face, neck, or hands) just yet.
  • Take Care of It: If you get a tattoo, just know that we take aftercare just as seriously as you do. Recovering from a tattoo is as crucial as getting one.

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoos need to be washed and lightly oiled for the first few days after they’ve been done. This should be done anywhere from two to five times per day. It’s important to make sure the skin can breathe because fresh air helps the ink last longer. After the initial night of covering the area in plastic wrap to prevent it from sticking to your sheets, you should remove the wrap and allow the design to breathe.

Learn more about aftercare and treating your tattoo right here!

Tattoo Ideas for Teens

All right, let’s get into some cool ideas for tattoos that teenagers will find captivating. Look at some of our favorite layouts and use them as motivation for your own work.

1. Black and White Pinky Promise Tattoo

2. Self Love Quote on Hip

3. Small Heart on Inner Finger

4. Cute Cherries on Ankle

5. Simple Bandaid Outline with Flowers

6. Small Outlined Butterfly Tattoo

7. Tiny Text on Neck

8. Single Line Flower Tattoo Idea

9. Typewriter Text Year Design

10. Happy and Sad Face Tattoo

11. Cresent Moon Tattoo on Hip

12. Create Quote on Hand

Cool Tattoos for Teens

13. Small Tree Tattoo on Ribs

14. Little Mountain View Design

15. Flowers on Finger Tattoo

16. “Wild” with Bundle of Flowers

Cool Tattoos for Teens

17. Cactus Outline on Ankle

18. Music Notes on Shoulder

19. Little Detailed Butterfly

20. Angel Wings Tattoo

21. Love Yourself Tattoo Art

22. Fingers Crossed Tattoo Design

23. Small Realistic Sunflower Tattoo

24. “Be Kind” in Small Script Font

Small Tattoo Ideas for Teenage Girl

Keeping tattoos small, especially for teens is recommended. You never know if your style will change, evolve, or grow. Here are a few of our favorite trendy small tattoo ideas for teenagers.

25. Tiny Bird Tattoo

26. Cute Small Hummingbird Tattoo Design

27. Little Fish Swimming Tattoo Idea

28. Black and White Flower Stems

29. Two Small Butterflies Tattoo

30. Little Bumblebee Design

31. Simple Daisy Tattoo on Wrist

32. Detailed Dragonfly Outline

Small Tattoo Ideas for Teenage Girl

33. Small Open Book Tattoo Idea

34. Little Lava Lamp Tattoo

35. Tiny Four Leaf Clover

36. Little Lightning Bold on Ankle

37. Smiley Face on Finger Idea

38. Black and White Bumblebee Tattoo

39. Matching Sparkle Tattoo

Cute Tattoos for Teens

40. Amor Quote on Foot

41. Small Single Line Portrait Tattoo

42. Leaf Stem Behind Ear

43. Heart Outline on Wrist
44. Art on Chest

Cute Tattoos for Teens

45. Half of a Strawberry Tattoo

46. Pink Gummy Bear Tattoo Idea

47. Small Candy Heart Outline

48. Rainbow on Wrist Tattoo

49. Tiny Red Flower Tattoo Designs

50. “Honey” Written on Ribcage

51. Small Baby Text on Back of Neck

52. Self Love in Small Script

53. Shooting Star Tattoo

More Cool Ideas for Teenagers

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Tattoo Ideas for Teens