Inside: Teenager hoodies for guys & girls that are perfect for any occasion.

If you have a teenager in your life, you have undoubtedly seen them in a hoodie from time to time. They are a staple in young people’s wardrobes, and I completely understand why. Hoodies are the best.

Not only are they stylish but they’re COMFY. How can you be mad at that? If it’s breezy, throw on a hoodie, if it’s raining… throw on a hoodie.

If you wake up late and are heading out the door…grab a hoodie and your outfit is complete (and cute). They really are perfect for any weather under 80 degrees.

After 80 degrees they get to be a little too warm.

Ideas for hoodies teens will love

Many of the older generations will mock teens for wearing hoodies so often, but we know the truth: Hoodies are in…and all of the clothes those oldies wore are out. Well mostly…if bell-bottoms can come back nothing is safe. But overall, hoodies will not be out of style. They’ve been here since the 1980s…and they will be here for the 2080s. It’s odd to think a piece of clothing will outlive us but hey, I am here for it.

Especially if it’s good ol’ hoodies.

So at this point, you may be thinking to yourself…I still don’t get it. There are more comfortable clothes out there… so let’s discuss it.

Why do teenagers wear hoodies?

Great question I would love to tell you. First of all, they wear them for many of the reasons I mentioned above; they’re comfy, weather-resistant, and stylish. But one of the main reasons that you will see teens wearing these jackets is because they are comforting. That’s right, not just comfy, but comforting. The way that this style of jacket is built gives you a space to move freely without having to worry about how you look.

Sadly, the years that we are just getting to know ourselves are the ones we are most critical of. I remember when I was a teen and the self-consciousness that came along with that was unbearable. Hoodies allow a stylish escape from having to worry about what your body looks like. They are universal for Girls, Boys, and They’s, so you don’t feel alienated for feeling comfy either.

Another reason why teens like to wear hoodies has to do with ease of access. What I mean by this is that if they wake up late, they can throw on a hoodie and still have an adorable outfit that would be totally appropriate for school. They are the last-minute jacket that always saves you from being late. There are also just so many ways that you can style these up to feel a little more put together. But for the most part, people like to just wear them as is

Overall they are one of the most durable and lovable styles of clothing out there, so of course, teens would be eager to have one.

Now that we have covered what they are, and why they are popular…I can tell you that I have made a list of over 40 of the cutest and best teenager hoodies that are perfect for any occasion (but when formal wear is required). Let’s get into it!

Hoodies for Teenage Guys

These are some of the best hoodies on the market that are perfect for teen guys. Most of these are unisex so if you see these and are a girl and just love one of them, go for it. It doesn’t matter, they are just clothes anyway. I made sure to include a variety of colors, styles, and prices so there is something here for everyone.

Personally, I really like Number 4, the green Tye Dye hoodie. It doesn’t get much cuter than that.

1. Plain White Hoodie

2. Simple Black Champion Hoodie

3. Bright Yellow Hoodie

4. Green Tye Dye

5. Grey Hoodie

6. Waffle Knit Hoodie

7. Light Brown Hoodie

8. Bright Green Hoodie

9. Sherpa Lined Hoodies

10. Simple Zip Up

11. Essential Hoodie

12. Anime Hoodie

13. Light Blue Zip Up

14. Color Block Hoodie

sweat-pant sets for teens

Hoodies for Teenage Girls

When I was a teen I was OBSESSED with hoodies. I had a whole closet full of them. They ranged from oversized to detailed, from soft to stiff. I loved them like you wouldn’t believe. So making this list just re-sparked that joy and love.

I hope that you find something here that you like so that you can start a collection like mine. There are so many that are just begging to be picked.

15. California Light Blue Hoodie

16. Love You Like a Sunset

17. Cute Zip Up Frog Hoodie

18. Cute Brown Zip Up

19. Sunflower Hoodie

20. Los Angelas Hoodie

21. Boba Bear Hoodie

22. Green and Pink Quote Hoodie

23. Cactus Hoodie

24. Brown and Cream Colored Hoodie

25. Fleece Brown Soft Hoodie

26. Dino Hoodie

27. Angel Numbers

28. Strawberry Cow Hoodie

29. Black Hoodie with the Sun and Moon

affordable back to school hoodie sweatshirts

Affordable Teenager Hoodies

Sometimes $65 to $80 dollars for a hoodie seems ridiculous. I totally understand that, so I wanted to include a list of some more affordable hoodies. After all, hoodies are for the masses not just the wealthy. Everyone deserves the comfort they bring. So take a look through these and see which ones make you the happiest.

The price starts at $10 and goes up to about $40 I believe.

These are definitely much more affordable than the ones above, that is for sure.

30. Cheap Black Hoodie

31. Solid Blue Hoodie

32. Light Pink Hoodie

33. Simple Hoodies for Teens

34. Trendy Hoodie

35. Simple Orange Hoodie

36. Black Zip Up Hoodie

37. Anime Hoodie

38. Multi-Colored Hoodie

39. Grey Hoodie with White Strings

40. Drew Smiley Hoodie

41. Green Frog Hoodie

42. Simple Fleece Hoodie

43. Simple Spongebob Hoodie

Best teenager hoodies

And there you have it, the best hoodies that were built for the girls and guys. I hope you found a hoodie that either you or your teen will love, depending on who is reading this.

Hoodies truly do hold so much power in such simple fabric. Their popularity is never-ending, they are versatile, and there are so many different colors and styles that you can choose from. There are so many that you can have a whole wardrobe of different kinds and you would never run out. How awesome is that?

They can also be used as a form of self-expression when you get one that has something to do with something you like. There are anime hoodies, music hoodies, and video game hoodies. Heck, there are even embroidery hoodies. Name anything you can think of and I bet you it’s already on a hoodie. With this being said, I hope you got the hoodie that best represents you and what you like. Whether that is just a color or perhaps it has something else on it.

Until next time, enjoy your style!