Inside: Super cute teen outfit ideas for church both dresses and more casual looks. 

Do you know the saying Wear your Sunday’s best? Well, sometimes your best isn’t always going to be a fancy dress. Depending on how you’re feeling, a nice T-shirt and a classic pair of jeans might be more up your alley. And that’s totally okay! There are so many cute teenage outfit ideas for church, that range from casual to dressy, so you have the room to choose and express yourself how you’re feeling on that particular Sunday.

After all, Sundays are awesome. You get to go and have some much-needed worship time, spend time with the people you love, and be a part of your community. On these days you want to feel your best! I don’t know about you, but when am feeling comfortable and confident, that’s when I feel my best. A good outfit can really make a huge difference!

That’s why we’ve decided to gather a list of awesome outfit ideas for church. Starting with the more casual outfits and leading up to some fancier garbs. This is your one-stop-shop for your Sunday church outfit inspiration! Though choosing an outfit can feel time-consuming and daunting, with a little help it can be such a fun experience.

So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Cute teen church outfits

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Outfit:

Church is a sanctuary, and as such you are expected to look your best. This doesn’t mean you have to dress to the nines, just maybe don’t reach for the sweatpants when heading out on Sundays!

Try not to show too much skin. Keep it modist and not too tight fitting. It’s comfier this way anyways!

Some churches do have a dress code, so if this is your first time attending maybe just check on that first. It’s always good to be safe!

Casual Teenage Church Outfits

Below is a list of some of the cutest casual church outfits we could find! Starting out simple with a good clean Tee and blue jeans and finishing off strong with a comfy orange sweater paired with jeans and a cute pair of boots. If you’re feeling the need for a more comfy casual look, then this list was designed with you in mind. Take a look to see if anything sparks your interest!

1. Simple Jeans + T-shirt

2. Sweatshirt & Jeans

3. Oversized Button Up over Tee with Jeans & Converse

4. Comfy Cardigan with Leggings

5. Hoodie with High Waisted Jeans

6. Big Sweater with Leggings

7. White Tied Shirt with Jeans & Sandals

8. Comfy Green Overalls

9. Cardigan with Turtleneck

10. Long T shirt Dress with Flannel

11.Orange Sweater with Black Jeans & Boots

Church Outfits for Teenage Girls

Stepping it up a bit in terms of casualness. Below is a list of adorable church outfits that mix t-shirts with skirts, casual dresses, and lots of colors! This section is for when you feel like you want to put a little effort into your look without putting so much time into it. All of these looks are modest and feminine, and there’s bound to be 1(or 10) that you’ll LOVE. Look below to find out.

Church outfits for teenage girls

12.Baby Blue Chunky Sweater with White Pants

13.Chic Jacket paired with Jeans & T

14.Colorful Green Pants with Orange Shirt

15. Turtleneck with Burnt Orange Jacket

16. Dress Pants with T Shirt

17. Polkadot Shirt with Skinny Jeans

18. White TurtleNeck with Black Cardigan

19. Classic Blue Button up with White Tee

20. Black Jeans with Spotted Shirt & Green Jacket

21.Black Floral Dress with Tan Cardigan

22. Long Grey Cardigan with Black Dress and Cross Necklace

23. Light green Cute Sweater Tucked into Jeans

Church Dresses for Teenage Girls

You can never EVER go wrong with a dress when it comes to an adorable church outfit. This next list is a compilation of some of the cutest dresses we could find that would be perfect for your next Sunday outing. From floral patterns to simple single-colored pieces, you will absolutely find something you’ll be excited about wearing for your next fit!

Church dresses for teen girls

24.Blue Jean Dress

25. Cute Sunflower Dress

26. Long Blue Dress

27. Long Yellow Striped Dress

28.Black & White Flowy Dress

29. Daisy Dress in Black

30. White Dress with Pockets

31. Baby Blue Floral Dress

32. Striped Black & White  Dress

33. Long Sleeve Maroon Dress

Cute Church Outfits for Teens

These are some of our honorable mentions that we couldn’t just not include. They’re too cute! In this section, there are lots of adorable long skirts and comfy cardigans. If you somehow havnt found inspiration yet, fret not! You’re sure to find something here.

Teenage outfit Ideas for Church

34.Polka Dot Skirt with Cute Tee

35. Maroon Long Skirt with Tan Top

36. White sweat with Big Flowy Jeans

37. Floral Skirt with Black T-shirt

38. Floral Denim Skirt with Sweater

39. Black Overall Style Dress

40. Comfy Cardigan

41. Medium Skirt with Cute Top

42. Orange Overalls

43. White Floral Dress

We hope you loved all of these amazing outfits, and that you’ve found a little inspiration for your next Sunday outing!

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