Getting a summer job is an important milestone for teens. Whether it be at a fast-food chain, a local store, or even working reception somewhere, it’s work experience.  Building work experience to put on their resumes will help to ensure they have an easy time getting jobs as they get older.

Not to mention all of the other awesome skills that will be instilled into them while they work. Skills they can use as they go through life. It can also be a very exciting thing.

The whole routine of applying, interviewing, and then awaiting that fateful call that will tell them whether or not they’ll be picking up their new uniform.

One of the more fun parts of that process is getting ready for your interview. Picking out an outfit that will express the kind of worker you will be is very important. What you wear does say something to potential employers.

With this in mind, the article is going to explain the dos and don’ts of interview outfits, as well as the offering of outfit Ideas at the end.

Are you ready?

Appropriate Teen Job Interview Clothing Style


I figure it may be easier to start with the more important portion of this list, the don’ts. There are quite a few unspoken rules when it comes to interviewing fits, so let’s discuss them.

  • No Neon Flashy Colors
  • Stay away from graphic clothes
  • Be modest, don’t show too much skin
  • Always where clean fresh clothes
  • Light Makeup
  • No ripped jeans
  • No hats
  • No Athletic Clothing
  • No Sweatshirts

Pretty simple, just dress as if you were going to church.


Okay now for the fun portion, the Dos! It’s important to try and follow these to the best of your ability but use your own judgment. Also, it’s always a good idea to look up the company’s dress code to truly get an understanding of what they will be asking of you when you’re there.

  • Do wear simple clothes, e.g button-ups, cardigans
  • Do wear closed-toed shoes
  • Do dress business casual to formal(depending on dress code)
  • Do choose clothes that you feel comfortable and confident in.
  • Power blazers are always a yes

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Job?

Money- Having a steady stream of income makes life easier. You can get a car, go on trips, and buy new clothes. Anything you want!

Responsibility- Learning to get up and be somewhere by a specific time every day teaches you consistency and gives you the life skills to be dependable.

Work Experience- Having work experience building on your resume will make it easier for you to get jobs as you grow older. You can never have too much!

Life Experience- When working a job, you get to have the experience you otherwise would never have. You get to meet new people, learn new skills, and work with people on the daily. Pretty cool!

What to wear to a job interview in high school

What To Wear

Button-Ups: Button-ups are a timeless interview outfit staple. They can be dressed up and down as needed and always express a professional vibe.

Cardigans: Cardigans are a great way to look great while still feeling comfortable. You can put this over a button-up for a double whammy.

Slacks: Slacks are the perfect pants for a clean look. They’re more professional than jeans and can be dressed up and down with ease depending on the job that your applying for.

Dark Jeans: If you are going to wear jeans, make them dark. This isn’t casual Friday at the office yet, remember. You’re wooing these people, so make them dark. Dark jeans go with virtually anything and they make for a sleek put-together look.


Below I’ve compiled some examples of great interview outfits for teens. I included simple interview outfits for the more laid-back environments as well as some professional ones for the serious places. There are options for both the feminine and masculine look so there is something for everyone. Feel free to mix and match ideas as well.

Simple Interview Outfits

Here are the simpler fits for the places with no real dress code. As a rule of thumb, you should still dress very nice for your interview, even if it’s for a fast-food chain. Get some inspo down below, and remember: confidence is key.



Professional teen Outfits for job interviews

Sharp Professional Outfits

This next look is for the stricter establishments. I know that it must be very nerve-wracking, and that’s okay. This is just your first job interview. Think of it as practice. You’re just here to get a better understanding of the process and how to properly be interviewed. If you go into it as a learning experience then there are no wrong outcomes. So take deep breaths if you get nervous and as you look through these looks remind yourself: I GOT THIS.



And there you have it. What to wear to a job interview as a teen. I hope you found this article helpful as well as got some inspiration for your own interview amongst the examples given above. I mean how could you not, they were so cute! Throughout this whole experience just be kind to yourself and remember that everything happens for a reason. No matter what there are always more opportunities tomorrow…not that you’ll need them because YOU GOT THIS.

Interview Outfit For Teens

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