Inside: The sweetest Daughter first period celebration ideas to welcome in womanhood.

When I first got my period, I was actually excited rather than filled with dread. I owe this completely to my mom, who always kept me well-informed. I knew what I was expecting, and I also knew what I could look forward to on the day it happened.

My mom would gather up all the women in our family, and we would have an entire day of fun that was dedicated to this special occasion. It really took the weight off of starting my period and turned it into a day that I looked forward to.

Then, my daughter started and all of a sudden… she wasn’t so into the huge family celebration. Teens these days 😉

Whether you want an all out party, or a more subtle way to welcome your girl into womanhood – here are some great ideas.

Fun Daughter First Period Celebration Ideas. Photo of different period pads, tampons, and cups.

We went out to eat, went shopping…I even got presents. I know that when my daughter starts her period, she is going to have a wonderful day as I did.

If you want this to be a fun experience for your child, then you need to check out the Daughter First Period Celebration ideas below. They are winners!

Why It’s Important

In today’s society, many things that women go through are deemed gross and shameful. We are taught to whisper about our periods, never let our cramps get in the way of our work, and so on. So it is important to celebrate this moment for the beautiful change it is. 

I had friends at school that CRIED when we talked about starting our periods. To them, it was a symbol of pain, looming adulthood, and their changing body. I understand this as an adult. But back then, I was so confused because my mom had only ever described it as something beautiful.

Don’t get me wrong; she educated me on the biological reality of what a period is. She taught me about painful cramps and all of the other ways that our bodies change while we are on the cycle. But she did not make it sound like a bad thing; it was more of a guide to understanding my body.

It felt like a cheat code. She explained how our bodies go through 4 phases each cycle, and that our energy levels will vary based on which one we are in. She explained how our hormones fluctuate and how it affects things like our mood.

Creating a Daughter first period celebration will help to shift the societal ideas of a period being a bad thing, into something that should be celebrated. This can make this big change less scary, and more exciting. 

Tips for Daughter First period celebration. Photo of pad with glitter on it.

Tips for Daughter First Period Celebration

Though this is a wonderful occasion, it’s still something that your daughter may feel very vulnerable about. Because of this, I wanted to add some tips before we get into the daughter first period celebration ideas.

  1. Cater the day around her – The ideas below are all fun, don’t get me wrong. But if your daughter enjoys other specific things, make sure that the celebration is something that involves that. It should be personalized to fit her needs and wants.
  2. Only invite people she feels comfortable with – You can ask her in advance if she wants anyone else to attend the celebration. As I said, it is a very vulnerable time for a girl. Even with the knowledge that a period is not a negative thing, she may still want the day to just be the two of you. So ask her what she feels would be best.
  3. Let her skip school – If possible, let her skip school. There are a lot of emotions that will happen during the first period, so she won’t be able to focus anyways. Plus, this will just add to the fun of the day!
  4. Don’t plan too much – Make sure you leave room for rest and relaxation. Only do what she feels up for. This is a very low-energy phase of the cycle, and chances are she feels extra tired during her first-ever period.

Fun Daughter First Period Celebration Ideas

Below are some really wonderful ways to celebrate your daughter’s first period. I made sure to include ideas both big and small; that way, you can find something that will work for you. Whether you make an entire day of it or just get her a gift…a little goes a long way!

1. Roses – You can’t go wrong with getting her flowers. Especially because getting flowers is a pretty grown-up thing, and she is becoming a woman after all!

2. Make Her a Period Basket – My mom did this for me, and I LOVED it. If you want some guidance on what you can put in one of these beauties, then you should check out the list below.

3. Have a Dinner with All Women – Make sure you talk to your daughter about this one, but if she is down…this is a fun idea! Get together all the women in your life to have a celebratory dinner in her honor!

4. Go Get Your Nails Done – It’s good to treat yourself on your period, so take your daughter to go get her nails done. Make an afternoon of it: Get coffee, talk, and hang out. This will be so much fun!

5. Give Her a Mini Period Kit – This can be very helpful for her going forwards. Unlike the period basket, a mini period kit can be a tidy little makeup bag that is filled with extra pads, ibuprofen, heating pads, and chocolate. She can keep it in her backpack at school.

6. Get Her A Cake – It sounds kind of silly, but it’s a sweet idea. May I suggest red velvet – Just for fun!

7. Have A Yes Day – Do whatever she wants for a day, within reason of course.

8. Take Her To Stock Up On Supplies – You can take her to the store to have her pick out the supplies she wants. You can guide her on which ones are the best.

9.  Shopping Trip – Speaking of shopping, don’t make it ALL about the period. Take her shopping to get some things she LIKES, not that she needs.

10. Have A First Period Party – If your daughter is super unfazed and proud of her period, throw her an actual period party with all her girlfriends. This one will be super beneficial for not only her but her group as well.

What to put in a period gift basket. Photo of gift basket with blue background

What To Put In A Period Gift Basket

You may want some ideas on what to include in a period gift basket. Well, I got you covered! Below you will find everything that you need to include in a period themed bundle.

Some of these are helpful, some are fun, and ALL are needed to get her through that first period.

11. Pads

12. Ibuprofen/Motrin

13. Hot Water Bottle

14.  Heat Packs

15. Her Favorite Snack

16. Chocolate

17. Ice Cream

18. Pimple Patches

19. Comfortable Underwear

20. Heated Pad

21. Face Masks

Having a period is a very beautiful thing. It can be painful, messy, and overall a bit of a nuisance, I will not lie. But it also lets us in on our own biological calendars. I find it so helpful when trying to understand my body and mind, to know where I am at on my cycle.

By throwing a daughter first-period celebration, you are helping make a moment that can otherwise feel overwhelming and full of dread into something fun. That is why this is important.

Even if you didn’t make a whole day out of it, at least getting her the gift basket and a sweet treat is sure to make it a little bit easier on her in the long term.