Inside: Adorable easter basket ideas for teens girls that will make their day.

I think one of the saddest moments of my life was the first easter my mom did not make a basket for me. Don’t get me wrong, I understood. I was 17! But it still made me sad because I realized that I was growing up. I think it made my mom sad, too because, by the end of the day, she had gotten me a basket.

If you are debating on whether or not to get your teen an easter basket, I say go for it. Your child is really only a child for 18 years. You might as well make the most of it. If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas on what to put in your teen’s basket, you are in the right place.

Sweet easter basket ideas for teen girls. Photo of purple themed basket.

I have created a list of the sweetest easter basket ideas for teen girls that will make their day. It doesn’t have to be filled with anything crazy, it’s just a way to show them that you still care, and it’s a way to make the holiday more fun.

Found this fun idea for the warm lake months ahead – a waterproof phone purse for the teen gifting win.

Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Girls

For the first portion of this list, I wanted to give you some ideas of things that you can add to their basket that are simple and perfect for easter. Take a look at this list to see which items your teen would love.

1. Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds – You can get them any kind of sweet that they like, but chocolate-covered sunflower seeds just scream spring time to me. That is why I chose them for this!

2. Adorable Stuffed Animals – I know they may seem a little old for stuffed animals, but I really don’t think that is the case, especially when the animal is extra cute. Instead of going for one that is a bright color, lean more towards naturalistic stuffed animals.

3. Face Masks – These is great for making the basket feel full with things that she will enjoy using on a daily basis. They feel special, and they are affordable. Yes, please!

4. Journal – Springtime is a symbolic time of year for rebirth, so why not get them a journal to help keep track of their life as they go through this next season?

5. Peeps – Peeps are the official candy of easter, and thus you must add them to whatever basket you are making. These go with any theme.

6. Decorated Eggs – You can use decorated eggs to help fill in the space and make the basket seem fuller.

7. New Pen Set – Get them a new set of pens to go along with their cool new journal. I love this idea, what about you?

8. Flower – Springtime is when the flowers bloom, so why not get her a bouquet of flowers to display in her room? I think that would be extra sweet.

9. Little Plant Kit – Spring is also an excellent time to start growing things, so getting them a little plant kit will be like the gift that keeps on giving.

10. Favorite Snacks – These don’t have to be easter themed; make it personal! What is her all-time favorite snack? Make sure to include it.

11. Sweet Drink – If you are adding her favorite snack, why not add her favorite sweet drink? Everyone has one, so make sure to include hers.

12. Teas – Teas are another wonderful thing that you can add to the basket. Make sure that you are getting floral teas because they reflect spring the best.

13. Fidget Toys – Fidget toys come in all shapes and sizes for all ages, so pick one that would be comforting and satisfying for her to play with.

14. Jewelry – Jewelry is always a winner in my book. Whether that be something simple like a bracelet or a necklace, she will love it.

15. Themed Stickers

easter basket themes. 3 photos of different kinds of baskets.

Easter Basket Themes

Sometimes it can be helpful and fun to choose an easter basket theme. Then everything in the basket goes together. It looks extra cute, and your daughter will feel like you put extra time into it. If you need help choosing a theme for her easter basket, look at the ideas below.

16. Spring – This is a super cute idea for obvious reasons.

17. Gardening – Again, if your girl loves plants, this is a great way to go.

18. Sweets – You can never go wrong with sweets.

19. Spa Night – Spa nights are just so much fun.

20. Crafting Kit – If she likes to craft, there is no better theme than this.

21. Coloring Books – Coloring books can be a great way for teens to let off steam. They have so many that are geared toward teens.

22. Relaxation Night – This can be filled with things like movies, snacks, etc.

23. Favorite Books – Get her her favorite book series as a set. Guaranteed winner.

24. Animal Themed Idea – If she has a favorite animal, fill the basket with things that align with it. Like fox socks, stickers, etc.

25. Sports Themed Basket – If you have a sports fan, I think you know what to do.

26. Makeup Themed Basket – I love makeup, and I bet your teen does too. It is such a great way to express yourself.

27. Accessories Themed – I am talking about cute socks, hair bands, scrunchies, sun glasses.

28. Gaming Themed Basket – If your girl is a gamer, then fill it with fun game stuff.

29. Self-Help Themed Basket – This can look like self-improvement books, affirmation cards, and other self-care stuff.

30. Themed Decor Basket – You can get her decor. Things like throw blankets, signs, etc.

Sweet Easter Basket Ideas for Teen Girls

Here is a list of ideas that you can buy. This way, you can just add to the cart and then add to the basket! I hope this list makes it easy for you.

31. Chocolate Covered Seeds

32. Spring Soap Set

33. Succulent Gnomes

34. Wooden Bunny Decor

35. Scented Candle Idea

36. Burt’s Bees Gifts

37. Heart Necklace Idea

38. Adorable Rings

39. Face Masks

40. Pink Spring Brush

41. Simple Bracelet Idea

42. Sweet Cat lamp Idea

43. Green Journal Idea

44. You Are So Loved

45. Gift Card

46. Scrunchies

47. Cat Spa Band

48. Seed Mix

49. Wild Flower Decor Ideas

50. Bunny Stuffed Animal

examples of easter basket for teen girls. 3 different photos.

Examples of Easter Basket for Teen Girls

I thought it would also be helpful to see some examples of easter baskets for teen girls. Some of these you can actually buy outright to save yourself time! Check it out.

51. Easter In Bag

52. Makeup In Basket

53. Nail Polish Basket

54. Easter In Pink Bag

55. Soft Socks and Journal Idea

56. Girl Boss Basket Idea

57. Smile For Me

58. Pillar Candle Spring Themed

59. Hello Sunshine Yellow Theme

60. Simple Face Mask Basket

61. Hoppy Easter Idea

62. Candy Basket

63. Crafty Teen Basket

64. Cutest Basket Idea

65. Personal TikTok Basket

easter basket ideas for teen girls

I hope you enjoyed this list of the sweetest easter basket ideas for teen girls. I know that it can be hard to know what kinds of things to put in their basket as they get older, but with inspiration like this, it should be easier.

Easter is a day that celebrates Jesus, so if you are a Christian household, you may want to check out some of my other ideas. Here I have some of the best devotionals for teen girls that would make a wonderful addition to her easter basket. Check that out here.