Inside: 31 Easter Basket Ideas That Teen Boys Will Love. 

As teenagers get older, it’s hard to get them to take part in all of the fun holiday activities that you love to do as a family. They’re just not as excited to carve pumpkins, decorate the tree, or go on Easter egg hunts. But you can still keep your favorite traditions going by changing things up just a little bit!

This upcoming Easter, consider using a few of these Easter basket ideas for teen boys.

You can still get them excited for the holiday by giving them little gifts that they really want, because you’re never too old to love presents! You don’t need to overdo it: just throw in a few items that a teenage guy is sure to love, and you’ll have a holiday to remember.

Check out my favorite Easter basket ideas for teen boys!

Easter basket ideas for teen boys

Easter Basket Ideas For Teenage Guys

A great gift is all in the packaging, right? Here are some Easter basket ideas for teen boys that they won’t throw aside as soon as it’s empty!

  1. Storage Bin:  An especially good idea for the messy guy! You can go with plain storage cubes or a style that suits their personality. 
  2. A Large Mug:  An oversized mug is a great alternative basket idea, particularly if your teenager loves coffee or tea.
  3. Thermos:  A food thermos will be useful to bring to lunch, camping, or to a sports practice.
  4. Drawstring Bag:  Consider using a drawstring bag as an Easter basket idea for a teen boy on the go. 
  5. Lunch Box:  Does your teenager need a new lunch box? Two birds, one stone!

Easter Gift Ideas For Teen Boys

Here are some Easter basket ideas for teen boys who might be more interested in trinkets than snacks.

easter gifts for teenage boys

  1. Phone Accessories:  Headphone organizers and popsockets are small gifts that every teenager with a smartphone will appreciate. 
  2. Stickers:  Sticks are great to throw on water bottles, laptops, controllers, you name it! Get some sticks from TV shows or games that your teen enjoys, like Rick and Morty or Overwatch.
  3. Mind Teaser:  Small, engaging brain teasers are great for teens who love a challenge.
  4. Socks:  Go with sporty, silly, or simple socks based on your teenager’s preferences. 
  5. Phone Stand:  If your teen is on YouTube all day every day, they’ll get a ton of use out of this phone stand.
  6. Card Games:  Throw in some popular card games like Cards Against Humanity, or packs of Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh cards if your child is a collector.
  7. Water Bottle:  A quality water bottle that can be taken to practice or school would be a fantastic gift. 
  8. Multitool:  I’m really not sure why teen guys are so obsessed with multitools, but they sure are. Your son is sure to love this Easter basket stuffer.
  9. Lanyard:  If your teen drives, then this lanyard will be a great way for them to keep their car and house keys right on hand.
  10. Bluetooth Beanie:  A beanie that doubles as a headset is great for the active teenager, or one that seems to have his headphones in at all hours of the day.

Delicious Easter Baskets For Teens

Most teenagers will love to receive a ton of snacks! Check out these unique Easter basket ideas for teen boys with a bottomless stomach.

  1. Unusual Snacks:  Get your child a snack box from other countries! These Japanese and English snack packs are very popular. 
  2. Hot Sauce:  A mini set of hot sauce bottles is an awesome and unique basket stuffer!
  3. Salty Snack Pack:  If your son isn’t one for sweets, then you can gift them this pack of salty snacks.
  4. Sweets Bundle:  … and if he does love sweets, then this combo pack of candy bars will do the trick! 
  5. Giant Candy:  If your teen has a favorite candy, then chances are you can find a giant version. Giant Hershey’s Kisses, Snickers, Reese’s… they all exist!
  6. Jerky:  An assortment of jerky is also great to throw in a basket for your teenager.
  7. Protein Bars:  A teenager that loves to exercise or just likes a quick breakfast or lunch would love a pack of protein bars. 
  8. Mints and Gum:  A tin of mints and a pack of gum makes a great Easter basket idea for teen boys… or even girls, for that matter.

More Fun Easter Gifts For Teenage Guys

Here are some more fun Easter basket ideas for teen boys.

Easter gifts for teenage guys

  1. Gift Cards:  When all else fails, you can always give your teenager a gift card. Most teen boys would love a Steam, Amazon, or Visa gift card. Or if there is a coffee shop or fast food place your child loves, grab a gift card from there! 
  2. Funko Pops:  Those who collect Funkos would love to see one in their Easter basket! Marvel, TV show, and video game characters almost all have a Funko. Check out what your child is collecting and grab one they might be missing!
  3. Coloring Book:  An adult coloring book would be a great Easter Basket stuffer for the creative teenager. Throw in some nice colored pencils for a great accessory gift! 
  4. Bluetooth Speaker:  A small, portable bluetooth speaker that can be taken in the shower or to exercise.
  5. Infinity Toys:  Fidget toys aren’t always for younger kids. Nowadays, fidget toys are comforting for anxious or nervous teenagers. This infinity cube is a fun fidget toy suited for older ages.
  6. Wallet:  Now that your child is likely getting their license, a school ID, and perhaps a credit card, a wallet might be a good Easter basket idea. Something slim would be useful, as most teens don’t make a habit of carrying around cash. 
  7. Personal Care Items:  Even guys like to take care of themselves! Put together a care package of deodorant, hand lotion, face wash, moisturizer, or anything else your specific child enjoys to use.
  8. Car Accessories:  Your mobile teenager would really appreciate a phone mount, cool decal, or air freshener for their car.

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