Inside: Easter egg hunt ideas that teenagers would love to join.

Easter egg hunts are a fun family event, especially for kids. That’s why it can be hard to come up with Easter egg hunt ideas that are appropriate for teenagers. If you’re a parent, you’ll know that they are growing up and may not want to hunt for the usual goodies or eggs.

Here are my family’s favorite awesome Easter egg hunt ideas that every adult and teenager will love, like spins on traditional Easter egg hunts, group games, creative prizes, and more.

If you want everyone to have a memorable time this Easter, here are some creative ways you can host an Easter egg hunt that caters to teens!

Easter egg hunt ideas teens will love

Egg-stra ordinary Easter Egg Hunt Ideas For Younger Teens

Younger teens, aged 13-15,  are at the stage where they may want to come up with their own activities for Easter. They may still like some of the more traditional egg hunts, but adding dares, silly challenges or other more amusing egg hunts may pique their interest. Here are some ideas for Easter egg hunts that this age group will love.

  1. Hide at least six plastic eggs all around your backyard. Each player gets one egg to open at a time until they find the golden egg, which contains the special prize.
  2. Have each player find their favorite Easter candy hidden in an Easter egg in different areas of your yard.
  3. Situate all the eggs nicely on a table next to your easter basket, and have your teens reach in for an egg without looking. The first player with a winning egg wins the basket!
  4. You may also hide a raffle ticket in each egg. Then, once all of the eggs have been discovered, have your teens turn in their tickets to win prizes.
  5. Fill plastic eggs with different colors of play dough and hide them around your backyard. The first player to find all the eggs of one color wins a prize.
  6. Tie a plastic egg to the free end of a balloon string to create a minefield.
  7. Write down fill-in-the-blank Easter phrases on pieces of paper, fold them up, and put them in plastic eggs. The first player to find an egg and complete their phrase wins!
  8. In a tiny pool, combine colorful plastic balls with Easter eggs for a fun hunting experience.

Creative Easter Egg Hunt Ideas that Older Teens Will Love

For teens who are a bit older, say 16+, try some fun Easter egg hunts that involve more of a challenge. Make sure to invite teens who are the same age as them, too!

Creative Easter egg hunts for older teens

  1. String up small, multi-colored plastic eggs along the branches of a tree. Have your teens try to collect as many eggs as they can without touching the ground!
  2. Fill plastic eggs with questions and have teens search for baskets filled with the answers.
  3. Fill Easter eggs with money and have teens search for them to use it on their spring break trip.
  4. Use a Sharpie marker to write personality traits on eggs. Have teens find eggs that represent them/their peers.
  5. Place eggs filled with candy inside a mini pool, and have your teens sit around the pool to find them by reaching in. The first person with a winning egg wins a small prize.
  6. Fill Easter eggs with tickets to a movie night and have your teens search for them.
  7. Put pink or blue dye in some eggs and hide them around the yard. The first player to find both colors of dyed eggs wins a prize.
  8. Fill plastic eggs with baby photos of you and the teens. Have the teens search for the eggs that contain pictures of themselves. The first person to find their egg wins.

Easter activities for teens

Easter Activities for Teens in Groups

Easter egg hunts are not complete without a game that involves teamwork.  Here are some ideas to bring your family together in the spirit of Easter.

  1. Create teams and give out clues such as “You’ll find this in a place you go before bedtime,” or, “It’s somewhere you’d see if you took a walk at sunset.”
  2. Have two teams go head-to-head as they try to find the most eggs in the given time limit, and award a small prize to the winner.
  3. Hide different colored eggs in separate areas and have each team gather a certain number of eggs in each color to win.
  4. Play Easter egg relays. Have one person search for an egg and tag the next person in line when they’ve found one. The first team to finish wins.
  5. Give each team a set of five numbers. They should look for the eggs with the exact numbers in them and arrange the eggs according to the order. The first team to do this wins.

More Ideas: Easter Egg Hunt for Teenagers

There are so many ways to make your Easter egg hunts fun! Here are some more Easter egg hunt ideas to try out.

  1. Hunt for eggs using flashlights at night. The team that finds the most eggs wins!
  2. If you’re not able to gather everyone together, have them take photos of their rooms or backyards with Easter eggs hidden in them. Reveal the photos to teens during a video conference and ask them to look for the eggs.
  3. Give your teens magnifying glasses to help them look for Easter eggs.
  4. If you have a pool, have your teens swim around looking for eggs. The first person to collect five eggs wins! Make sure to exercise caution with this game.

Prize Ideas for Your Easter Egg Hunt

What is a game without a prize?  Whether it’s candy, a small toy or a coupon for a fun activity, give out something as an incentive to play your Easter egg hunts!

Prize ideas for teen Easter egg hunt

  1. Trophies for individual winners
  2. Medals for teams
  3. Gift cards and vouchers
  4. Donation to a charity or cause of choice
  5. A variety of raffle prizes
  6. An in-app purchase in their favorite mobile game

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