Inside: Cutest boyfriend easter basket ideas that he’ll love.

Easter is coming up, and I don’t know about you but I am super excited! Honestly, I had a rough few years after I moved out because this holiday just didn’t have that spark that it used to.

I didn’t get an easter basket anymore, no one had any kids for me to hide eggs for…it was just rough. This year I had a sudden realization: It is up to me to make my holidays magical now, and I can absolutely do it. So I ran to my boyfriend and declared, “We are making each other easter baskets!”

Simple and sweet boyfriend easter basket what to fill it with - ideas

Apparently, he was already planning on surprising me with one, and I ruined the surprise a bit, but he was still excited. This sent me down quite the spiral path of boyfriend easter basket ideas. There honestly wasn’t much online that I could find, so I thought I would share some of my favorite ideas with you.

First up, I am going to include the things that I am going to fill my boyfriend’s easter basket with. So Anthony if you are reading this, TURN AWAY. The ideas below are pretty universal for boyfriends though, so feel free to steal my ideas.

So, do you feel confident about creating your boyfriend’s easter basket now? I know that boys can be kind of confusing to shop for…but it can also be super fun! I hope you loved these boyfriend easter basket ideas as much as I do.

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