Christmas crafts for teens that are so easy, they can be done without the need for mom’s help. Because we are all too busy for that this season!

Christmas is knocking on the door, and let’s be honest, it makes us want to pull out the glue gun, no matter how old we are… Crafting during the holidays isn’t just for the little kids or the DIY experts, there are many fun opportunity for teens too!

From handmade DIY Christmas gifts for friends that spread heartfelt joy to personalized decorations that’ll make her Christmas tree proud, I’ve rounded up a sleigh-full (hehe, get it?) of vibrant, engaging, and downright cool Christmas crafts for teens.

Photo of someone doing a holiday craft

So, let’s deck the halls and get our craft stations ready, it’s time to dive into a holiday experience that’s not only about making crafts but also about making memories. See our year around craft ideas for teen girls for even more inspiration.

Christmas Craft Kits To Buy

I figured the best place to start would be simply. Below, you will find some of my favorite DIY craft kits (The Easiest!), that are perfect to keep your teens occupied this Holiday season.

If you need help choosing the right gift for a creative teen you know, check out this list of the best Christmas gifts teen girls will love, these art kit gift ideas will be a great choice for any craft loving high schooler you are buying for this year.

1. Christmas Themed Clay Earrings

2. 3D Themed Puzzle

3. Simple Felt Tree Idea

Felt Christmas tree DIY

4. Scrabble Ornament Idea

5. Macrame Tree Idea

6. Snowflake Pin Board Idea

Snowflake pegboard Christmas DIY

7. A candle making kit that’s perfect for crafting gifts for grandparents, teachers and friends.

Easy christmas crafts for teens fun ideas

8. Twinkling Ornaments that would be so fun to recreate at home

9. Gnome Macrame Kit

Pro tip: Anything that will allow the High School kids you know this season to rest is a good idea. Something like this loopy crochet Christmas tree will give them some downtime while they make something quite special.

Christmas puzzle idea

10. Acrylic Ornament Set that even includes hearts & pet gift ideas from your teen

Fun Christmas Crafts for High School Students

Now I want to go through some of my favorite DIYs that I have both done myself with my teens, or I’ve seen recently that I am eager to try out. These ideas are just the jumping off point, there is so much room for you to make each DIY your own!

11. DIY Christmas Ornaments

Personalize your Christmas tree by creating ornaments from scratch. Use clear baubles and fill them with glitter, paint, or even miniature scenes. You could also craft them from clay, wood slices, or fabric. I have a lot of inspiration for these on my Pinterest Christmas board.

Cozy christmas craft ideas

12. Handmade Stockings

Craft your own Christmas stockings using felt, fabric, or even upcycled sweaters. Decorate with sequins, embroidery, or fabric paint for a personal touch.

13. Homemade Bath Bombs

Make bath time festive by creating Christmas-themed bath bombs. Use molds in the shapes of stars, trees, or snowflakes, and add essential oils for a holiday scent like cinnamon or peppermint.

Christmas DIY Bathbombs

Wellness advent calendar for teens

14. DIY Advent Calendars

Create your own advent calendar, or make them for your entire friend group! This pretty illustrated idea by Anna Illustrations is a wonderful inspiration to create your own based on a simple wellness activity everyday. See all our teen advent calendar ideas both DIY and to buy.

15. Christmas Wreaths

Make a unique wreath using materials like burlap, pinecones, or even candy canes. Add a personal touch with handmade bows, bells, or cardinals for a pop of color.

Christmas DIY Wreath

16. Festive Pillowcases

Sew or decorate pillowcases with holiday themes. Use fabric paints, iron-on patches, or embroidery to create designs like snowflakes, reindeer, or classic Christmas phrases.

paper quilling Christmas DIY

17. Paper Quilling Cards

Try the art of paper quilling to create stunning Christmas cards. Roll thin strips of colored paper to form shapes like snowflakes or holly leaves, then glue them onto cards for a 3D effect.

18. Christmas Lanterns

Light up the room by making festive lanterns. Decorate mason jars with frosted spray paint, ribbons, and holly, then place a candle inside. Or, create paper lanterns with Christmas scenes cut out.

19. Cookie-Cutter Felt Ornaments

Use Christmas cookie cutters as templates to cut out felt shapes. Sew or glue two pieces together and add a ribbon loop at the top. Decorate with fabric paint, beads, or sequins.

Christmas DIY Felt ornaments

20. Scrapbook Paper Chain

Update the classic paper chain by using various patterns of scrapbook paper. Cut into strips and form interlocking loops to create a garland, perfect for the tree or draping around the house.

Cool Christmas Art Ideas

If art is more your thing, I know that you will find some wonderful inspiration below. These Christmas art projects are all super simple, so take each idea and run with them.

3 different Christmas Crafts

21. 3D Paper Snowflakes

22. Canvas String Art Snowman

Christmas DIY Paper wreath

23. Scrapbook Paper Wreath

24. Glitter ornaments!

25. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Painted pinecones Christmas DIY

26. Painted Pine Cone Christmas Trees

27. Melted Crayon Ornaments

DIY ornaments Teens can make

28. Prettiest orange ornament idea by Sandra that could be translated into any animal you can imagine. Watch the video tutorial right here.

29. Cartoon Reindeer Card

Reindeer card Christmas DIY

30. DIY bedroom decorating ideas

31. Yarn Wrapped Letters, these would be so cute to make for a Christmas gift for your boyfriend or a BFF bedroom decor idea.

32. DIY Thank you cards for the holiday season

Christmas DIY Light up jar ornament

33. Paper Plate Angel Project

34. Thumbprint String of Lights

35. Holiday Rock Painting

Christmas DIY Painted rock

Christmas Crafts for High School Students

I think one of the reasons why I love the holiday season so much is because of how much potential there is for quality time. It may not feel like it, but by you going out of your way to find crafts for your teens to do is essentially carving out a designated time to connect and make memories. These Christmas crafts for teens are just the start and are perfect for crafting alongside them while you watch a Hallmark movie and laugh at how silly it is.

3 unique Christmas themed crafts

36. DIY Christmas Cards

Using cardstock, markers, and stickers, create personalized Christmas cards to share holiday greetings with friends and family.

37. Homemade Snow Globes

Take an empty jar, a cute holiday figurine, some glitter, and glycerin to craft your own magical snow globe.

38. Beaded Ornaments

With colorful beads and some craft wire, design and create unique beaded ornaments to hang on the Christmas tree.

Beaded Ornament Christmas DIY

39. Fabric Wreaths

Cut up strips of festive fabric and tie them around a wire ring to create a cozy, rustic wreath for your door.

40. Paper Snowflakes

Fold and snip white paper to make delicate snowflakes. Tape them to windows or string them up for a snowy atmosphere indoors.

Christmas DIY Paper snowflakes

41. Salt Dough Ornaments

Mix flour, salt, and water to make a dough you can shape into ornaments. Once they’re dry, paint and varnish them for a lasting memory.

42. Felt Christmas Trees

Cut out Christmas tree shapes from green felt and decorate them with sequins, buttons, and glitter to make flat, no-mess tabletop trees.

Felt tree ornament Christmas DIY

43. Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Glue popsicle sticks together in starburst patterns, then paint and add glitter to create rustic snowflake decorations.

44. Reindeer Headbands

Twist pipe cleaners around a headband to make antlers, then glue on a red pom-pom for the nose to transform into a Christmas reindeer.

Christmas DIY Antler headband

45. String Art Christmas Tree

On a small canvas, hammer nails in the shape of a tree and zigzag green thread around them to form a minimalistic, artistic piece.

46. Hand-Painted Christmas Mugs

Use porcelain paints to decorate plain mugs with holiday designs, making a perfect homemade gift or a new favorite hot cocoa cup.

Christmas DIY Painted mug

47. Candy Cane Reindeer

Twist pipe cleaners around the top of a candy cane for antlers, glue on googly eyes and a pom-pom nose, and you’ve got a sweet reindeer treat.

48. Sock Snowmen

Fill a white sock with rice, then use rubber bands and buttons to shape and decorate a cute, squishy snowman.

sock snowmen Christmas DIY

49. Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornaments

Tie scraps of ribbon or fabric in a descending row along a twig or cinnamon stick for a simple, rustic tree ornament.

50. Christmas Light Garland

Wrap a set of Christmas lights with colorful cupcake liners, making little lampshades that diffuse the light and add a unique flair to your space. Or use oranges to create a garland that looks as good as it smells.

Orange garland for Christmas DIY

51. Nativity Craft

Embrace the holiday spirit with a DIY Nativity scene, a project that allows you to showcase your creativity while celebrating the essence of Christmas. Start by gathering materials like small wooden peg dolls, fabric scraps, paint, and clay for your main figures: Mary, Joseph, the Three Wise Men, shepherds, and angels.

For Baby Jesus, a swaddled cotton ball in a walnut shell or a small crafted cradle makes a simple yet poignant centerpiece. Use clay or wooden beads for the animals and a cardboard box or popsicle sticks to construct the stable. Paint faces and details on the peg dolls, drape them in fabric scraps for clothing, and use yarn for hair or angel halos.

Assemble your characters in the stable, and for the final touch, craft a bright star to hang overhead. This hands-on craft offers a meaningful way to engage with the traditional Christmas story, creating a cherished and personal piece of holiday décor that reflects your own vision and craftsmanship.

Here’s to a holiday filled with creativity, laughter, and moments that will be treasured for years to come. Keep crafting, keep dreaming, and above all, have a holly, jolly Christmas!

PS. Thanksgiving crafts for teens to kick off the holiday crafting season with fun.