Inside: 57 Teen Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

Keeping your space trendy, at least for a while, isn’t hard as long as you take into consideration several things. In our opinion, the key is to make something that successfully combines a sense of playfulness with a sense of maturity. One effective strategy is to combine practical elements with eye-catching colors or patterns. All members of the family are sure to appreciate the results of these teen-friendly bathroom design ideas.

We have options for any bathroom, no matter or gender of your teen or the size of your space. Browse through our top picks and tell us what you think!

Bathroom Decorations

Tips for Decorating a Bathroom for Teens

Teenagers’ restrooms come in all sizes and shapes. Bathrooms can be both functional and enjoyable with careful planning.

It’s important to keep in mind the following features of a typical teen bathroom:

Window Treatments and Walls

Start with the walls and windows first. How about a new coat of paint or maybe some new wallpaper? Could you use some window coverings, like blinds, shades, or curtains? If you’re going to paint the room, use a shade that your teen finds appealing. If you’re going to wallpaper, try to find a pattern or texture that they particularly like. Since teenagers’ tastes are as varied as their experiences, it’s difficult to generalize about the colors they might prefer. If you must paint, choose a semigloss finish that stands up well to moisture and chips. If your teen has an artistic bent, they may enjoy painting a mural or other wall decoration to give their room a one-of-a-kind appearance.


Your teenager may place a high value on neatness and storage, or they may not see the point at all. When I was a teen, I realized how important it was to keep my room neat and orderly. You can find cosmetic and toiletry organizers specifically designed for teenage girls. Towels, creams, and brushes for styling hair should all be within easy reach. Add a vanity so that they have somewhere to do their morning and evening grooming without disturbing the peace. Young men in their teens, on the other hand, are easily confused. It’s likely that a standard toilet closet will suffice for their needs.

Shower Curtains and Linens

Give your teen free reign over the bathroom decor, including the shower curtain. This could be anything from a musical genre or color scheme to a dark shade of blue or green. These days, you can even find show curtains with built-in pockets that are big enough to hold shampoo and body wash. Towels for the body and the hands should be the same color for a unified look.

Light and Other Accessories

Change out your old light bulbs for something more exciting, like a chandelier or a contemporary design. Place in the room the art, succulents, ceramics, etc. that your teen enjoys most. Adding matching mats, toothbrush holders, and soap dispensers will greatly improve the decor of their washroom. To really make an impact, paint the mirror frame below the lighting on their vanity.

Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

These fun, colorful, and totally functional teen bathroom ideas are just a few of our favorite designs.

1. Colorful Pop Wallpaper with Black

2. Modern Theme

3. Neutral Bathroom

4. Muted Pops of Color

5. Bright Layout

6. Botanical Theme

7. Mixed Patterns

Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Teen Girl Bathroom Ideas

Bathrooms, especially those used by girls, should not fear a wide range of vibrant, unadulterated hues and evocative furnishings and accessories. Teens in this optimal state should feel nothing but joy and excitement. After all, the girls do more than just their daily routines of brushing their teeth and taking showers. A good time is guaranteed whenever they use the restroom in their home.

8. Unique Mirror Set Up

9. Bright Colors

10. Preppy Style

11. Lip Wallpaper

12. Patterns and Bright Colors

Teen Girl Bathroom Ideas

Small Teenage Girl Bathroom Ideas

It can be challenging to create a functional space in a narrow or small bathroom. Because of their small size, you can cut down on the number of resources used, which translates to cost savings. Contrarily, no one enjoys being confined in a confined space like a tiny bathroom.

13. Sophisticated Bathroom Design

14. Black, White, and Pops of Yellow

15. Focal Mirror

16. Shelf Storage

17. Ladder Storage

Teenage Girl Bathroom Decor Ideas

Here are some of our favorite ways to decorate a teen’s bathroom. The devil is in the details, so don’t skimp on the rug or curtain in the bathroom if you want it to feel like a true work of art. Your teen will find everything they want in these decorative accessories, from vibrant colors to modern patterns.

18.Pink and Orange Bath Mat

19. Flower Bathroom Rug

20. Framed Quote

21. Polka Dot Shower Curtain

22. Printed Laundry Basket

23. Sunrise Trinket Dish

24. Toilet Paper Holder

25. Brass Towel Ring

26. Beaded Wall

Teenage Girl Bathroom Decor

Teenage Girl Bathroom Accessories

Teens can have a say in the design of their own bathroom by selecting accessories, window coverings, and storage solutions. In order to help them decide what will work best for their bathroom, you can sit down with them and go over various color schemes, storage options, and other creative ideas.

If you want to keep your teen’s bathroom neat and tidy and provide for all of their needs, then these accessories are a must-have.

27. Rainbow-Colored Bath Towels

28. Bath Towel Hanger

29. Pink Bath Mat

30. Glass Bathroom Containers

31. Small Makeup Mirror

32. Wicker Canisters 

33. Shower Caddy

34. Brass Colored Trash can

35. Hair Dryer Holder

Bathroom Accessories for Teens & Tweens

Teen Boy Bathroom Ideas

It’s important to research boys’ bathroom decor ideas before you start planning a bathroom remodel or new installation. If you want to make sure your boy’s bathroom design is efficient and attractive, you have a lot of options, including fun accessories with favorite characters and fun, functional storage.

36. Old School Bathroom Decor

37. Craftsman Vanity

38. Green Vanity with Fun Accents

39. Teen Boy Bath Decor

40. Nautical Theme

41. Star Wars Bathroom

42. Black and Natural Wood

43. Navy Decor Theme

44. Rustic Bathroom

45. Simple Bathroom

46. Industrial Bathroom Decor

47. Superhero Bathroom

Teen Boy Bathroom Ideas

Modern Teenage Bathrooms

These cutting-edge bathroom designs for teenagers could be just what you’re looking for if you’re into a more contemporary aesthetic.

48. Modern Girl Bath

49. Brass Bathroom

50. Bright Modern Bathroom

51. Fun Modern Bathroom

52. Ultra Modern Design

53. Wallpaper Modern Bathroom

54. Modernized Idea

55. Teen Bathroom with Modern Design

56. Vintage Twist

57. Simple Modern Bathroom Design

Modern Teenage Bathroom

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Teen Bathroom Ideas