Inside: 57 Teen Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

What is the trick for designing a teen bathroom that kids will not outgrow within a few years? We think the secret is to create something that feels both youthful and grown-up. Functional features combined with fun colors or patterns are one way to get the job done. The following teen bathroom ideas share playful tips for designing a bathroom that the entire family would love using.

We have designs for girls, boys, and every size of bathroom you might have! Check out our favorite ideas and let us know what you love!

Bathroom Decorations

Tips for Decorating a Bathroom for Teens

Teenage bathrooms can be of various shapes and sizes. A well-thought-out design makes the bathroom practical but fun! 

You should remember the main elements of the interior of a teen bathroom:

Window Treatments and Walls

The first thing you’ll want to do is start with the walls and windows. Will you be applying a fresh set of paint or wallpaper? Do your windows need blinds, shades, or curtains? If applying a paint color, pick a color that lines up with your teenager’s color preferences. If installing wallpaper, pick a texture or design that is one of their favorites. It’s hard to pinpoint what colors a teenager would like as times are changing, so every circumstance will be different. If painting, use a semigloss paint that will do well against humidity and chipping. If your teenager is on the artsy side, encourage them to paint their design on the walls for a unique look.


Depending on your teenager, organization and storage could rank either high or low on their list. As I teenager I know I needed to have everything clean and a certain way. For teenage girls, you can buy storage containers for their makeup, toiletries, and other hygiene items. Keep items in reach such as hand towels, lotions, and hair care devices. You can even consider adding a separate vanity for them to get ready in the morning and night. Teenage boys, on the other hand, are very simple. A basic bathroom will be just about all the storage they need.

Shower Curtains and Linens

Let your teenager pick out their shower curtains that go with their theme or color scheme. This could be neutral colors, dark shades of blue, green, sports themes, music, etc. Some show curtains now even have storage pockets that can hold body washes and shampoo. Also, don’t forget to match body towels and hand towels of the same color.

Light and Other Accessories

You can now replace boring lighting fixtures with modern designs or chandeliers. Add your teenager’s favorite decor such as artwork, plants, pottery, etc. You can boost the aesthetic of their bathroom by adding coordinated rugs, toothbrush holders, and soap dispensers. For an eye-popping touch, you can even paint the frame of their vanity mirror below the lighting.

Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

These fun, colorful, and totally functional teen bathroom ideas are just a few of our favorite designs.

1. Colorful Pop Wallpaper with Black

2. Flower + Botanical Theme

3. Bright Colors and Mixed Patterns

4. Muted Pops of Color

5. Bright and Clean Layout

6. Neutral Shared Bathroom

7. Modern + Classic Theme

Teenage Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Teen Girl Bathroom Ideas

Girls’ bathrooms, unlike other rooms in the house, should not be “afraid” of the variety of bright and pure colors and expressive decor. Being in this functional zone, teens should experience only positive, and enthusiastic emotions. After all, the regular procedure of brushing teeth and bathing is not the only activity of the girls. They always use their bathroom as a part of a fun game.

8. Preppy Style with Gold Accents

9. Tons of Bright Colors

10. Fun Lip Wallpaper

11. Unique Mirror Set Up

12. Mixed Patterns and Bright Colors

Teen Girl Bathroom Ideas

Small Teenage Girl Bathroom Ideas

Small bathrooms can be tough to design. On the one hand, because they are compact, you save money on materials because you are using fewer materials. On the other hand, small bathrooms are small, and no one likes being cramped.

13. Ladder Storage Idea

14. Black, White, and Pops of Yellow

15. Fun Focal Mirror

16. Sophisticated Small Bathroom Design

17. Ton of Shelf Storage

Teenage Girl Bathroom Decor Ideas

Check out a few of our favorite teen bathroom decor ideas and accessories. From bath mats to shower curtains, designing a unique space is all in the detail. These fun decor items are packed full of fun colors, trendy designs, and everything your teen is looking for in their space.

18. Flower Shaped Bathroom Rug

19. Beaded Wall Decor

20. Positive Framed Quote

21. Brass Toilet Paper Holder

22. Pink and Orange Bath Mat

23. Polka Dot Shower Curtain

24. Sunrise Trinket Dish

25. Brass Towel Ring

26. Printed Laundry Basket

Teenage Girl Bathroom Decor

Teenage Girl Bathroom Accessories

You can let your teenager express themselves by helping pick out decor options, window treatments, storage, and many other features that a bathroom needs. To pick out what’s best for their bathroom, you can sit down with them and have them pick out the color schemes, organization ideas, and other inspirational components.

These functional teen bathroom accessories are perfect to make sure your teenager’s bathroom not only stays organized but meets all their needs.

27. Hair Dryer + Straightener Holder

28. Bath Towel Hanger

29. Rainbow-Colored Bath Towels

30. Glass Bathroom Containers

31. Pink No-Slip Bath Mat

32. Wicker Canisters 

33. Small Makeup Mirror

34. Brass Colored Trashcan

35. Organizing Shower Caddy

Bathroom Accessories for Teens & Tweens

Teen Boy Bathroom Ideas

If you’re remodeling or installing a bathroom for boys, you’ll want to peruse options for boys’ bathroom decorating. Playful accessories with favorite characters plus fun, functional storage will give you plenty of options, ensuring that your boy’s bathroom design will be an efficient, handsome space.

36. Sophisticated Superhero Bathroom

37. Craftsman Vanity

38. Green Vanity with Fun Accents

39. Old School Bathroom Decor

40. Sophisticated Nautical Theme

41. Grown Up Star Wars Bathroom

42. Teen Boy Bath Decor

43. Navy Decor Theme

44. Rustic Boys Bathroom

45. Black and Natural Wood

46. Industrial Themed Bathroom Decor

47. Simple Boys Bathroom

Teen Boy Bathroom Ideas

Modern Teenage Bathrooms

If you’re looking for more of a modern touch of your space, then these modern teenage bathroom ideas might be more your style.

48. Modern Inspired Girl Bath

49. Simple Modern Bathroom Design

50. Bright Colored Modern Bathroom

51. Fun Modern Bathroom

52. Pink and Brass Bathroom

53. Patterned Wallpaper Modern Bathroom

54. Modernized Bathroom Idea

55. Ultra Modern Design

56. Vintage and Modern Twist

57. Teen Bathroom with Modern Design

Modern Teenage Bathroom

More Ideas Teenagers Will Love

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Teen Bathroom Ideas