Inside: 37 Winter Birthday Party Ideas Teens Will Love.

Winter birthday parties can be as fun as summer birthday parties with the right winter birthday party themes.

For some, summertime is a preferred time for any birthday party, including a teenage birthday party.

But honestly, I prefer winter birthday parties! They can totally be fun too, with the right winter birthday party themes. The main difference between a summer and a winter birthday party is the fact that you have to find something inside, especially if you live in a very cold area.

This is easier than you would think, places like skating rinks, escape rooms, race tracks, and even a classic slumber party are all perfect ideas for the frosty months.

Plus, wintertime offers cool themes like a winter wonderland and sweet Candy land – inspired goodies.

Check out our favorite cool winter birthday party ideas teens will love and how you can make it special no matter the temp!

How To Plan a Teenage Party

Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

1. Classic Slumber Party: This one is a favorite because teen does not like their sleepover where they can stay up all night doing all that they love doing. The venue for this themed party will be at your house.

To make it fun for them have fun activities lined up that can include a cooking and baking competition and other teen fun games. Given the theme, the party outfit will be pajamas and onesies. Everyone will be warm and having fun at the same time and you will not be too far off to keep an eye from a distance if you want. A perfect win-win party for everyone.

2.  Scavenger Hunt Party: This theme will revolve around the loved scavenger hunt game. You can make it more mature for them by incorporating the use of smartphones in trying to find the clues and win.

You can do a scavenger hunt in a lot of different indoor areas like:

  • The Mall
  • House
  • Target
  • Different Locations with Designated Drivers

3. Spa and Manicure Party: This is another great birthday party idea for a teenage girl in winter. It is one that she will also love.

4. Winter Wonderland Theme: This is the perfect theme for a winter birthday party that happens to fall during the Christmas festive season. With this theme, your imagination is your only limitation. Your teen can create their winter wonderland and you recreate that wonderland in their party.

5. Bonfire/Fire Pit Party: Choose an outdoor fire and some lovely pillows and blankets for ‘chilling out’ rather than rainbow balloons and paper streamers. Focus on having great music that she likes, a more grown-up feeling setting. A DJ for an hour or two and some lights would also be a huge hit. Make cocoa. For interactive options, have fancy DIY smores.

How to Celebrate a Winter Birthday

6. Go Ice Skating: Ice skating isn’t exactly ‘easy’ if you’re new to it, but this is a wintertime staple. Especially if you have an athletic teen, an outdoor (or indoor) rink will let them hang out with friends and use up some of that youthful energy.

7. Play at an Arcade: Have an indoor party at an arcade. Rather than dealing with cold weather and a bunch of damp, grumpy teenagers, head down to your local arcade and play some games.

Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

8. Crafty Theme: Is your daughter artistic? Setting up a craft-based indoor party is excellent for winter. You can make Iron on t-shirts, jewelry, or even wrap up beeswax candles. As long as you pick something they want to do, it will be great.

9. Escape Room: Not going to lie, I’m kind of obsessed with Escape Rooms. To put it simply, you and a maximum of 7 other people walk into a room and 60 minutes to figure out how to get out following clues. It usually requires players to find clues, find keys and find codes that all unlock locks which helps you get out of the room. In truth, there is always an emergency exit for people who need it but it’s a thrilling and fun experience to do with friends.

10. Indoor Go Cart Racing: Go carts have come a long, long way in the last decade. You can now drive really powerful, really fast go-carts safely inside of go-cart facilities. Usually, they have carts for a variety of ages/heights, so check the website to ensure your guests can participate.  The carts that go excessively fast will usually require that the rider be at least 15 years old with a valid driver’s license.

Things To Do for Winter Birthdays

Here are a few of our favorite winter birthday party ideas teens will love.

11. Go to the Movies

12. Ice Skating

13. Visit an Escape Room

14. Video Game Tournament

Things To Do for Winter Birthdays

15. Get Crafty

16. Minute To Win It Game Night

17. At-Home Spa Night

18. Axe Throwing

19. Pottery Class

20. Arcade

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas in Winter

21. Glow in the Dark Theme: A black light party is a fun way to have a glowing time with your friends. For decoration ideas, think glow-in-the-dark stuff. You can find tons of ideas for this theme party here. My favorite idea: include a glow stick with your invitations!

22. Candy Theme Party: Who doesn’t love candy? It can brighten up a drab winter day in a hurry! While you can take this party in many directions, you’ll definitely want a candy buffet front and center! You could choose your favorite candy, then theme the decor around that.

23. Indoor Rock Climbing: I love indoor rock climbing. With the different courses available, it makes it easy for all skill levels to enjoy scaling the rock faces. You can plan a fantastic day of bouldering or choose to get on the ropes. Whatever your desired challenge, you will have blast racing friends to the top or trying strategic routes.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas in Winter

24. Jewelry Making Party: Craft custom pieces together and take them home. We’re partial to Kendra Scott’s Color Bar (which has retail locations in some states). Customize everything from metal type to stone color for one-of-a-kind pieces for each of your guests.

25. Skating Rink Party: Take a cue from the ’70s and host a disco party at the local roller rink, even if you’ve never roller skated before. You can wear chic retro gear and knee socks while rolling away to the fun and funky tunes.

Cool Winter Party Ideas

26. Use a Letter Theme: We recommend using the letter of your first name and have everyone come dressed up as something that begins with that. To really commit to the theme, only serve food that begins with that letter as well. M is for milkshakes and marshmallows!

27. Murder Mystery Party: Do your teen and their friends have a flair for the dramatic? Then this is the party for them: Everyone has a role to play and everyone is a suspect! You have a lot of options as to how this mystery plays out – you can make up your own, find a free script and instructions online, or buy a ready-made themed kit with scripts and all the particulars.

28. ‘Amazing Race’ Party: This idea based on the scavenger-hunt reality TV show takes some planning.

29. Pizza Party: Did someone say pizza? It’s the universal food most teens can’t pass up! Of course, most teenagers will settle for plain cheese, pepperoni, or sausage pizza, but why not take it up a notch by serving all different kinds of pizzas to tempt their tastebuds.

30. Night at the Museum: There is something inherently exciting about being inside a museum when it is closed. Many large and small museums offer after-hours-themed events. Attending one of these as a birthday excursion is pretty cool. Some are for adults only, but there are museums with after-hours events for all ages.

13th Birthday Party Ideas in Winter

The great thing about 13-year-olds is that they still have some of that child-like spirit that lets you get away with more kid-friendly fun.

31. Laser Tag: Whether you opt to go to a professional laser tag arena or pick up some laser tag home gear, this is a fun way to keep thirteen-year-old boys busy.

32. Hit the Rink: You could visit an ice skating rink or roller skating rink

33.  DIY Escape Room at Home

13th Birthday Party Ideas in Winter

34. Video Game Tournament: Plug in a bunch of consoles and TVs and have yourself an epic tournament of the games.

35. Scavenger Hunt at the Mall

36. Spa Night: Girls will love this theme, especially with personalized spa areas that have fun accessories like nail polish, headbands, and makeup.

37. Bake Off Competition: Split teens up in groups and have an ultimate cupcake decorating showdown.

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Winter Birthday Party Ideas Teens