Inside: 37 Winter Birthday Party Ideas Teens Will Love.

With the right winter birthday party themes, you can have just as much fun celebrating your teenager’s birthday in the dead of winter as you would in the height of summer.

Some people would rather celebrate any age group’s birthday, including those of teenagers, in the summer.

However, if I had to choose, I’d opt for a birthday celebration in the winter. Winter birthday parties can be loads of fun if you choose the right themes. For a birthday celebration in the winter, you’ll need to think of an indoor activity, which can be a challenge if you live in a particularly cold climate.

Skating rinks, escape rooms, racing go carts, and even a good old-fashioned slumber party are all great options for this time of year.

Read on for some of our favorite ways to throw a memorable birthday bash for a teen in the winter.

How To Plan a Teenage Party

Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

1. Classic Slumber Party:

This is a fan-favorite because teenagers love nothing more than to party the night away at a sleepover. Your home will serve as the setting for this themed party.

Prepare some entertaining activities, such as a baking and cooking contest, and other games that teenagers will enjoy. Since pajamas are part of the theme, guests are expected to wear them to the party. You can keep an eye on things from a distance if you’d like, but everyone will be toasty and having a good time at the same time. All of the guests leave happy and satisfied.

2.  Scavenger Hunt Party:

The classic scavenger-hunting game will serve as inspiration for this event’s theme. Making use of smartphones to solve puzzles and find answers will make it more challenging and exciting for them.

Indoor locations such as:

  • The Mall
  • Your Home
  • Target
  • Throughout your community

3. Spa and Manicure Party:

This is yet another fantastic concept for a winter birthday party for a teen girl. It’s the kind of thing she’d adore, too.

4. Winter Wonderland Theme:

If your child’s birthday is in the dead of winter, during the holiday season, this is the perfect theme for their party. Your ability to creatively apply this theme is the only restriction. If your teen wants to throw a winter wonderland party, you can help them do so by decorating in that theme.

5. Bonfire/Fire Pit Party:

Instead of buying colorful balloons and bright party supplies, opt for an outdoor fire and some comfy pillows and blankets. Create an atmosphere that makes her feel like an adult by playing music she enjoys. It would be a huge success if there was a DJ playing for an hour or two and some lights. Sip on hot chocolate. Put together s’mores and watch everyone devour them.

How to Celebrate a Winter Birthday

6. Go Ice Skating:

Although learning to ice skate is not a walk in the park, it’s a fun winter activity. Having access to an outdoor or indoor rink is a great way for teens, especially those who are active, to socialize while also getting some of that boundless energy out.

7. Play at an Arcade:

There’s no way a group of teenagers wouldn’t have a great time in an arcade. They can let loose and enjoy being kids again! Get a group of teenagers together and enjoy the good times!

Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Teens

8. Crafty Theme:

This winter, host an indoor party centered around arts and crafts. T-shirts, trinkets, and even candles can be embellished with iron. The event will be successful if you choose an activity that interests them.

9. Escape Room:

As fun as they are, escape rooms require a collaborative effort from everyone involved to complete. Your team will need to race the clock  to see if they can solve the puzzle and escape the room before the time runs out.

10. Indoor Go Cart Racing:

All the teenagers will be pumped up with excitement after trying out the go carts. They can have a race to see who has the most skill behind the wheel.

Things To Do for Winter Birthdays

Here are a few of our favorite winter birthday party ideas teens will love.

11. Watch a movie

12. Go to an outdoor ice skating venue

13. Play in the snow

14. Video Game Tournament

Things To Do for Winter Birthdays

15. Have a craft party

16. Minute To Win It Game Night

17. Have a sleepover

18. Go Axe Throwing

19. Host a paint party

20. Visit an Arcade

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas in Winter

21. Glow in the Dark Theme:  Get together with your pals for a black light party and bask in the glow of the night. You might use glow-in-the-dark items as decorations. Here you can find a plethora of theme party suggestions. Inviting people to an event is even better when they receive a glow stick along with their invitation.

22. Candy Theme Party:  Truly, there probably isn’t a human being on the planet who doesn’t enjoy sweets. It’s a quick fix for a dreary winter day! This celebration can go in many routes, but a candy buffet should be one of them! Pick out your preferred sweet and use it as inspiration for the party’s theme.

23. Indoor Rock Climbing:  The thrill of indoor rock climbing is one of my favorite activities. All skill levels can enjoy rock climbing thanks to the variety of routes available. You have the option of arranging a thrilling day of bouldering or of climbing the traditional way, with the help of ropes. It’s a lot of fun to race your friends to the top or experiment with different routes and strategies to see which works best for you.

Teenage Birthday Party Ideas in Winter

24. Jewelry Making Party:  Produce one-of-a-kind works of art and take them home. Create one-of-a-kind gifts for your guests by letting them choose everything from the metal to the color of the stones.

25. Skating Rink Party:  In the spirit of the disco era of the 1970s, throw a disco party at the roller rink, even if you’ve never roller skated before. Put on some stylish knee socks and rock out to the funky tunes of the past era.

Cool Winter Party Ideas

26. Use a Letter Theme:  We suggest starting with the first letter of everyone’s names and having everyone come dressed as something that starts with that letter. To go all out with the theme, only serve dishes whose names start with the designated letter. In addition to M&M’s, milkshakes are also represented by the letter M.

27. Murder Mystery Party: Can you tell if your teen and their pals have a knack for theatrics? Those people should attend this celebration: Everyone is a potential suspect and has some part to play in the plot. You can either come up with your own solution to the mystery at hand, use one you find online for free, along with detailed instructions, or purchase a pre-packaged solution in the form of a themed kit.

28. ‘Amazing Race’ Party: This concept, inspired by the popular reality show, requires careful preparation.

29. Pizza Party:  A slice of pizza? The majority of teenagers around the world can’t resist this snack! Sure, most teenagers would be content with cheese, pepperoni, or hamburger pizza, but you might as well give them a variety to choose from.

30. Night at the Museum:Visiting a museum after hours is always a thrilling experience. Large and small museums alike frequently host special, after-hours events with a variety of themes. It’s a lot of fun to go to one of these on your birthday. Though some museums reserve their after-hours activities for adults only, many welcome families with children to join them.

13th Birthday Party Ideas in Winter

The best part about hanging out with a 13-year-old is that they still have enough of a sense of wonder and innocence to enjoy some of the more harmless games designed for younger children.

31. Laser Tag

32. Hit the Rink

33.  DIY Escape Room at Home

13th Birthday Party Ideas in Winter

34. Video Game Tournament: Plug in a bunch of consoles and TVs and have yourself an epic tournament of the games.

35. Scavenger Hunt at the Mall

36. Spa Night: Girls will love this theme, especially with personalized spa areas that have fun accessories like nail polish, headbands, and makeup.

37. Bake Off Competition: Split teens up in groups and have an ultimate cupcake decorating showdown.

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