Inside: The best advice for getting & keeping babysitting jobs for 13 year olds.

So, you want to start your own babysitting job… that’s great!

This is an exciting decision that comes with so many benefits. You get to learn new skills, take on some more responsibility, and the best part of all, you get to make money!

Tips for Finding Babysitting Jobs for 13 Year Olds

As you are growing older, you are learning to be more independent. Babysitting is one of the best ways to become comfortable with that independence, to accept it and own it.

You got this!

Though you may want to just jump right in to finding your babysitting jobs for 13 year olds, there are some things that you must do to prepare for this kind of job.

How much to charge

So, when you are deciding on your price you need to keep in mind your experience level. In the beginning, you are better off working for a lower price like $10 an hour. But once you get some experience you can bump that up to $15.

You are your own entrepreneur, and you get to choose how much you are paid(within reason).

How cool is that!

Okay now that we’ve got your price figured out, it’s time to learn about where to find a job.

How to Find A Babysitting Job for 13 Years Olds

1. Ask your parents – Your parents have their own circle of friends that have kids and are most likely in need of child care. Plus this is your best chance at getting a babysitting job quickly since they already know your parents and that you are trustworthy.

2.  Put an ad out – You can create a flyer with what you are offering and put it up in stores and on bulletin boards in your area. Put your parent’s number, not your own.

3. Make a Facebook Add – Have your parents create a Facebook ad covering all of the services you offer, how you are qualified, and how to get ahold of you(through your parents).

4. Sign up on a website – There are so many babysitting websites it’s ridiculous.

Best Websites to Find Kids to Babysit

These are some of the top websites for babysitting. They each work a little differently but have a similar goal: to connect you with a family who needs you.

There are lots of resources on a few of these as well. So take a look and have your parent help you decide which one is better for you and your area.





9. Babysitter Registry






15. Urban Sitter

How to Get the Job Tips and Tricks

How to Get the Job: Tips and Tricks

16. Get CPR Certified – Being CPR certified will be a very comforting thing for parents to hear when you are looking for babysitting jobs for 13 year olds. They want to know their baby is safe, and if you are CPR certified it has a much better chance.

17. Take a Babysitting Class – Many cities actually have babysitting classes. Taking one of these will show your future employer how dedicated you are.

18. Learn To Cook – Having simple but useful skills like this can really help to set you apart from the other people applying.

19. Taking A Tutoring Class – If you know how to tutor then it’s like the parents are getting a 2/1.

20. Write a Mock Schedule – By writing a mock schedule you are giving the parents a glimpse into what it will look like when you babysit. It also shows how dedicated you are.

21. Get References – Even if they are from your parents!

22. Offer a Lower Starting Rate – Especially if you are just starting out, a cheaper rate can really be worth your while.

23. Wear a Good Interviewing Outfit – Looking smart and trustworthy is a great way to show them how much this job means to you.

24. Be Respectful – This one goes without saying. The more respectful you are, the more likely you are to get the job.

25. Ask Questions – By asking questions you are showing the parents that you are attentive, curious, and smart.

26. Learn the House Rules – This can be a part of the last one.

27. Offer a Trial Run – Offer a trial run while they are there. Just so you can get to know the kids while their parents are still there and they can see you in action.

Babysitting Jobs for 13 year olds

More Tips and Tricks

28. Take a First Aid Class – This is just an overall good idea to help with the safety and welfare of the kids and yourself as well.

29. Watch Videos for Tips – Youtube is full of tips and tricks just waiting to be watched before your babysitting jobs for 13 year olds gets started.

30. Be Fun – Remember to have fun. It’s not all serious, you get to hang out with some cool little kids.

31. Show how attentive you are

32. Bring a book of activities – There are books you can get filled with activities you can do with the kids.

33.  Be Flexible – Show them that you are mature by being flexible, both with the children and them.

34. Ask About Their Child’s Routine – You’ll want to write these down, this information will be very helpful.

35. Take Notes At The Interview – Take notes because chances are you are going to be given a bunch of information, and you want to remember it all. Plust it helps that it makes you look more serious.

36. Ask About Dietary Restrictions – Little questions like these just show how invested you are.

37. Gather Phone Numbers and Emergency Contacts – If you do all these things then you are basically guaranteed a job, so you may as well get the contact information now.

What to bring to your gig first aid kit

What to Bring to Your Gig

38. A Little First Aid Kit – They probably have one there but it’s always nice to have a spare right in reach.

39. Books to Read – Bringing your own books that are new to the kids will help keep them interested.

40. Games To Play 

41. Your Notebook – So you can go back and reference the important information

42. Snacks – Just in case you don’t like their snacks.

43. Craft Supplies – Any kind of activity will help the time go by quicker and will help distract the kids from the fact that their parents are gone.

44. Cell Phone Charger – The last thing you want is for your phone to die and then there be an emergency. Be prepared!

45. Movies

46. Surprises – Bringing a little surprise for the kids is a great way to keep them excited every time they see you. This will help the parents feel more comfortable leaving.

47. A Good Attitude

All of this may feel a little daunting but I promise that it isn’t as scary as it seems. You just have to do your best to prepare and then let the rest fall into place. If you follow basically everything on this list then you will be set.

Turning 13 can hold so many awesome opportunities. You’re officially a teenager, and you are able to stay home alone. Babysitting is the perfect way to explore your new responsibilities. So good for you for looking into this, you must have quite the work ethic.