Inside: Learn how to take the best teenage girl profile picture.

When you are growing up in the 21st century, photo taking is a very important skill. So many things require it these days; Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Not only is it helpful to know how to take a good photo, but it’s a necessity.

That may sound a little extreme, but social media is more than just a way to get in touch with friends and share your experiences. Now, future employers may look to social media before hiring to make sure that you are someone who best represents the company. You can get a little following and start your own blog.

You can even be reached out to by companies who want you to represent their products.

How to take the Best Teenage Girl Profile Picture for social media

The online world is a glorious place of possibility. It is quickly becoming a very reliable place to get a remote job, and the numbers are only getting better. So learning how to take a good profile photo is important, even for teens!

Learning young is the best way to improve as they get older. Not to mention it’s also a wonderful way to improve their confidence.

We have all fallen victim to a terrible photo that doesn’t represent how we actually look. So learning how to feel your best in a photo will help to limit self-doubt and negative talk.

So I put together a little list of tips, tricks, and inspiration to help your teens learn how to get the best profile picture. Let’s get into it.

Tips for Teenage Girl Profile Picture

1. Use a Good Camera

These days, good cameras are more accessible than ever before. They are on your laptops, tablets, and phones along with a million other things. So if you don’t have a regular camera, don’t worry. Just use your phone. The trick to getting a good quality shot even on cheaper cell phones is to use good lighting and to be very still so that it has the opportunity to focus on you.

This is my first tip, and it is very important. Nothing worse than a grimy, pixelated photo.

2. Find Good Lighting

I briefly touched on lighting above, but it is VERY important. Without proper lighting, even the nicest of cameras can look low quality and not very nice. Not only is good lighting important for quality, but it’s important for representing your best qualities.

You are going to look vastly different when the lighting is coming from under you versus in front of you. Think about how teenage girl profile pictures look when they shine flashlights under their chins when telling scary stories. It looks terrifying… so why would you want that for your photos?

You can experiment with this, placing the lighting at different angles and heights, but I recommend starting with a soft light directly in front of you.

3. Find Your Angles

Everyone’s faces are unique and beautiful in their own ways. A photo taken in one position may look amazing for one person, and not as great for the next. This does not mean that you are any less than this other person…it just means you need to find YOUR angle. I think you’ll learn that your angles don’t look the best on them either.

So take some time and see what your best angles are. Position your head and body into different positions and then review the photos to see what you like best.

Make a mental note of your top 5 and recycle them as you take photos in the future.

Tip #4: Use Color

4. Use Color

Color can be a great way to spice up your profile photo. In my opinion, photos that are grey and lacking just aren’t as cool and interesting as ones that are full of color. Find what color best compliments you and your tones and then really utilize this in your photo.

You can add it by wearing clothes that have that color, eye makeup, and even finding a wall somewhere that incorporates it. Get creative with it!

5.  Be Authentic

What I mean by this is don’t look too stiff and staged. Try getting some movement shots. One of my favorites to see used in profile photos is a good old-fashioned huge smile.

You can get this authentically with a technique I call the ‘laughing track’. You do this by starting out with a fake laugh and then making some funny sounds. The sillier you are the more likely you are to be genuinely laughing by the time you are done. Then your photo will come out with your genuine laughter and smile.

6. Use an Editor

Those teenage girl profile picture ideas that you see online and think, “why don’t my photos ever look like that?” Well, I can tell you it’s because they use an editor. There are plenty of free ones in the app store that you can use. Just download the most reputable one and play around with the settings. Maybe even watch a tutorial or two.

This will bring up the quality of your photos exponentially. You are going to be surprised! You ARE able to take those awesome photos you see everywhere, it just takes a little extra work on the back end. You can add filters, change the exposure, the saturation…anything you want really. Just try it out.

7. Have Fun with It

At this point, you are still a teenager. The time for boring business shots will be in the future. For now, be as crazy and unique as your heart desires. Having fun with this is the only way to get a great photo.

I have learned from experience that if you aren’t enjoying yourself, the camera will show it regardless of how big your fake smile is. So make a day out of it. Get your friends together and have a photo shoot. Listen to music, laugh, and hype each other up. This is what life is all about.

If you would like some inspiration then take a look at the list below where I put together some of the best photoshoot ideas for profile photos that you can experiment with as you learn this process.

There’s quite the variety so you are bound to find an idea that catches your eye. Take a look!

Profile Picture Inspiration

Profile Picture Inspiration

Here is a list of some of the best simple Profile Pictures you can use for inspiration when creating your own. Use whatever you like from this and add on whatever your heart desires. It is your profile photo after all. Do what you want!

7. Find a Field

8. Outdoor Mirror Trick

9. Capture the Sun

10. Bashful Poses

11. Golden Hour

12. Sky Background

13. Show Off the Fit

14. Road Pose(Caution)

15. Pose with Friends

16. Enjoy Some Starbucks

17. Sweet Sunny Day

Teenage Girl Profile Picture

I hope that you loved these tips and ideas on how to take a teenage girl profile picture. Remember that it is a wonderful skill to build up over the years, but don’t take it too seriously at this moment.

You have so many fun memories to make, people to meet, and things to learn. Don’t let your brain be bogged down by the need to photograph every little thing. Just make a day for it every now and then, and just be in the moment.