Inside: 53 Beaded Grad Cap Ideas.

With senior skip day over & Graduation season just around the corner, your minds might be drifting towards that exciting milestone that is about to be reached. Some questions you may be asking yourself might be: What will graduation day be like, what will I wear, what is it going to feel like to cross that finish line? And of course, what am I going to look like in my Cap & Gown? We can help…well with the last question at least.

If you want to help liven up your plain cap & gown situation, why not try a Beaded Graduation Cap?

There are many fun things you can incorporate to make your graduation day extra special. For example, did you know that many people actually decorate their grad caps? It’s a lovely way to bring a bit of your uniqueness & personality to an otherwise run-of-the-mill cap & gown.

There are SO many designs you can choose from, whether that be adorable flowers, superheroes, or awesome tribal designs that will honor your heritage. There’s really something for everyone!

This is an amazing time in your life. The hard work you’ve put into not only school these past 4 years, but also growing and maturing into a soon-to-be legal adult, is being recognized.

WHAT! I know…it feels weird even to type. But it’s true, and it’s exciting!

But first, here are a few facts to help you get a good idea of the crafting session you have ahead of you if you decide to decorate your cap!

Beaded grad cap designs

What is Cap Beading?

Cap beading is essentially the art of adding tiny beads to your graduation garment. This can be done in many different styles and patterns, colors, and sizes, all depending on the crafter’s preferences. On average for an inexperienced beader, this can take anywhere from 6-12 hours. So either plans this a few days ahead or find a good podcast to listen to because you’re gonna be here for a while! But don’t fret, the finished product is absolutely worth it. Not to mention how fun the process is!

You can find many in-depth tutorials online from pro-beaders that include step-by-step photos to help you get started!


  • Graduation Cap(Obvi!)
  • Tiny beads of your choice
  • Needle & Thread
  • Ruler
  • Marker or Pencil


On average this is a fairly cheap project. The total price depends on how big you want your design, but in total, the supplies will cost you about $15-20. This is not counting the Graduation Cap, which you’ll want to buy instead of rent. I’m not sure you’d get your deposit back after this!

Beaded Graduation Cap Ideas

How to put bling and beads on your graduation cap

Coming up with a design can be a daunting task. Especially with the weight of the day ahead of you, no one wants a messed-up graduation cap. But fear not! We’ve compiled a list of 53 awesome Beaded Graduation Cap designs that range from flowers to stripes, to tribal designs! So whether you want to express your feminity or honor your culture, we’ve got the designs for you!

We’ve also added a section for Bling Graduation Caps if you want to add a little sparkle to your ceremony!

1. Beautiful Pink Pink Cap with Flowers

2. Beaded cap with Soft Colors

3. Rainbow Beads

4. Yellow, Red, and Black Striped Border

5. Vibrant Beads with Beautiful Design

6. Simple Striped Pattern with Tan and Brown

7. Pastel Stripes

8. Rainbow checkers with Black & White Center

9. Purple Cap with Cool Design

10. Cute Little Flowers with Design

11. Spiderman Themed Cap

12. Super Hero Themed

13. Purple Stripes

14. Simple Pink & Yellow Border

15. Striped Border with Bow Tie

16. Adorable Flower Border

17. Pink & Blue Simple Sun

18. Full Beaded Cap with Flowers & Grad’s Initial

19. Green & White Swirled Brim

20. Flower in Opposing Corners

Bling Graduation Caps

Some of our favorite ways to decorate a graduation cap are by adding some bling, of course! Below is a little list of graduation cap design ideas that are Shiny & Beautiful. If you’re looking for more than glitter, you can add some embellishments to help better express your uniqueness. Whether that be a quote, a movie character, or your school mascot, look on to get inspiration!

21. Princess & the Frog Blinged out Cap

22. Shiny School Mascot made with Rhinestones

23. I Got 99 Problems but a Degree Isn’t One

24. Rainbow Bling

25. Pink and White Sparkles

26. Pearl and Rhinestones

27. Shiny Tiger Stripes

28. “She Laughs without Fears of the Future”

29. “earned it” Bedazzled Purple Cap

30. Galaxy Rhinestones

31. Beautifully Pink Sparkly Cap

32. Butterflies & Sparkles

33. Bedazzled Border

Native American Beaded Grad Caps

Native American Beaded Graduation Caps

Beading caps is a beautiful tradition that can take your graduation Cap to the next level. Many Native people like to decorate their Caps & Sashes with Tribal designs as a way to proudly display who they are and the culture they came from. This is an awesome way to add that extra bit of personality and meaning to your graduation day. We’ve picked some of our favorite designs for you to get inspo from. From simple to detailed, you’ll find what you need below!

34. Red and Yellow Tribal Patterns

35. Blue Beading only on Border

36. 3 Different Blues around Border

37. Blue, Yellow, & Orange Border

38. Vibrant Tribal Patterns

39. Amazing Detailed Cap with Feather and Horse

40. Simple Blue & White Border

41. 3 Feathers

42. Thick Border with Blue Design

43. Simple Red Boarder with Triangles

44. Awesome Tribal Design

45. Yellow Cap with White & Yellow Border

46. Colorful Design with Detailed Horse

47. Cool Border with Tiny Feathers

48. Classic Tribal Design with Grad’s Name

49. Tribal Border with Feather Tassle

50. Boarder with Little Bear Paw

51. Mixed Design with Feather Tassle

52. 4 Corners of Beads

53. Awesome Design with Decorated Button

Beaded Graduation Cap

We hope you loved these designs. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! Oh and happy beading!

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