Inside: The best graduation nail designs that will give you a gorgeous hand forward.

Graduation day is around the corner, and there are so many things to do before the fated day gets here.

Don’t worry, they’re fun things.

After 4 years you deserve fun things.

It’s time to pamper yourself a bit before you walk across that stage. Get those new shoes, that haircut, and of course…your graduation nails!

Choosing graduation nails can be kind of a hard decision to make.

After all, your nails will be visible in every cool photo of you throwing your cap or switching your tassel from one side to the other. Even though the boys don’t understand the importance of this choice, WE do.

So how do you begin to choose the nails that will accompany your diploma?

The answer is simpler than it may seem.

Graduation Nail Designs

Choosing Your Graduation Nail Design

The first thing to consider when picking your nail design is what theme you want to go with if any. Are you thinking of something simple, a clean short look? Or perhaps you want a design that showcases your personality. Some other themes you can include are:

  • School Colors
  • School Mascot
  • School Name
  • Graduating Class
  • Class of (insert year here)

Once you’ve got your broad Idea of what it is you’re looking for, take a look at the lists below. I’ve gone ahead and made the next step easier, getting inspiration! I’ve divided these examples into categories, pick the one that best aligns with what you decided on above and get to hunting! PRO TIP: Don’t Get Your Nails Done Until The Week Of. Otherwise, you run the risk of the worst possible thing that could happen(besides missing graduation), ruined nails! Getting them the week of ensures cute, presentable nails for your big day, as well as some saved money. You can’t lose.

Simple Designs

For those of you who are on the hunt for a simpler design, this is the list for you! It mainly consists of solid colors, from calming to bold. There is definitely something in this mix that will be to your liking. If not, you’ll at least get some ideas for your own design or colors. While looking at these, consider how long you want your name as well as what style. There are lots to choose from!

1. Simple Tan Colored Nails 

2. Yellow Corners

3. Evil Eye French Tips

4. French Tips

5. Pink & White Ombre

6. Long White Nails

7. Simple Mauve Nails

8. Long Pink French Tips

9. Pastel Stripes

10. Fall Colors

11. White Swirls

Cute Nail Designs High School

Cute Nail Designs

These are the nail designs for those of you who want to express your personality through your nails. There are so many awesome and cute styles to choose from. Bold designs and simple ones alike, you are guaranteed to find something that will just scream *YOU*. If you like the design but not the style of the nail, don’t think twice about it. You can easily show the design to your nail tech and ask them for the shape you’d prefer.

12.  White & Clear Nails with Flowers

13. Holographic Nails

14. Blue, Yellow & Gold Stripes

15. Purple Nails with Black Plant Accents

16. Polka Dotted Nails

17. Green French Tips with Flowers

18. Black Stripes

19. Animal Themed Design

20. Multiple Shades of Green

 21. Blue Multiple Designs

Sparkly Nails

Graduation day is your day to shine…and sparkle! Here is a list of the shiniest nails out there that will call all of the attention to you as you cross that stage. The moment when you receive your diploma is a glorious bright moment, so naturally, glitter MUST be a part of it! So take a look below.

22. Simple Rhinestones  Glitter Gel Nails

23. Pink with Sparkles

24. French Tips with Stars

25. Pink Sparkles with White Swirls

26. Blue & Pink

27. Golden Butterflies

28. Simple Beige Nails with Stripes of Gold

29. Gemstones

30. Light Sparkles

31. Vibrant Blue Nails

32. Light Purple with Sparkles on One Hand

33. Gold Sparkles

Grad Themed Nails

Graduation Themed

Of course, I had to include some graduation-themed nail sets. This theme can be achieved in a number of ways, including grad cap designs, class year, and school name. So if you like anything on this list but it is representing another school, simply switch it out for your own, and bam! You’ve got your perfect school spirit repping nails.

34. School Themed

35. Graduation Year

36. Black Gemstones

37. Miami School Themed

38. Class of 27

39. Red Nails with Grad Cap

40. Tan Nails with Abstract Grad Hat

41. Nails Matching with Cap

42.  Maroon School Themed

43. Green & Gold Grad Cap

School Colors

This last list is a few examples of how simple it can be to rep your school in a classy way. All you have to do is simply pick your school colors and use them for your nail colors. If your school colors are awful(let’s face it some of them are), you can pick better versions of the colors. For example, if your school colors are brown and green, then choose a light pastel tan and your favorite green. There are ways around it. You got this!

44. Black & Green

45. Yellow & Black

46. Blue & White

47. Green & White

48.  Gold and Tan

And there you have it, 43+ of the best nail designs to walk with you across that stage. This is a moment you should be very proud of, you’ve earned it. Not only have you gone through what some call the hardest 4 years of a lifetime, but you’ve made it out to the other end with your diploma. Now, I won’t say life will get easier. But as you go along you’ll accumulate the tools and experiences that will help you as the tough times come. There are plenty of great things in life to look forward to as well…independence, road trips, falling in love. This is the first step to the rest of your life. CONGRATS GRAD!

Graduation Nails

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