Inside: The Perfect Jewelry Box Ideas for Teenage Girls Gifts & Graduations.

Jewelry is many things. It can be used as a form of self-expression. It’s a wonderful way to add some personality and shine to your outfits.

It can be given as an expression of love. It truly knows no limits.

This beautiful form of decoration has been around for over 25,000 years, and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Jewelry Box Ideas

Many teens these days have large collections of jewelry, from earrings, rings, to bracelets. They have it all.

So of course they need some way to store and organize it. Jewelry boxes used to be simple, you guessed it, boxes. But nowadays we revamped them in a way that is quite impressive. There are many different styles with varying levels of organization depending on how much jewelry is in need of being stored.

They have everything from adorable vintage boxes to tall acrylic organizers, so whatever route you are heading towards, you’ll have options. To really show off how cool these are, I’ve put together a list of 17 of the coolest Jewelry Boxes for Teens. No longer will your jewelry be piled up on your desk.

I mean, how many more times are you going to untangle your necklaces from the giant bundles before you realize that you could be saving yourself so much strife simply by getting an organizer?

After looking at this list, I bet you’ll already have one of these added to your cart.

Simple Jewelry Boxes

This first list is for those of you who like to keep things simple. These are smaller, so if you have a huge collection then you should scroll to the next section. If you’re still here, then welcome! These are some of the absolute cutest simple jewelry boxes that you’ll find on the internet.

They’ve got great reviews, they’re affordable, and they’ll look great on your nightstand. Check them out.

1. Small White Circular Jewelry with 4 Layers

2. Vintage Metal Box

3. Small Travel Box

4. Green Case with A Mirror

5. Black Jewelry Organizer with Lock & Key

6. Velvet Green with Mirror

7. Butterfly Themed Box

8. Elegant Wooden Box with Drawers

Multiple Layer jewelry organizers

Multiple Layer Jewelry Organizer

This next list is for those of you who have a good amount of jewelry, not a crazy amount, but enough to fill a few tiny drawers.

These have multiple layers for more storage, and most of them include mirrors as well. It’s like a mini vanity! Ugh, I’m in love. I may just have to order one for myself. No shame in my game.

9. White Triple Decker Box

10. 5 Layer Wooden Box

11. Cute Wooden Jewelry Box with Ring Section

12. White Organizer with A Glass Door

13. Acrylic 3 Drawer Box

14. Dark Green Box with Handle

Large Jewelry Box Teens

Large Jewelry Organizers

And for my last list, I wanted to show you the Jewelry Boxes that broke me. Not literally of course, but pretty danger close. The innovation in these, the class, the amount of storage. I’ve been swept off my feet by cool stuff before, but none quite like this. These are jewelry armoires.

They are full-length mirrors with a lockable door that opens to reveal an entire compartment for jewelry and any other thing you want to store in them.

It’s perfect because as you’re getting ready you can just reach in, grab what you want, and then you the mirror to help put on the harder stuff(Like earrings). Listen to me, I sound like an infomercial. Not sponsored, I promise. Although I wouldn’t mind it if I was…

Check them out for yourself and you’ll see that I’m not just being dramatic.

15. Black Armoire with Jewelry Storage

16. Sleek Black with Lighting

17. White Hangable Makeup Organizer

And there you have it, 17 of the coolest makeup organizers that the internet has to offer.

One of these is bound to have caught your eye, so what are you waiting for, go! Order one. If not for you, then at least do it for the poor necklace that is constantly stuck around your other jewelry in a tangle and uncomfortable mess. She deserves better, don’t you think? I definitely do.

In fact, I think I may spring for one on the last list…if you couldn’t have already guessed.

Jewelry Box gifts for teens

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