Inside: 70 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Teens + Prize Ideas

If you or your teen are anything like I was growing up, I loved getting together with my friends to act goofy, have fun, and try new things. I remember growing up one activity we all love to do was create and plan fun scavenger hunts.

We participated in scavenger hunts for birthdays, church events, school field trips, and sometimes even just for fun.

They are a great way to get the kids out to enjoy their friends and see the world around them. Maybe even notice little things they would never pay attention to or try something they would otherwise never want to try.

These fun scavenger hunt ideas for teens are perfect for any age of teen from 13 -18, check out our favorite ideas and have fun!

Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Tips for Planning a Treasure Hunt for Teens

If you ever went on scavenger hunts as a teen then you know how incredibly fun they can be. Here is my list of steps to pull it off with low fuss.

  • Choose a Location: I love to choose an outdoor shopping center because the kids can be a little louder there and not disrupt anything or disturb anyone.
  • Be sure you let parents know what to expect – If you are inviting parents to drop their kids off, make sure you come right out and say that. If you need volunteers to help with the hunt, be sure you request them. Have multiple forms of communication (emails, phone, etc) and make sure every parent has a way to contact you during or after the party should the need arise. We like to make sure to tell parents that each team would have an adult with them at all times if needed. Remind kids to bring their phones and make sure they are fully charged for pictures!
  • Make out your list. This is where it gets really fun. Talk to friends and family members to get as many creative ideas as possible. However, keep your location in mind when planning, and make sure you don’t add anything that might cause your participants to get into trouble. Don’t worry we have a fun list of ideas for any age of teen!
  • Give parents a designated drop off location and time as well as pickup location and time.

The Rules for a Scavenger Hunt for Teens

Each team was assigned an adult “coach” to walk around with them, help take photos if needed, and make sure no one gave them any trouble.

  • You must take a photo or video to prove that you completed each scavenger hunt task
  • Do not be intrusive or disrespectful of any person, business, or creature.
  • Stay out of the way of crowds.
  • Remain with your group at all times.  Except for the bathroom, of course, 🙂

Each team chose a captain and a person responsible for taking photos of everything. I gave that person my cell phone number so that they could text me a photograph of each item along with its number as they went down the list.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Teens

These scavenger hunt clues for teens are a great way to get everyone laughing and being creative together. I love starting off any party with a fun scavenger hunt. It’s a great way to break the ice and have some fun.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Teenagers

1. Everyone in the same bathroom stall

2. Smelling a flower

3. Someone kicking a ball

4. Team posing with a stranger

5. Someone shaking hands

6. A teammate hanging upside down

7. Holding a bug

8. A Rubberband ball

9. A for sale sign

10. Everyone on a slide

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt for Teenagers

These neighborhood and outdoor scavenger hunt ideas are great ideas for your driving teen. Dividing up into teams with a designated driver (WHO ONLY FOCUSES ON DRIVING) while the other team members search for items. These are great scavenger hunt ideas for 16-year-olds!

11. Stop Sign

12. Flowers

13. Bird

14. Fence

15. House with Garage

16. Mailbox

17. Basketball Hoop

18. Dog

19. Bicycle

20. Blue House

21. Red Door

22. Fire Hydrant

23. On a Swing Set

24. Using a Stick as a Mic

25. Flag

26. Balancing on Something

27. Yard Statue

28. Trampoline

29. Wood Pile

30. Mini-Van

31. Wind Chimes

32. Street Light

NeighborhoodScavenger Hunt for Teens

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Teens

33. Motorcycle

34. Drive-Thru Window

35. Tennis Court

36. Crosswalk

37. Park Bench

38. Lake/Pond

39. Gas Pump

40. A Bridge

Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Teenager

Celebrating a birthday? A birthday scavenger hunt was always one of my favorite bday activities to do with my best friends. We did a ton of these in my tween/early teen years! These are great 14-year-old scavenger hunt ideas and scavenger hunt ideas for 13 years old. They are old enough to let loose in a mall or to chauffeur around town to come up with all their scavenger hunt items.

41. Birthday boy or girl in a party hat

42. Group Selfie

43. A Human Pyramid

44. An Interesting Decoration

45. Swinging on a Swing

46. Something that displays a rule

47. Someone wearing sunglasses

48. Something with animal print

49. The number the birthday boy or girl is turning

Birthday Ideas for Teenagers

50. Painted fingernails

51. Everyone under a tree posing like trees

52. Something Pink

53. Something Purple

54. A Dollar Bill

55. A Shopping Bag

Things To Do for Teen Scavenger Hunt

56. Create a hopscotch pattern and get 3 strangers to try it.

57. Get 4 strangers to spell YMCA with their arms

58. Recreate the iconic Beatles photo crossing the street. (BE SAFE THOUGH)

59. Get a picture of the entire team in a reflection other than a mirror.

60. Get a stranger to take a jumping photo with the group.

61. Make a human pyramid.

62. Get all team members to cram into the smallest space possible.

63. Hold the door for a stranger.

64. Act like a stranger is a celebrity and ask for their autograph.

Scavenger Hunt Prizes for Teenagers

65. Gifts Cards – Starbucks, Target, Amazon, Chick-fil-a, or Visa

66. Candy – Large size candy bags or candy bars

67. Popular Items – Scrunchies, Waterbottles, Mini Brands,

68. Stickers

69. Books

70. Dollar Store Trinkets – Bouncy Balls, Pencils, Erases, Mini Toys, Bubbles

The Most Important Thing to Remember

We all love having fun, creating memories, and having a good time. But there is one thing that is the most important thing to remember when playing, planning, or putting together a scavenger hunt.


Although you are playing with the best intentions, not everyone will be accepting of teens running around and causing chaos.

Choose your location, tasks, and challenges wisely and use your best judgment.

More Fun Ideas Your Teens Will Love

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Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Teens