Inside: 70 Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Teens + Prize Ideas

You or your teen might be like me in that we enjoyed getting together with our pals to be silly, try new things, and generally let loose. When I was a kid, my friends and I would often get together to plan elaborate scavenger hunts.

Scavenger hunts were a staple of many of our celebrations, from birthday parties to church outings to school excursions.

They’re fantastic for encouraging young people to spend time outside with their peers and learn about the world. Perhaps they will start paying attention to the tiniest details or even be willing to try something they have always avoided.

Check out our favorite ideas for a scavenger hunt, which are appropriate for teens of any age between 13 and 18.

Fun Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Tips for Planning a Treasure Hunt for Teens

You’re missing out on all the fun if you didn’t participate in scavenger hunts as a teenager. To accomplish this with minimum disruption, I have compiled the following list of suggestions.

  • Choose a Location: I prefer to go somewhere where we can be loud and not worry about disrupting anyone.
  • Be sure you let parents know what to expect – You’ll need to let them know if it’s a come and go or if you need them to stay and help out. Plus, you’ll need to let them know how long you expect the scavenger hunt to take.
  • Make out your list.  Right about now is when things start to get exciting. Gather as many unique suggestions as you can by talking to loved ones. But think about where you’ll be holding the event, and leave out anything that could get the participants in trouble. We’ve got you covered with a ton of exciting options appropriate for teenagers of all ages!
  • Make sure parents know when and where to bring their children, and when and where to pick them up.

The Rules for a Scavenger Hunt for Teens

An adult “coach” was assigned to each group to accompany them on their outing, snap pictures if necessary, and keep the peace.

  • Each scavenger hunt task requires you to document your completion with a photo or video.
  • Be courteous and polite to everyone and everything you encounter.
  • Avoid the hubbub and stay out of the way of the crowds.
  • Don’t ever get too far away from the others in your party.

A team captain and a photographer were selected by each group. I gave them my phone number so that as they checked things off the list, they could send me a picture of the item and its corresponding number via text message.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Teens

These teen scavenger hunt clues are a fantastic way to get everyone laughing and thinking outside the box. A scavenger hunt is always a great way to get a party started. It’s an excellent method of easing tensions and having a good time.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Teenagers

1. Everyone in front of a store

2. Sniffing a flower

3. A person kicking a ball around

4. Team taking a picture with a stranger or group of strangers

5. Two people shaking hands

6. A person hanging upside down on something

7. A hand with a bug in it

8. Rubberbands formed into a ball

9. Real estate sign that says “for sale”

10. The teammates are all on top of a slipper slide

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt for Teenagers

Ideas for scavenger hunts in the neighborhood or outside are perfect for your teen who is just learning to drive. Teams form, with one person responsible for driving (and only driving), while the others scavenge for items. These are fantastic ideas for a scavenger hunt for a group of 16-year-olds.

11. Yield Sign

12. Garden with flowers

13. Bird flying in the sky

14. A white fence

15. House with a white garage

16. Wooden mailbox

17. Basketball Hoop

18. Brown dog

19. Bicycle or tricycle

20. Yellow House

21. Green Door

22. Fire Hydrant

23. Jungle gym

24. Teammate singing with a stick as the microphone

25. School spirit flag

26. Standing on one leg

27. A gnome or yard statue

28. Trampoline

29. Pile of wood

30. Van

31. Street Lights

32. Wind Chimes

NeighborhoodScavenger Hunt for Teens

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Teens

33. Crosswalk

34. Motorcycle

35. Photo in a drive-thru window

36. Pond

37. Someone on a tennis court

38. Bench at a park

39. Gas Pump

40. A Bridge

Birthday Scavenger Hunt for Teenager

Having a party for someone’s birthday? My best friends and I used to have the best time ever on our birthdays whenever we did a scavenger hunt. My early teenage years were filled with these kinds of activities. Great scavenger hunt ideas for 13-year-olds and 14-year-olds alike can be found here. They are of an appropriate age to be left unattended in a shopping center or driven all over town in search of scavenger hunt items.

41. Person wearing a party hat

42. Selfie with the entire group

43. Animal print shirt

44. Pineapple

45. Person swinging

46. A Human Pyramid

47. Someone wearing sunglasses

48. Something that displays a rule

49. The number the birthday boy or girl is turning

Birthday Ideas for Teenagers

50. A hand with painted fingernails

51. Teammates standing by a tree posing like trees

52. Something Gray

53. Something Red

54. $5 bill

55. A Plastic Grocery Bag

Things To Do for Teen Scavenger Hunt

56. Create a game of hopscotch pattern and get 3 strangers to try it.

57. Get a group of strangers to spell YMCA with their arms

58. Someone crossing the street

59. Photo of everyone looking in the mirror.

60. Photo of everyone jumping in the air at the same time.

61. Have one person doing a handstand

62. Have everyone inside a car.

63. Someone eating an ice cream cone.

64. Ask a stranger for their autograph.

Scavenger Hunt Prizes for Teenagers

65. Gifts Cards or cash

66. Pop or candy

67. Waterbottles

68. Cute socks

69. Burrito Blanket

70. Temporary tattoos

The Most Important Thing to Remember

Having a good time, making new friends, and making memories are things that we all value highly. But there’s one thing that’s crucial to keep in mind whenever you’re participating in, organizing, or arranging a scavenger hunt.


It’s great that you’re having fun, but not everyone will appreciate the anarchy that teens causing havoc can bring.

Use your discretion when deciding where to go, what to do, and what challenges to take on.

More Fun Ideas Your Teens Will Love

Here are some more exciting activities that your teen will enjoy if you liked these scavenger hunt suggestions.

  • Snack Ideas for Teens – The teens will be hungry after the exciting scavenger hunt. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the best snack ideas for hungry teenagers, despite the fact that we all know teenagers can be picky eaters and it’s not always easy to find snacks they’ll actually eat. There are plenty of options, ranging from nutritious and fruity to less-than-healthy (but still delectable) sweet and salty snacks.
  • Teen Volunteer Programs – Want more ideas for cool things to do with your teenagers? Teens who participate in volunteer work gain many skills that will help them in the future. There are many benefits to getting your kids involved in community service, such as teaching them the value of helping others and preparing them for the workforce.
  • Fun First Day Ideas for Teens – Going out to eat and getting dessert is one option for a first date, while staying in and cooking, playing games, watching the sunset, and watching a movie are all others. Teenage couples, especially on an anniversary, may want to do something out of the ordinary. For a young couple’s first outing together, consider one of these suggestions.

Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Teens