Inside: Coolest student section themes ideas that will rock the game.

I remember the first time I got to participate in my own student section. I was so excited that I got dressed for it that day! At that time, we all went wearing neon and holding glow sticks. The sense of friendship and camaraderie was there from the start, and I learned to love it.

Today I have compiled a list of the top student section themes for you to look through to get some good ideas for your own section and the different directions that you can take it in.

Coolest Student Section Themes

But before we get into that…I felt as though I should probably go over what a student section theme is. I had no idea about it until the week before the big game, so let me help you out with this.

What is a Student Section Theme?

Okay, so for those of you who don’t know, or perhaps this is your first sports game at your new school: A student section is an area on the bleachers that are designated for the student to sit while they watch the game and route for their home team.

Sometimes, students will get together and decide on a theme to go with for their section. Then everyone who is planning on sitting in that section must show up wearing something that goes along with that theme. I think this is a super fun and simple way to build camaraderie around your home team.

Plus, it feels so cool to be a part of something bigger like this. It’s defiantly a way to have extra fun during the sports games, that goes sure. So when you look at the examples below, think about the kind of outfits that you might wear when you are a part of a student section.

Classic Student Section Themes

I thought I should start out with the classic student section themes. These will give you a good basis to jump off from when you are deciding on your own section theme. Take a look at every one of these examples; they have photos to show you exactly what they are.

Personally, I like number 2: 80s Workout Gear is hilarious!

1. Cute Bright Crowd

2. 80s Workout Gear

3. Black T-Shirts

4. Orange Construction Outfits

5. Pink Out Example

6. USA Theme

7. Jersey Crowd

8. Orange Crowd Idea

9. Red Crowd Idea

10. Glow Stick

Simple Theme Ideas

Simple Theme Ideas

If you want to keep it simple, this is the list for you. These are simple themes that you can go with that don’t require too much thought from participants. Because without them, this whole thing would not be possible.

What if you were the only one who showed up wearing pajamas when everyone had already decided? Awkward!

11. WhiteOut – For this one, you guessed it, the whole crowd shows up wearing white. How embarrassing. Do you think someone should change? Just kidding.

12. All One Color – If white isn’t your color, you can pick any color that suits the team best.

13. Senior Citizens – You all have to come dressed as senior Citizens.

14. Doctors

15. Rainbow 

16. Jersey Night – Everyone has to come wearing a jersey. The whole section will look like they are the ones who have a game to play.

17. Hippies

18. Denim – You are going to want to go full Brittany and Justin for this one. Denim on Denim is the way to go!

19. Tie Dye

20. Rave – You will need bright makeup and lots of glow sticks for this one. I don’t think it gets much cuter than this.

21. Pajama – Outfit ideas you’ll need

Unique Section Ideas

Next up, I thought I would cover some more unique student section ideas. Take a look at these if your student section has been active for a while and is in need of an update.

These ideas are some of my favorites, and for a good reason, they are super adorable and funny too!

22. Camo

23. Pink Flamingos (All wear pink)

24. Disney Character Night – Have everyone show up dressed as their favorite Disney Character, and really have people get into it.

25. Construction 

26. Galaxy – Have everyone show up wearing a galaxy print!

27. Sweatpants

28. Fancy Hats – This one is hilarious, everyone has to show up wearing big fancy hats. But there needs to be a rule that the shortest people get the front since they won’t be able to see.

29. Superhero – Everyone shows up wearing their favorite superhero costume. This is going to be super colorful and funny. I love it!

30. Mask Off

31. Hawaiian Night – Everyone better full send this. I am talking Hawaiian shirts, the lays, everything.

32. Halloween Night

Student Section Themes

Coolest Student Section Themes

Now, these are the best student section theme ideas that I could find. Some of them are similar, and yet they are vastly different at the same time. Take a look to see if you are interested in any of these super cool themes and if you are, then perhaps you should add one or two(six) of them to your student theme to-do list.

33. Neon Color Night

34. School Colors – This one is a basic idea, but it’s in the coolest section because this is one of the best ideas. It’s simple to do, and it shows school pride and spirit. It doesn’t get much better.

35. Dress from the 70s

36. Dress from the 80s

37. Dress from the 90s

38. Dress like a Baby – It can be your favorite cartoon baby or just a generic one, as long as you sell it.

39. Red White and Blue

40. Jailbirds

41. Pirates

Student Section Ideas

Student Section Ideas

Lastly, these are some of the ideas that I couldn’t leave out. They’re my honorable mentions if you will. So take your time as you look through these ideas, and remember: These are just starting points that you can use to create your own section. If you have your own idea, by all means, go with that one.

42. School Mascots

43. Olympics

44. Cartoon Characters – For this one, you dress up as your favorite cartoon character. This will result in a crowd full of looney toons.

45. Princess

46. Purple

47. Rainy Day – Everyone comes wearing ponchos for no reason.

48. Party Poppers

49. Business – Everyone must come in full business suits.

50. 2000s Jumpsuit – I am talking about Brittany Spears circa 2002.

51. Animals 

So, are you super excited about your first-ever student section? I bet you are; how could you not? There is that new sense of friendship, the yummy concession stand food, and of course, the game itself!

If you loved these high school ideas, you need to check out some of our other stuff; we have so many good ideas it’s hard to contain them all. But lucky for you, you can check them all out here! Well, you can start there at least.

I think that the most fun you will have as a teen happens when you are at a high school football game. So I know you’ll have fun! Just remember to be in the moment and think about this from the context of your older self.

These are the days that you will be looking back on for many years to come.