Inside: Homecoming proposal ideas that will guarantee you a date.

Homecoming is a stape experience for teens when they attend high school. Along with this a few other rights of passage such as Prom, Senior skip day, and Graduation (of course).

This will be one of the best dances of their high school careers, minus prom of course, so it has to be special. As per tradition, you can’t just ASK someone to go with you, it’s expected to have an adorable proposal planned that will ask the question.

How to propose for homecoming dance

There are so many different ways you can do this, each one is unique to the person and their relationships. Whether it’s your girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friend…there are so many cute proposal Ideas floating around out there that will knock their socks off.

If you have no idea where to start, I totally get that. I created a list of the best homecoming proposal Ideas to help get those proposal juices flowing.

It’s important to always consider the person you are asking, and their likes/dislikes. This way you can make it more personal. The more personal the board, the more likely they are to say yes. Oh, who are you kidding…they’ll say yes. But it is still so sweet to have a more personalized board rather than a plain one. So let’s dive into these ideas.

Homecoming Proposal Themes

I wanted to start out with some themes for you to consider. These will not only give you ideas but will get you thinking about the proposal-ee’s favorite things and what kind of proposal they would like best.

Even if something on this board doesn’t spark their fancy, at least you’ll get ideas for some things that will in the process.

1. Food – Food is my number one because it’s the most popular and the most hilarious. Think about your date’s favorite places to get something to each and then model your proposal after that. It always helps to include the food itself as a little bribe.

2. Romance – If you are planning on asking for a romantic interest, think about including chocolates, flowers…those kinds of things never miss. Plus this is one of the cutest ways to ask someone out.

3. Animals – What is your person’s favorite animal? If you don’t know then figure it out and go from there.

4. Puns – I struggled to put this as a theme because in reality, a pun should be in basically every proposal in the world…even the wedding kind. But still, make a pun out of it!

5. Books – Does your person loves books? Use their favorite one as the basis for your proposal and they will SWOON for sure. Bonus points if you can get them some merch that goes along with whatever book you choose.

6. Shoes – Yeah this one may seem a little funny…but it’s actually super cute. There are so many puns you could make…”you are my sole mate” or “I’d like to converse with you…at hoco”. See?

7. Hobbies – Whatever their hobbies are, really utilize them in your proposal.

8. TV Shows – Tv shows are great, especially if it’s ones that you have watched together. I think that some of the cutest proposals have some sort of inside joke. So what shows do you love?

9. Football – If they love football or are on the team, then this is something that you have to take advantage of in your proposal. It’s perfect! I even included a whole section below dedicated to this one.

10. Movies – Movies are another great option. Make sure to use a quote from the movie in your proposal.

11. Songs – Think about their favorite song, and use it to make a pun. Bonus points if you play it while asking.

12. Disney – I also love the idea of a Disney-themed proposal because we all love Disney, whether we know it or not. It’s iconic, funny, and adorable. You cannot go wrong with this one.

13. Basketball – If they like or play basketball, then this is the winner for you.

14. Memes – Memes are another great(and hilarious) option that you have. Meme culture is prevalent in today’s youth, so you know they will get whatever you reference.

15. Marvel – The marvel cinematic universe is one of the most loved movie chains if not most in the entire world. It’s perfect to add to your proposal if your person is a marvel fan. Because that love is real.

16. Dog – If you have a dog, then attach the question to their collar and use your 4-legged friend to ask. How cute is this?

17. Pictures – I’m guessing that you and this person have photos together. So use them to on your board as a personal touch.

18. Ice Cream – Yep, tie your question around the top of some Ben and Jerrys and you are sure to have yourself a hoco day.

19. Makeup – This one can be done in several ways. You can get them makeup as a part of it, or you can make your board LOOK like makeup.

20. Rainbows – For our LGBTQ+ readers, there are so many awesome ways that you can incorporate pride into your proposal. Just get creative!

Cute HOCO Proposal Ideas

Cute Homecoming Proposal Ideas

Here are some cute ideas that pull from all of the ideas above and more. Personally, I think that the number 23 is the winner. But look through these and see which one would be best suited for your future Homecoming date.

21. Fishing Tackle Box

22. Flowers Pun

23. Sweet Candy Homecoming Board

24. Chick-fil-A Themed

25. FRIENDS Themed Board

26. Spiderman Far From Home Puns

27. Athletic Proposal Ideas

28. Chocolate Strawberries

29. Beauty and the Beast

30. Croc Proposal

31. Sweet and Sour Proposal

32. Dying Pun

33. Funny Tom Holland Board

34. Teach Me to Dance

35. Puppy Dog Eyes

36. Pizza Pie

37. Soccer Proposal

38. I Hate Everyone But You

39.  Plant Proposal

40. Hot Cheeto-Themed Proposal

Homecoming Proposal Ideas

Football will you go to Homecoming with me?

Does this even require an introduction? Football players are passionate about their sport, so use that to your advantage when you are coming up with ideas. Take a look at these to see what I mean.

41. Cheerleader’s Help

42. Yard and Tackle Pun

43. Another Win Hoco

44. Cute Decorated Football

45. Sports Ball

46. Field-Themed Board

47. Cute Star Signs

48. Intercepted Pun

49. Check the Box

50. Cute Number Themed Board

Food Themed Homecoming Proposal

51. Fanta Pun

52. Sushi Proposal

53. Macarons

54. Heart-Shaped Pizza

55. Box of Donuts

56. Hot Wings

57. Tator Tot

58. Box of Strawberries

59. Duncan Doughnuts

60. Swedish Fish Proposal

HoCo ask a girl

HoCo Ask Ideas

The term HoCo is a shortened version of homecoming. Lots of people use it on their boards to save space and to help with puns. Plus it’s cute. Take a look at these awesome HoCo proposals!

61. Crumbl Cookie Themed

62. Gray’s Anatomy Proposal

63. LED Light Sign

64. Riverdale Homecoming

65. Shark Pun

66. Name Brand Board

67. Hoco Fairy Tale

68. Yellow-Themed Proposal

69. HOCO Gold Fish Sign

70. Homecoming Starbucks Board

71. The Office Themed

72. Dessert Proposal

73. Dumb Dumb

74. Bundt Cakes

75. Monsters Inc Proposal

And there you have it. Over 70 of the cutest homecoming proposals, you’ll ever see. I hope that you found some inspiration for your own poster and that you are extra excited to get to crafting it.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to include some kind of food. From experience, I have seen this always succeed. Food just has that power. Also, go out to dinner before the dance to make the night extra special.

I wish I would have done this for mine, I was starving for most of the night. Don’t make my mistakes…and GET yourself a steak.

The most important thing is that you have fun.